A ‘Stronger, Faster’ Intelligence Community Is Possible With AI

But caution is needed to make sure the technology doesn’t go off the rails.

Senate Bill Looks to Train AI-Ready Workforce, Focus on Risk Mitigation

The bipartisan legislation, introduced last week, aims to help public sector employees catch up with advancing AI technologies.

Proposed Law Would Create Responsible Emerging Tech Leaders at Agencies

The bill would require a senior official at each relevant agency to oversee technologies like artificial intelligence, quantum and biotechnology to ensure responsible usage.

Fill the Job of National Cyber Director, Lawmakers Urge Biden

The Office of the National Cyber Director has not had a Senate-confirmed director since former Director Chris Inglis left the post nearly three months ago, just prior to the release of the national cyber strategy.

Republicans' Unemployment Fraud Bill Passes House, Gets Senate Version

The bill’s passage in the House fell one day after the indictment of one of its cosponsors – Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y. – for unemployment fraud.

The Pentagon’s AI Chief Is ‘Scared to Death’ of ChatGPT

But other defense leaders are more eager to deploy new artificial-intelligence tools.

Combating Threats to Employees in Digital Spaces

COMMENTARY | User activity monitoring and behavior analytics can beef up cybersecurity training and help protect the agency from internal and external risk.

OPM Tests Chatbot For Retirement Services

The retirement services chatbot is designed to answer easy questions to free up call center resources for more complex inquiries.

OPM Has a Plan to Upgrade Federal Employee Data

The Office of Personnel Management released a new data strategy on Wednesday with a slew of data-related goals, including the creation of a "360-view" of federal employees across the employee lifecycle.

DHS Cyber Talent Management System Boasts Just 80 Hires After Nearly Two Years

Integrating the new hiring acquisition system across the Department of Homeland Security has “been a real project,” said the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Accelerated FAA Modernization Will Suffer Under Stopgap Funding, Says Agency Head

A full year continuing resolution would hamper needed tech upgrades, according to the FAA's top official.

3 in 4 Americans Worry AI Will Take Their Jobs

A Forbes survey indicates Americans are growing more alarmed about artificial intelligence for a variety of reasons.

The Low-Tech Side of Biden’s Push to Improve the ‘Life Experiences’ with Government

Agencies are approaching the White House’s mandate with an eye for getting important information and access to as many people as possible.

The U.S. Space Command Wants Red Phones With China, Russia

Global norms and mil-to-mil hotlines are urgently needed as the prospects for war in space rise. Has a Long Road Ahead of It

FCW's Natalie Alms joins the podcast to discuss the government's SSO option.