GovExec Daily: The Present and Future of DevSecOps

Nextgov's Mariam Baksh joins the podcast to discuss how the Pentagon is moving forward with cybersecurity.

GovExec Daily: Making Government COVID-19 Data Easier to Use

USAFacts Poppy MacDonald and Aamir Rashid tell the podcast that they would like to see a time when their site is unnecessary because government has made its data more accessible.

Build Allies Into Tomorrow’s Battlefield Network, Army Leaders Say

The service is trying to build a communications network that’s big enough to include coalition partners but small enough to fit on a truck and drive off to war.

Peter Thiel’s New Man In The Defense Department

The new head of defense research and engineering comes from the White House with a relatively light resume.

Digital Contact Tracing’s Mixed Record Abroad Spells Trouble for U.S. Efforts to Rein in COVID-19

Effective national leadership and trust in government appear to be prerequisites for countries to achieve widespread digital contact tracing.

GovExec Daily: How Governments Can Use Contact Tracing in the Fight Against the Pandemic

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley joins the podcast to discuss why governments need to use technology to identify, isolate and track localized outbreaks.

The Army Team That Is Trying to See, and Shape, the Future

The team’s scientists are charting how advances in various fields will unlock more advances, out to 2050.

GovExec Daily: Three-Dimensional Innovation at VHA

Sammie-nominated Dr. Beth Ripley joins the show to talk about her work creating an interconnected, hospital-based 3D printing network.

Army Scientists: All Strains of COVID-19 Can Be Covered by One Vaccine

The service is on track to produce a vaccine against multiple coronavirus strains by the end of the year. But making it available is the CDC’s job.

A Medical-Delivery Drone Service Gets US Approval Amid Coronavirus

ZipLine, whose drones have delivered more than 100,000 packages in Africa, will begin flights in North Carolina.

The System That Actually Worked

How the internet kept running even as society closed down around it

GovExec Daily: Teleworking Securely During the Pandemic

Heather Kuldell and Brandi Vincent join the podcast to discuss how public servants can safely work from home during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Thorniest Subject at NASA Right Now

The space agency is carefully following pandemic measures. Elon Musk thinks they’re overblown. But both are going to the moon together.

Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Human Intel Analysts In This One Key Area

An experiment from the Defense Intelligence Agency shows that AI and humans have different risk tolerances when data is scarce.

Analysis: How to Protect Civil Liberties in a Pandemic

There are much bigger worries than temporary stay-at-home orders.

GovExec Daily: Oversight and the JEDI Contract

Frank Konkel joins the podcast to explain the Pentagon IG report on the huge defense cloud contract.