Don’t Blame the Government Shutdown for SpaceX Delays

The impasse in Washington hasn’t yet threatened a significant milestone in the American space program.

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Senators to WMATA: How Will You Keep Next-Gen Metro Cars Safe from Foreign Tampering?


Four D.C.-area lawmakers are asking WMATA leaders to take supply chain and cybersecurity issues into account when buying the next series of Metro cars.

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Former Google Chief to Chair Government Artificial Intelligence Advisory Group


Eric Schmidt will join 14 other tech experts on the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.

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Nextgov San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico international border wall

How to Build a Better Great Wall

The idea of creating a robust, intelligent technology barrier as opposed to a static physical one has been floated before.

Nextgov NOAA is one of the science agencies that has been shuttered.

Trump’s New Science Adviser Arrived Just in Time for a Shutdown

Science advocacy groups take turns imploring leaders to open agencies.


Library of Congress Needs Volunteers to Digitize Its Records

Vendors would work for free, but they’d essentially gain exclusive rights to the materials for up to three years.


Latest Bills to End Shutdown Include $25 Million Bump to Technology Modernization Fund

Previous spending packages didn’t allocate any additional money for the revolving fund.

Nextgov A TSA officer finishes her lunch as federal airport workers bring in donated boxes of meals from the McDonald's in the airport food court to the TSA break room, Friday, Jan. 18, 2019, at the Pittsburgh International Airport in Imperial, Pa.

Will Cities Pay Federal Workers During the Shutdown?

San Jose is offering its airport workers loans during the shutdown. More cities are following.


The Coming Digitization of the Regulatory Environment

Here's what the U.S. can learn about digitizing regulations from two of the largest economies.


Lawmakers Set the Stage for the Privacy Debate

Congress also took up bills to upgrade the power grid, combat Chinese tech threats and punish robocallers.


DHS Pauses Most Contracting Deadlines Until After Shutdown Ends

The extensions only apply to seven department procurement offices and do not override existing posted amendments.

Nextgov Members of the Coast Guard stock a pantry that was created  to help hundreds of civilian and non-civilian employees to help makes ends meet during the partial federal government shutdown.

Second Furlough Notice and Another Missed Paycheck Appear Likely for Shutdown Feds

Congress skips town with key deadlines pending for furloughed and excepted federal workers.


VA Selects Booz Allen Hamilton to Build New Mobile Application Cloud

The company is also responsible for migrating between 20 and 30 apps from the existing platform to the new cloud environment.