GovExec Daily: UFOs and the Pentagon

Nextgov's Brandi Vincent speaks to former Sen. Harry Reid about the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program and how the government is monitoring the threats.

The White House Says Boosters for All. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Federal officials are preparing to offer those who received Pfizer or Moderna covid vaccines a third dose in September. But the FDA and CDC are still reviewing the data for final clearance.

GovExec Daily: EPA Policy and Science in the Biden Administration

Eric Katz joins the show to discuss how the agency says that it encourages open collaboration among employees, while some scientists have reported the opposite.

GovExec Acquires Contracting Intelligence Firm

The media company announced it has acquired Arlington, Virginia-based GovTribe.

The Vaccine Cards Are the Wrong Size

Seriously, why can I not fit this thing in my wallet?

Analysis: Why Refusing the COVID-19 Vaccine isn’t Just Immoral – it’s ‘un-American’

America’s founders accepted the reality of human selfishness. But, they also said people were capable of thinking for the good of the whole, which is necessary for a free society.

Why Aren’t We Taking This Simple Step to Prevent Ransomware?

In the world of cybersecurity, we’re still in the mid-’80s. And we’re in the middle of a growing public safety crisis.

The Day the Space Station Lurched

A recent arrival at the International Space Station created a little too much excitement.

GovExec Daily: Rebuilding Trust in Government by Improving Digital Customer Service

Former GSA CIO Casey Coleman joins the podcast to discuss a new report about digital engagement and government.

Screentime Can Make You Feel Sick – Here Are Ways to Manage Cybersickness

If you ever felt nauseous, fatigued or disoriented after using your phone or computer, you may be experiencing a condition similar to motion sickness.

GovExec Daily: Vaccine Hesitancy and Public Messaging

Dr. Stephen Neely, PhD, of the University of South Florida’s School of Public Affairs joins the podcast to discuss how health officials can break through to those are wary of the COVID-9 immunization efforts.

GovExec Daily: Using AI to Solve Problems in Health Care and Beyond

Ashley Mehta of Nolij Consulting joins the podcast to discuss how technology can be use for better outcomes in public systems.

GovExec Daily: Efforts to Advance and Invest in Research

Wellspring CEO Robert Lowe joins the podcast to discuss how the U.S. invests in innovation.

It’s not Just Bad Behavior – Why Social Media Design Makes It Hard to Have Constructive Disagreements Online

How social media services work – the nuts and bolts of interacting with others online – has the power to shape and improve online arguments. Here's how.

Coronavirus Variants Have Nowhere to Hide

Our tests will need frequent touch-ups to make sure that no mutations get past them.