The Military Will Award $10 Million To The Company That Can Launch Satellites On Short Notice

The Air Force is desperate to replace larger satellites that are vulnerable to attack, and fast.

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House Passes First IRS Reforms in 20 Years

Bipartisan batch of nine bills approved during Tax Day website freeze.

DHS is Lukewarm on the Bug Bounty Programs Congress Keeps Pushing


A bill mandating a DHS bug bounty passed the Senate Tuesday, but the department says it would duplicate work it’s already doing.


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6 Steps for Fast Government Project Deployment Using Agile Development

Many project managers are realizing that the fastest way to get their digital projects off the ground is through agile development.


Citizens First

How the government plans to prioritize customer experience.


The Resume of the Future Will Tell Employers Who You Are, And Not Just What You’ve Done

Currently, Resumes force job seekers to contort their work and life history into corporately acceptable versions of their actual selves.


How Feds Can Secure Legacy IT Systems

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has offered agencies a guide to increasing the cybersecurity resiliency of aging technology.


SBA Sets Up an IT Sandbox in the Cloud

The Small Business Administration is hosting an Infrastructure as a Service cloud capability to allow other agencies to conduct technology experiments.


Air Force Aims to Outsource IT, Focus on Cybersecurity

The service branch wants to redirect its IT resources so that staff members can devote more time to IT security and less to day-to-day maintenance.


CIA Turns to Fast Food for IT Innovation, and FBI Takes Note

The CIA has taken an approach to its technology that is akin to McDonald’s franchises, allowing mission areas to have more autonomy over their IT decisions.


Why Agencies Should Be Tech Agnostic When Solving Problems

Don’t miss the forest for the trees, General Services Administration's emerging tech official said.


Social Security Numbers Are Unsafe and Outdated. So Why Do Americans Use Them?

The form of identification has become dangerously risky to use in the digital age.


IRS Says Online Tax Systems Are Back In Business

Agency teams worked through the night to restore services, the acting administrator said.