The Pentagon Is Closing in on 'Ethical' AI Implementation

The Defense Department released guidance for using AI responsibly last year.

The Postal Service Should 'Act Swiftly' To Scale Up Identity Services, IG Says

USPS is working with the General Services Administration on more in-person options for, according to a new whitepaper from the U.S. Postal Service's Inspector General.

Some Defense-vetted Prototypes Could Be Fast-Tracked to Civilian Agencies under New Agreement

The Defense Innovation Unit signed a memorandum of understanding with the General Services Administration to make it "easier for federal agencies to access innovative technology solutions" that have been successfully prototyped by DIU.

The Coast Guard Graduates its First Class of Cyber Majors

A "handful" of newly minted cyber specialists will go to the Coast Guard’s Cyber Command headquarters for their initial assignment, the service's chief told Congress last week.

The Navy Needs to Do a Better Job Finding the Right Job for Its Cyber Specialists, Officials Say

Adm. Michael Gilday, the chief of naval operations, told the House Armed Services Committee the Navy has struggled with matching cyber talent with teams.

GovExec Daily: Former Operation Warp Speed Official Says It Was 'a Model' For Public-Private Partnerships

Courtney Bublé talks to Paul Mango on the podcast about the vaccine development program.

ICE Has Assembled a 'Surveillance Dragnet' with Facial Recognition and Data, Report Says

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has used facial recognition to search through the driver's license photos of one in three adults in the U.S., according to a new report by Georgetown Law's Center on Privacy and Technology.

GovExec Daily: Making Government Customer Service More Positive

Deloitte's RJ Krawiec joins the podcast to discuss the future of customer experience.

Data Collection Features in a New Bill Targeting Equity at FEMA

The Federal Emergency Management Advancement of Equity Act would instruct the disaster response to improve its data collection systems to help identify inequities in its distribution of federal assistance.

GovExec Daily: On the Web, Government Customer Satisfaction is Dropping

CFI's Sheri Petras joins the podcast to discuss her organization's latest report about government customer service.

HBCUs Could Be One Key to Improving Equity in Federal Contracting and Technology

From expanding contracting opportunities for small, disadvantaged businesses to building out a more diverse federal workforce, federal agencies are increasingly aiming to partner with minority-serving institutions to ensure their equity goals are effective.

Space Force to Bring Data Scientists, Coders on Board This Summer

The military’s newest service branch is in the final stages of selecting a group of tech-forward personnel.

White House Sounds Alarm on Threat from Quantum Computers

New directive orders the government to work with industry on security that can stand up to tomorrow’s quantum-powered decryption tools.

How GSA is Remaking

The revamped "federal front door" won't be a mere portal—users will be able to complete end-to-end government services on the website.

Bernie Sanders Wants Amazon Debarred from Federal Contracting

The Vermont lawmaker cites the company's anti-union activity in a letter urging President Biden to eliminate the e-commerce and cloud behemoth from federal contracts.

A Majority of Americans Support Mask Mandates on Planes

A majority of Americans support mask mandates on planes and public transit, a new survey finds.

Opinion: Biden’s Plan to ‘End Cancer’ Borrows From an Old, Flawed Playbook

The President’s new health research enterprise is eerily reminiscent of Richard Nixon’s ill-fated war on cancer.