How diverse candidates can better navigate the security clearance process

COMMENTARY | Simple steps can make the security clearance process less of a barrier to keeping diverse candidates out of government careers.

USDA's equity commission urges 'sweeping and generational change'

The independent commission’s report also included some to-do items for lawmakers.

Agencies need to beef up sexual harassment training for employees, GAO says

Selected federal agencies and components of the Defense Department have only partially implemented an array of training practices aimed at preventing sexual harassment and do not sufficiently evaluate the effectiveness of their existing training programs, the watchdog found.

The new FAFSA was supposed to be easier to use. Technical glitches have made it anything but

Marginalized students may have the most to lose as the Education Department’s rollout of the new college financial aid application has hit several bumps.

OPM’s 2024 equity goals aim to expand data-based approach

The federal government’s HR agency plans to expand the use of data to analyze recruitment barriers for underserved communities as well as outreach at minority-serving educational institutions in the coming year.

OPM offers guidance for agencies implementing salary history ban

Federal agencies will have until October to excise the solicitation and use of job candidates’ past compensation when setting pay for new hires.

Biden administration to extend salary history ban to federal contractors

Officials said that new proposed regulations, released in conjunction with a final rule barring federal agencies from soliciting job applicants’ salary histories, will reduce pay disparities and improve the effectiveness of the federal contract workforce.

OPM: Federal salaries won't be tied to private sector pay histories

Agencies can’t use non-federal salaries to help set pay for new or returning federal employees, under a new rule from the Office of Personnel Management. 

Trans veterans were promised access to gender-affirming surgeries — but it never happened

The Transgender American Veterans Association filed a lawsuit on Thursday over the Veterans Affairs Deparment’s failure to act after years of inaction.

In milestones, Black women from South Carolina and Indiana confirmed as federal judges

To date President Biden has nominated 170 judges confirmed by the Senate.

Biden’s chief diversity officer is headed to the private sector

Janice Underwood, who serves as the governmentwide chief diversity officer and as director of the Office of Personnel Management’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility office, will be vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion talent outreach and development at Disney.

USPS’ workforce is very diverse. Its management is less so.

Historically disadvantaged groups fare worse than white colleagues in getting promoted to higher-level positions, new audit finds.

Diversity in the federal workforce has improved slightly over the last decade

But Latino representation among federal employees continues to lag behind a nationwide benchmark.

Scientific federal agencies have restaffed to pre-Trump levels

While the Biden administration is finding success in its hiring efforts, a report finds diversity efforts are lagging.

Legacy programs stymie Biden's efforts to boost equity in infrastructure spending

Communities of color benefit when federal agencies pick transportation projects, but most infrastructure money is doled out using old rules that favor whiter areas, according to a new report from the Urban Institute.

Federal agency accused of tolerating employees who distributed Nazi propaganda and harassed colleagues

One worker greeted coworkers with a Nazi salute and praised Hitler, a lawsuit alleges, while supervisors declined to take action.

Women face misogyny, barriers to promotion in special operations forces, US Army study says

The “very small percentage” of respondents who espoused such views included officers and senior enlisted leaders.