GovExec Daily: How Governments Can Promote Equity

Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley joins the show to discuss how local governments can leverage data and information to promote equity.

As calls for racial justice have grown louder over the last few years, governments need to find ways to build racial equity into policy. Technology now gives governments more real-time information than ever to make policy decisions in the pursuit of equity, if they choose to use that information.

Martin O’Malley was governor of the state of Maryland for two terms and the two-term mayor of Baltimore. He currently is a Senior Advisor for Smart Governance with Grant Thornton, a Fellow at the National Academy of Public Administration and the author of Smarter Government: How to Govern for Results in the Information Age. He has a post on GovExec sibling site Route Fifty now headlined “States and Localities Should Implement Equity Compliance Measures.” He joined the show to talk about how governments can leverage data, tech and expertise in the service of equity.

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