Diversity of U.S. Workplaces Is Growing in Terms of Race, Ethnicity and Age – Forcing More Employers to Be Flexible

Employers need good strategies to hire and retain more workers of color and older workers. The mandatory diversity training and requisite skills tests many of them now rely on don’t measure up.

How Federal Agencies Can Use Data to Promote Fair Housing

Historical and current housing data is a critical tool for advancing racial equity.

House Democrats Look to Bolster the Biden Administration’s Equity Push

A pair of bills would establish a series of councils focused on breaking down racial equity barriers to federal service delivery and would require agencies to set goals upon which to measure their progress.

Biden’s Judicial Nominations Have Set Records for Diversity, but Dozens Remain Unconfirmed

The president has prioritized nominating people from underrepresented backgrounds in terms of race, gender and professional experience, but advocates say there’s still ‘a long way to go.’

GovExec Daily: Making Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work for the Federal Workforce

OPM's Janice Underwood joins the podcast to discuss her role as Director of the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility .

A Look at Trailblazing Women at the U.S. Marshals Service Over the Years

The nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agency recently signed onto a pledge to boost female recruitment. 

Not Many Federal Law Enforcement Officers Are Women. The Marshals Service Is Looking to Change That

The nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agency sees diversity as “mission essential,” said its director.

The Consumer Protection Bureau's Union Is Pushing for Better Pay, Fewer Pay Gaps

CFPB employee representatives said the agency is dragging its feet on plans to reduce gender and racial pay gaps, as well as to comply with federal law requiring compensation comparable with other financial regulators.

A Federal Employee Group is Again Urging OPM to Ban All Use of Salary History in the Federal Hiring Process

An organization focused on improving gender equity at the Justice Department warned that anything short of completely banning federal agencies from considering job applicants’ salary histories could continue to perpetuate historic pay gaps in government.

GovExec Daily: Diversity and Inclusion Are Key Parts of Modern Management

Author, CEO and businessman Donald Thompson joins the podcast to discuss how organizations can bring DEI into their work.

Building a More Diverse Public Sector Hiring Pipeline

Local governments are rethinking how they go about connecting with job candidates. “It’s just not enough to post a position and then say we have no qualified diverse talent,” says one official.

A 9-Year-Old Case Alleging Discrimination by NASA Can Finally Proceed

An administrative judge last week certified the classes of Black and Asian American employees at the agency, who allege its performance appraisal system discriminates against them, allowing the case to move forward.

State Department Releases its Roadmap for Increasing Diversity and Equity

The department also announced last month a new, paid fellowship and internship program aimed at bringing individuals with diverse backgrounds to the department.

Women Are Reentering the Workforce, but Black Women Face Continued Hurdles

Women may be reentering the workforce, but the numbers are uneven, with more Black women leaving.

White House Seeks Input on Federal Evidence Agenda For LGBTQI+ Equity

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy wants to know about possible blind spots preventing agencies from understanding what disparities are impacting the LGBTQI+ community nationwide, from accessing healthcare to housing.

Women — Particularly Women of Color — Stand to Benefit Most from Biden’s Student Loan Relief Plan

Women hold two-thirds of student loan debt, and women of color have higher loan balances than their White counterparts.