Scientists Suggest U.S. Embassies Were Hit With High-Power Microwaves – Here’s How The Weapons Work

High-power microwave weapons are useful for disabling electronics. They might also be behind the ailments suffered by US diplomats and CIA agents in Cuba and China.

Expert: We Need New Laws For The Facial Recognition ‘Wild West’

A new paper outlines why Congress needs to regulate facial recognition to protect consumers and their "faceprints."

GovExec Daily: Establishing Public Trust in a Vaccine

University of Florida's Ann Christiano and Jack J. Barry join the podcast to discuss how officials can promote health measures to help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus Vaccines: Health Experts Identify Ways to Build Public Trust

The United Nations recently asked a group of experts across the world to recommend ways to persuade people to take a COVID-19 vaccine. Here is a summary of their suggestions.

What Is the Best Strategy to Deploy a COVID-19 Vaccine?

Mathematicians are playing a key role in fighting the pandemic by modeling different scenarios for a vaccine rollout.

Did Trump Delay the Arrival of At-Home Coronavirus Testing?

Some experts think that at-home testing can stop coronavirus outbreaks, and that the government should have been doing more to produce the tests.

Regulators Can Help Clear the Way for Entrepreneurial Energy Companies to Innovate

A study points to one way to speed up adoption of innovations in clean energy technology – more flexibility among state regulators.

GovExec Daily: The Tech Priorities For the Incoming Administration

Nextgov's Frank Konkel joins the podcast to discuss the the Biden White House's plans for when they take office in January.

Trump Fires DHS Exec Who Disputed President's Baseless Election Fraud Claims

After helping to keep the election secure from hackers, the CISA director turned to refuting the baseless claims of the president.

SpaceX’s Riskiest Business

Launching astronauts into space means being responsible for their safety.

GovExec Daily: Knowledge Management Across Agencies

Tesla Government's Andrea Castle joins the podcast to discuss how government can collaborate better.

How to Be a Good Digital Citizen during the Election – and Its Aftermath

That "friend of a friend" post you're thinking about sharing on social media could make you an unwitting accomplice in a disinformation campaign.

The Vaccine News That Really Matters

Soon COVID-19 vaccine makers will release early data from large clinical trials, and the results could be ambiguous.

New Eyewitness Accounts: Feds Didn’t Identify Themselves Before Opening Fire on Portland Antifa Suspect

Local law enforcement officers deputized as U.S. Marshals have given conflicting accounts of the shooting. Witnesses say they heard no warning before the agents shot Michael Reinoehl dead, an outcome President Trump termed “retribution.’’

How a Bizarre Claim About Masks Has Lived on for Months

Why the wrong idea that wearing a mask can harm your health has lived on through multiple debunkings.

GovExec Daily: Building Supply Chain Resiliency at Agencies and Contractors

Deloitte's Melanie Rojas joins the show to discuss how systems can better handle a disruption like the pandemic.