TSA Says Its Drone Program Won’t Collect Much Info on the Public

The agency is going to use drones to conduct security assessments at airports, transportation incidents and large security events.

Inter-Agency Effort Targets the Half of Veterans Who Never Engage With VA

The resource hub out of the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs is part of a larger White House initiative to better respond to the life experiences of Americans.

The White House Has Questions About AI Surveillance in the Workplace

The request for information is the latest in the administration's work on AI. Last week, four enforcement agencies released a joint letter pledging to enforce anti-discrimination laws in the AI arena.

Customer Service, Life Experiences and Technology

Nextgov's Aaron Boyd joins the podcast to discuss his series on CX in government.

Survey: 1 in 3 Government Workers Say Agencies Aren’t Fostering Employee Connection

The survey suggests increased emphasis on connection-building could increase talent retention efforts.

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Keep AI from Going Nuclear

This week, lawmakers reignited the legislative charge into investigating and regulating how automated and artificial intelligence systems will be implemented in crucial operations.

Accelerated FAA Modernization Will Suffer Under Stopgap Funding, Says Agency Head

A full year continuing resolution would hamper needed tech upgrades, according to the FAA's top official.

As Federal Emergency Declaration Expires, the Picture of the Pandemic Grows Fuzzier

"The pandemic gave federal officials expanded power to access crucial data about the spread of COVID-19, but that authority will change when the public health emergency sunsets in May. That, along with the end of popular COVID trackers, will make it harder for policymakers and the public to keep an eye on COVID and other threats.

The Homeland Security Department Announces Its First-Ever AI Task Force

The department will look to better understand artificial intelligence and deploy it in security operations.

House Lawmakers Coalesce Around Bipartisan Fixes to VA’s Electronic Health Records System

The top Democrat and Republican on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee have started bipartisan negotiations to address the Veterans Affairs Department’s troubled rollout of its new electronic health record system.

Pentagon UFO Chief: ‘No Credible Evidence’ of Aliens, Yet

Sean Kirkpatrick, who heads the Defense Department’s All-Domain Anomaly Office, briefed the Senate Wednesday.

A ‘ChatGPT’ For Satellite Photos Already Exists

Using advanced generative AI and a massive dataset of Earth images, it’s possible to discover objects almost anywhere in just hours.

Americans Are Interested in Digital Government Services

Deloitte’s Michele Causey joins the podcast to discuss a new survey about online government.

Taxpayer Data Is at Risk Due to Cybersecurity Deficiencies at IRS, a Report Warns

An annual assessment of the IRS' information technology program alleges critical cybersecurity deficiencies in the agency's handling of taxpayer data privacy.

Banning TikTok Could Weaken Personal Cybersecurity

TikTok restrictions could lead to individuals engaging in risky digital behavior to circumvent mobile app bans, potentially exposing their networks and data to bad actors, an expert warns.