FDA Falls Short on IT Contract Management, Watchdog Finds

An audit of the agency's IT contract spend found that FDA officials failed to file acquisition information such as contract performance evaluations and competition efforts.

OPM Pushes to Rebrand Government and Capitalize on Tech Layoffs

The Office of Personnel Management is co-hosting a tech job fair on Wednesday. It’s one example of ongoing efforts to rebrand the government as an employer.

What Motivates Remote Workers to Protect IT Assets?

Researchers found that fear of what could go wrong is the primary driver in getting remote workers to protect IT systems.

From Microfilm to Digital Archives: How NARA Modernizes

Nextgov Senior editor Aaron Boyd speaks to NARA Chief Innovation Officer Pamela Wright, about how the agency is modernizing.

Lawmakers Propose a Federal Reserve Corps for Digital Talent

The bipartisan legislation seeks to address the government’s tech and cyber needs by enabling industry professionals to bring their skills and experience to the federal level.

Interior’s Cyber Practices Allow for Easily Crackable Passwords, Watchdog Finds

An OIG investigation found that the Interior Department has not fully implemented multifactor authentication and that its “outdated and ineffective” password requirements leave employees’ accounts vulnerable to exploitation.

National Science Foundation Spearheads New Funding to Improve Diversity in AI Workforce

In collaboration with six other federal groups, the NSF will focus on expanding minority-serving university offerings in artificial intelligence and machine learning education.

CDC Wants Real-time Data on COVID, Flu Vaccine Effectiveness

The public health agency aims to increase its use of real-time data to track the effectiveness of respiratory vaccines and is looking for possible vendor solutions.

Changing Government Engagement in 2023

Four trends are showing improvements in the daily work of government employees.

How Social Media Can Come Back to Bite You During the Security Clearance Process

Lindy Kyzer joins the podcast to discuss networks like Twitter and Tiktok relates to the continuous vetting of employees working for the federal government.

Electronic Records Deadline Officially Punted to 2024

The extension was first announced in an October meeting of federal records officers.

National Cyber Director Chris Inglis Reportedly Set to Retire in the Coming Months

The first national cyber director has been shepherding the White House’s national cyber strategy with the help of industry professionals and cybersecurity experts.

Omnibus Spending Bill Includes a Ban of TikTok on Government Devices

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., told FCW on Monday that Congress might have more work to do regarding national security implications of the popular video-sharing app TikTok in the next session of Congress.

Let’s Make It Easier to Share Top-Secret Data With Allies, Intel Leader Says

The Defense Intelligence Agency’s CIO wants to expand collaborative workspaces—and resist the urge to mark everything NOFORN.

Lawmakers Intro Bill to Ban TikTok in U.S.

TikTok poses a national security threat, according to lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle.

More States Move to Ban TikTok From Government Devices

Maryland joined South Dakota in announcing a ban on state employees or agencies from using the app on government-issued devices, while South Carolina asked for it to be blocked.