What's Next for Iran's Cyber Actors?

The country has grown as a talented, and destructive, network threat over the last several years.

Growth In Data Breaches Shows Need For Government Regulations

Failure of corporations to protect data means that government regulation is required to ensure corporation compliance.

Pentagon Remains Bullish on 3D Printing, Despite Regulatory ‘Slog’

Military officials want to put additive manufacturing to broader use, but barriers remain.

U.S. Military Should Deepen Its Use of Deception, Pacific Air Forces General Says

“Gadget" culture won’t beat China, says Gen. Charles Q. Brown.

China Has Increasing Sway in U.S. Science, JASON Report Says

Beijing is using better jobs at home, aggressive intelligence agencies, and a greater financial reach to influence American institutions.

House Defense Bill Would Mandate Carbon Capture Program for the Military

A technology that many hope will prevent the worst effects of climate change could also produce fuel or other defense products.

House Passes Bill that Mandates TSA to Study Emerging Transportation Security Threats

The legislation calls for a task force to look into emerging cyber, chemical, drone and other threats. 

Special Operations Command Made a Mind-Reading Kit For Elite Troops

The experimental tool is among several that aim to combine sensors and AI to give U.S. operators a new edge.

What Can Drones Do to Protect Civilians in Armed Conflict?

Drones could help United Nations peacekeepers save civilians' lives – but there are obstacles.

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FAA to Decommission Decades-Old System that Keeps Pilots Up to Date on Hazardous Weather

It’s all part of the agency’s ongoing efforts to modernize the services it provides.

The Space Force Appears Cleared For Launch

Lawmakers hint that bipartisan National Defense Authorization Act will create a new military branch.

Pentagon 'Start-up' Opens Its First Satellite Office

The Defense Digital Service gathers top talent to work on technological projects.

The Mystery at the Center of the Solar System

A spacecraft has finally gotten close enough to the sun to gather clues about some lingering questions.

Why Workers Spend All Day at the Office

Why Americans work more than anyone else.

Small Contractors Struggle to Meet Cyber Security Standards, Pentagon Finds

Even large companies aren’t doing as well as they think they are, the assistant acquisition chief said Monday.

Virtual Reality Is Great, But Only If It Works for Troops in Zombieland

Reducing our warfighters to platforms and weapons systems does them and the nation a disservice.

Texas Chemical Plant Rocked by Multiple Explosions Was Declared High Priority Violator by EPA

The Southeast Texas chemical manufacturing plant, owned by Houston-based Texas Petroleum Chemical Group, has a long history of environmental violations and been out of compliance with federal clean air laws for years.