Biden Administration Likely To Increase Contracting Opportunities for Small and Minority-Owned Businesses 

The campaign outlined a $400 billion plan “to support small businesses and tackle inequities in the federal contracting system.” 

‘Diversity’ Is Too Shallow for Real Racial Justice

Diversity ideology lets whites superficially commit to achieving social justice, but isn't enough to advance equity or inclusion, research shows.

Women Will Shape Biden’s Energy and Climate Agenda

Rep. Deb Haaland would be the first Native American to head the Interior Department and former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm was nominated to run the Energy Department.

Pete Buttigieg Could Become the First Senate-Approved out LGBTQ + Cabinet Secretary

LGBTQ+ groups applaud the significance of the secretary of transportation nomination, calling it “a historic moment for our community” and “a new milestone” for LGBTQ+ people working in government.

Shirley Sherrod Holds ‘No Ill Will’ Against USDA Nominee Who Ousted Her

Shirley Sherrod hopes that if Tom Vilsack is confirmed, he will put a focus on Black farmers.

‘I Want to Be Part of Making This Work:’ Marcia Fudge Talks About How She Plans to Lead HUD

The Ohio representative speaks with The 19th in her first interview since being nominated to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Women Who Could Lead Biden’s Economic Recovery

A significant number of women are being considered for key economic slots in the Biden administration, including as secretaries of Treasury, Commerce and Labor.

Helicopters Over DC Protesters Broke Regulations While Commander was Driving Home, DC Guard Concludes

The D.C. National Guard and Pentagon IG are fighting over who to blame for the dangerous incident that symbolized Trump’s militarized response.

Trump's Diversity Training Restrictions Draw Lawsuit, As IGs Investigate Compliance

Groups liken Trump's order to McCarthyism and "authoritarian thought-and-speech control."

GovExec Daily: The Problem with the Diversity Training Executive Order

Stan Soloway joins the podcast to discuss how the order conflicts with the government's role in promoting civil rights and inclusion.

Viewpoint: When an Executive Order Is Racist

President Trump’s directive on diversity training undermines the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Don’t Cancel Federal Diversity Training, Fix It

Our research shows that mandatory, cookie-cutter training with slides explaining “implicit bias” and other forms of discrimination are largely ineffective and sometimes counterproductive.

Confronting Racism is Our American Duty

Any guidance on how employees can better understand and respect others is a sign of progress in a civilized society, not a threat to it, argues the leader of the National Treasury Employees Union.

Civil Rights Groups Pressure VA Ahead of GAO Racism Audit

GAO has agreed to investigate the prevalence racism at the Veterans Affairs Department after a survey revealed that the vast majority of bargaining unit employees had either experienced or witnessed acts of discrimination on the job.

OPM Memo Puts Pause on Diversity Training Across Government

The Trump administration is pushing forward with its controversial purge of training it deems “un-American.”

Hotline is Open to Report Contractors’ Defiance of New EO on Diversity Training

The recent executive order bans certain employee diversity and inclusion training the White House considers divisive.