Even NASA Seems Surprised by Its New Space Telescope

The $10 billion mission is working better than anyone could have predicted.

A High-Risk Medical Device Didn’t Meet Federal Standards. The Government Paid Millions for More.

For years after federal inspectors found serious problems with the HeartWare heart pump, agencies like the Department of Veterans Affairs and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services continued paying to implant it in patients.

GovExec Daily: Increasing Federal Cyber Hygiene

Bill Wright joins the podcast to discuss how agencies can protect themselves online.

When Should You Take an At-Home COVID Test?

"If you have COVID-19 symptoms and test positive on an at-home test, you have COVID-19. You don’t need to get another test to confirm the results."

GovExec Daily: Agile and DevSecOpps at the Pentagon

Brandi Vincent talks to Dr. George Duchak and Maj. Christopher Olsen about modernization at the Defense Department.

What Is Log4J? A Cybersecurity Expert Explains the Latest Internet Vulnerability, How Bad It Is and What’s at Stake

Log4Shell is the latest hacker exploit rocking the internet, and it’s arguably the worst yet. The vulnerability is in an obscure piece of software used on millions of computers.

Air Force Breakthrough Brings Space-Based Solar Power One Step Closer

Tomorrow’s remote military bases could be powered by a light-to-microwave tile that just passed a key test.

Why NASA Is Trying to Dodge the Moon

If the James Webb Space Telescope were to leave Earth at the wrong time, our very own satellite could thwart the mission.

GovExec Daily: Protecting Critical Systems from Cyber Threats

Defense One's Patrick Tucker speaks to Sen. Angus King about cybersecurity.

Diversity in Government Digital Services a Win-Win

Investing in minority- and women-owned small companies is a smart choice for both agencies and the customers they serve.

The Uncomfortable Truths of American Spaceflight

NASA has pushed its next moon landing to 2025. But why is it trying to go at all?

Is COVID-19 Here to Stay? A Team of Biologists Explains What It Means for a Virus to Become Endemic

Some viruses go extinct, while others stick around. The virus that causes COVID-19 seems likely to remain with us for the long term.

GovExec Daily: Secure Elections After the 2020 Cycle

Elections tech expert Ross Underwood joins the podcast to discuss voting security.

There’s No Cheap Way to Deal With the Climate Crisis

Warming will bring enormous economic costs. Cutting emissions now will save money later.

This Isn’t the Big Telescope Debut NASA Imagined

The James Webb Space Telescope, the long-awaited successor to Hubble, is mired in controversy over its namesake.