Three Actions the Biden Administration Can Take to Advance Racial Equity

Race continues to predict how well someone will do, and how much suffering they will endure.

OPM Issues Guidance Revoking Diversity Training Ban

The action formally rescinds a directive barring agencies and contractors from conducting certain types of training.

Biden Nominates Two Women To Lead Combatant Commands

They would become just the second and third women to head up a top-level joint military command.

African American Federal Executive Association Builds a Pipeline of Talent for Senior-Level Jobs

A group leader says she is feeling optimistic about what’s to come under President Biden.

Democrats Introduce Slew of Bills to Strengthen Protections for Federal Workforce

Lawmakers are pushing to bolster diversity efforts at national security agencies, require greater transparency ahead of agency relocation efforts, and reauthorize the Merit Systems Protection Board.

Why We Need to Focus on Pay Equity in Government

President Biden’s promise to “pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all” defines the goal.

Vice President Kamala Harris Emphasizes Speed and Equity in Response to COVID-19 Crisis

In Harris’ first national sit-down interview since becoming vice president, she discusses her focus on an equitable response to the COVID-19 crisis with 19th editor-at-large Errin Haines.

CDC Report Signals the Agency Will Resume Work on LGBTQ+ Health, Advocates Say

The data itself is not new, and advocates are urging the Biden administration to step up efforts to reach queer Americans.

With Demand Far Exceeding Supply, It Matters That People Are Jumping the Vaccine Line

When hospital administrators and politicians’ spouses get immunized before people more at risk, it undermines confidence in the system.

Viewpoint: How Biden Can Foster a More Inclusive America

Much like a company with a poor track record on diversity, equity and inclusion, the nation is looking for clear change absent a clear idea of how it will be accomplished.

GovExec Daily: Using Evidence-Based Policy to Further Equality

Grant Thornton's Robert Shea joins the podcast to discuss how the government can use policymaking to promote, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Clicks on a Job Site Reveal Hiring Discrimination

A broad look at recruiters' actions on a job website reveals who experiences hiring discrimination and when, report researchers.

As Vaccine Rollout Expands, Black Americans Still Left Behind

COVID-19 vaccines are reaching more Americans, but Black residents are being vaccinated at dramatically lower rates in the 23 states where data is publicly available. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plans to release national data next week.

GovExec Daily: How Feds See Diversity and Inclusion at Work

Government Business Council's Josh Okada joins the podcast to discuss the recent survey of public servants.

Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill: Biden Administration Says It’s Resuming the Effort

The Obama-era redesign of the currency was delayed during the Trump administration.

Survey: 58% of Feds Said Trump Diversity Training Order was ‘Counterproductive’

A majority of respondents from minority groups reported that feeling misunderstood at work made it more difficult to perform their jobs.

Segregation Policies in Federal Government in Early 20th Century Harmed Black Americans for Decades

President Wilson sanctioned segregation policies more than a century ago by targeting Black civil service workers.