Biden Signs a Bill Creating a Federal Cybersecurity Rotational Program

Certain cyber and IT federal employees will be able to rotate to other agencies under a new law signed Tuesday.

How the Tech Modernization Fund Is Managing its Commitment to Customer Experience Projects

Having technologists on the team assessing potential projects and active TMF investments has been a key change over the past year, program leaders told FCW.

Why Biden Just Declared Heat Pumps and Solar Panels Essential to National Defense

Other presidents used the Defense Production Act to boost fossil fuel supplies. Biden is using it to replace them with clean energy. But just ramping up production isn’t enough.

How Long Does COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Last?

COVID vaccines provide protection, but immunity wanes over time. Researchers found a drop from 83% after the first month to 22% after five or more months.

GovExec Daily: Using AI to Predict Weather

SAIC's Jay Meil and Andy Henson join the podcast to discuss how artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly part of the forecasting toolbox.

Why Are so Many Big Tech Whistleblowers Women? Here Is What the Research Shows

Frances Haugen, Timnit Gebru and Janneke Parrish are at the forefront of a group of high-profile women calling out big tech. Is there a connection between their gender and their role as whistleblowers?

The Challenges of Calculating a Lab Leak Risk

The odds of a dangerous pathogen escaping a lab are uncertain, and have implications for COVID-19 and more.

How Process Mining Uncovers Workflow Bottlenecks

Understanding how processes operate across technology stacks and departments can help agencies weed out inefficiencies.

After 7 Years, DHS's New Cyber Talent System Boasts Just One Hire

Officials at the Homeland Security Department say that change management efforts will help scale the Cybersecurity Talent Management System.

Agencies Aren't Hitting Disconnection Targets Under EIS

Some agencies may have to exercise "continuity of service" contract clauses to keep phones, internet and other network services online beyond the May 2023 deadline.

GovExec Daily: The Mission to Explore a Sunken Civil War Battleship

Eric Katz speaks to NOAA's Tane Casserley on the podcast about his project to explore the USS Monitor, which sunk 160 years ago.

Senators are pushing for a $300M boost to the Technology Modernization Fund

Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are urging appropriators to back a Biden administration request to add $300 million to the TMF.

How Better Ventilation Can Help ‘COVID-Proof’ Your Home

Is someone at home sick with COVID-19? One simple but effective strategy for keeping the virus from spreading is to make your indoor air as much like the outdoors as possible.

Federal CIO: The Tech is 'The Easy Part' of Improving Customer Service

Blockers to implementing service improvements frequently center around policy and process requirements, top tech officials said at the Code for America Summit on Tuesday.

The Pentagon Is Closing in on 'Ethical' AI Implementation

The Defense Department released guidance for using AI responsibly last year.

The Postal Service Should 'Act Swiftly' To Scale Up Identity Services, IG Says

USPS is working with the General Services Administration on more in-person options for, according to a new whitepaper from the U.S. Postal Service's Inspector General.

Some Defense-vetted Prototypes Could Be Fast-Tracked to Civilian Agencies under New Agreement

The Defense Innovation Unit signed a memorandum of understanding with the General Services Administration to make it "easier for federal agencies to access innovative technology solutions" that have been successfully prototyped by DIU.