Hackers Find Scores of Vulnerabilities in Marine Corps Websites

The Pentagon’s latest bug-bounty contest continues a successful run of hack-the-military efforts.

Read more August 14, 2018 Leave a comment Lance Cpl. Tojyea G. Matally/ Marine Corps

CBP Rolls Out Facial Recognition at Silicon Valley Airport


International travel at the Mineta San José International Airport has doubled in recent years.

Next Agency to Host GSA Centers of Excellence Will Be Announced by October, Departing TTS Director Says


Outgoing Technology Transformation Service Director Joanne Collins Smee shares the strengths of her organization, what’s next for Agriculture’s Centers of Excellence and when the effort will jump to a new agency.


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Nextgov Attendees at the Google Developer Day walks past a mural being painted in Beijing, China, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016.

1,400 Google Employees Are Demanding Transparency Around the Company’s Return to China

Google pulled out of China in 2010 because of the country’s censorship policies.


DHS Asks Industry’s Help in Major Supply Chain Security Upgrade

The department wants industry’s input on how to detect malicious and counterfeit tech in the government’s supply chain.


The Pentagon Has Its First Chief Data Officer

He'll be responsible for leading the Pentagon's data strategy.


This Desk Changes When It Senses Your Stress At Work

The desk is a combination of technology, psychology, and design.

Nextgov Russian President Vladimir Putin

The U.S. Is Worried That a Russian Satellite Is Really a Weapon

American intelligence agencies have reason to believe the satellite may be surveilling U.S. space assets.


The Federal Workforce is Shrinking—Let Technology Help

Agencies could turn to platforms that help manage the information employees currently manage and process.


VA Opens Bids on Revamping its Main Website

VA wants to improve its web presence in a big way.

Nextgov Ajit Pai, chairman Federal Communications Commission, prepares to testify on Capitol Hill.

FCC Chief: I Was Between a Rock and a Hard Place on Debunked DDoS Claim

An inspector general determined last week the commission misattributed a commenting system outage during the net neutrality debate to a deliberate digital attack.