The Oversight Community Is Taking These Steps to Be More Diverse and Inclusive

A new DEIA roadmap reflects goals the president has for the federal workforce overall. 

Meet the Nonprofit Leader Who Is Working to Reverse the ‘Dismal’ Numbers of Women in Federal Law Enforcement

Cathy Sanz’s organization provides training, scholarships, networking and mentorship opportunities to help women “go for it” in their careers.

The State Department’s Diversity and Inclusion Officer Says ‘This Time is Different’

Amb. Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley joined the U.S. Agency for International Development’s chief diversity officer, and the two testified about their work before a Senate committee on Tuesday.

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Wants to Know Why It Isn’t Able To Attract More Female Instructors

The training facility seeks to “create a more diverse and balanced law enforcement instructor workforce.”

GovExec Daily: The Pendulum Shifts Toward Workers

Wharton's Stephanie Creary joins the podcast to discuss the management-labor dynamic emerging from the pandemic period.

GSA Looks to Help Get LGBTQI-owned Small Businesses in the Contracting Mix

The agency is going to work with the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce as part of an effort to increase access to contracting for LGBTQI-owned small businesses.

Biden Will Appoint the First Native American to Be Treasurer of the United States

Chief Marilynn Malerba will oversee the newly established Office of Tribal and Native Affairs.

Juneteenth Celebrates Just One of the U.S.’ 20 Emancipation Days. The History of How Emancipated People Were Kept Unfree Needs to Be Remembered, Too

Known as Juneteenth in Texas, Emancipation Days symbolized America’s attempt to free the enslaved across the nation. But those days were unable to prevent new forms of economic slavery.

GovExec Daily: The Security Clearance Process and Diversity

Lindy Kyzer joins the podcast to discuss how to get the best and most diverse talent into the intelligence community.

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McKinsey's JP Julien joins the show to discuss the administration's DEIA goals.

Is the Security Clearance Process Keeping Diverse Candidates from Fed Jobs?

There are very human, and very distinct elements to making the cut as a national security worker.

More Can Be Done to Increase Representation of Feds with Disabilities

A new report shows people with disabilities make up a greater percentage of the federal workforce, but those employees are less likely to be in leadership roles and more likely to leave their jobs.

GovExec Daily: The Role of Zip Codes in Our Stories

Author CJ Gross joins the podcast to discuss how class enters into DEIA work.

GovExec Daily: The Controversies Surrounding Reparations Programs

Tom Shoop joins the podcast to discuss the uproar over programs to provide redress for racial discrimination.

GSA Wants Feedback on DEIA in Construction and Design Initiatives

This furthers executive orders from President Biden and GSA’s equity action plan.

GovExec Daily: Making DEIA Goals a Priority for Organizations

Cisco's Francine Katsoudas joins the podcast to discuss how to achieve diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility goals.