Is the Security Clearance Process Keeping Diverse Candidates from Fed Jobs?

There are very human, and very distinct elements to making the cut as a national security worker.

More Can Be Done to Increase Representation of Feds with Disabilities

A new report shows people with disabilities make up a greater percentage of the federal workforce, but those employees are less likely to be in leadership roles and more likely to leave their jobs.

GovExec Daily: The Role of Zip Codes in Our Stories

Author CJ Gross joins the podcast to discuss how class enters into DEIA work.

GovExec Daily: The Controversies Surrounding Reparations Programs

Tom Shoop joins the podcast to discuss the uproar over programs to provide redress for racial discrimination.

GSA Wants Feedback on DEIA in Construction and Design Initiatives

This furthers executive orders from President Biden and GSA’s equity action plan.

GovExec Daily: Making DEIA Goals a Priority for Organizations

Cisco's Francine Katsoudas joins the podcast to discuss how to achieve diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility goals.

USAID Has a New (and First Ever) Chief Diversity Officer

“As representatives of the United States, I think that we would want to have a workforce that is reflective of our country,” said Neneh Diallo. 

To Reckon with Theft of Indigenous Land, Change Place Names

Researchers propose a path for reckoning with Indigenous sovereignty and U.S. public lands through place names in national parks

Black Women Have Faced Intense Scrutiny during Confirmations. Ketanji Brown Jackson Was the Latest.

In a polarized era, many point to what they see as a potent partisan strategy: the weaponization of Black womanhood.

OPM Targets Data and Benefits Education to Improve Equity in the Federal Workforce

The federal government HR agency’s report was one of more than 90 equity action plans released by the Biden administration this week.

Federal Procurement Featured in New Equity Action Plans

Improving access to federal contracting vehicles and supporting small, disadvantaged businesses are key parts in the equity action plans released by agencies on April 14.

More Than 90 Agencies Release Their First-Ever Equity Plans

“For the first time Americans will see a full picture of what it looks like for the entire federal government to advance equity at once,” a senior administration official said.

Ketanji Brown Jackson Will Be the First Black Woman Justice. Here’s How She Will Change the Supreme Court.

The Senate has voted to confirm Jackson, whose history-making confirmation sets up the first all-women liberal wing on the court. The 19th examines what she means to the Supreme Court and the legal profession.

Job Seekers Will Sacrifice Money for Diversity at Work

A significant number of job applicants will sacrifice salary to work somewhere with greater diversity, research finds.

Biden’s Management Agenda Update Adds Metrics to Workforce Goals

The White House’s first update to the president’s management agenda, first released last November, lines up tasks for agencies and attaches individual officials to goals.

Federal Agencies Are Taking Steps to Make Benefits and Services More Transgender Inclusive

The Biden administration announced it will provide more options for gender identity on benefit applications and travel documentation, among other things.