Air Force Tests Contraption That Can Turn Any Plane Into a Robot Plane

Scientists say new ROBOpilot completed a two-hour test flight, essentially turning a manned plane into a drone.

A Small Texas City Will Become the Country’s ‘Hypersonics Research Capital’

The Army Futures Command will test missiles and autonomous vehicles some 100 miles east of Austin.

Viewpoint: We’ve Admired the Federal Acquisition Problem for Too Long

Agencies must inculcate cultures of experimentation and learning if the U.S. is to prevail economically and militarily.

Breakthrough Technologies Offer Enormous Opportunity for Federal Leaders—If They Seize It

What Silicon Valley calls “exponential technologies” could transform agency operations and boost national security.

U.S. Army Making Synthetic Biology a Priority

New thermal cloaking, insect proof uniforms are on the horizon, if the U.S. can get out in front of China.

OPM Announces New ‘Data Scientist’ Job Title

Officials hope that an "unofficial" data science marker for federal jobs could help both with recruitment of new federal workers as well as improve evidence-based policymaking and data management efforts.

Lawmaker: Human Problem at Pentagon Worse than Tech Problem

Rep. Jim Cooper says Congress shouldn’t accept a government topped by acting political appointees.

Researchers Show How to Send Fake Presidential Alerts To Your Phone

Your phone’s thirst for a better signal leaves it open to bogus messages, new research shows.

The New Hunt for Moon Money

The Trump administration has asked Congress for more funding to meet a very ambitious deadline.

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DATA Act Collection Effort Worked Better for Grants Than Contracts

Watchdog found documentation gaps in pilot plan for creating central portal.

As Governments Adopt Artificial Intelligence, There’s Little Oversight And Lots Of Danger

AI can help make government more efficient – but at what cost? Citizens' lives could be better or worse, based on how the technology is used

The Pentagon Is Killing a Key Independent-Research Program

For decades, JASON studies helped DOD and other agencies get outside perspectives on scientific and technical topics.

What Spy-Satellite Companies Can Teach NASA About Climate Change

The space agency is exploring what three Earth-observation start-ups can teach it about the planet.

U.S. Takes Tentative Steps Toward Opening Up Government Data

A new act requires that all nonsensitive government data be made available publicly by January 2020. But the plan could open up new privacy issues.

Trump To Feds: Prioritize Artificial Intelligence Work

A sweeping executive order to be signed Monday will push agencies to boost funding, improve training, and propose regulations for AI-related efforts.

The U.S. Military Is Chopping Up Its Iron Man Suit For Parts

Special Operations Command’s much-anticipated super suit won’t be here for Christmas.