How JEDI’s Ghost Will Bring Bitter Rivals Together

The death of the Pentagon’s controversial cloud computing mega-contract likely puts Amazon and Microsoft in a new sort of partnership.

US intelligence report on UFOs: No aliens, but government transparency and desire for better data might bring science to the UFO world

In 2020, Congress ordered a report on UFOs. The nine-page report doesn't say what the 144 sightings from 2004 to 2021 are, but does say that the government wants to learn more.

Where the US Army’s Cut List and Wish List Overlap

Some programs slated for trimming in the 2022 budget proposal also appear on the service’s list of unfunded priorities.

Eyeing China, Biden’s First Pentagon Budget Would Cut Troops, Buy Future Weapons

DepSecDef Hicks called the president’s $715 billion spending request “a foundation for fielding a full range of needed capabilities.” Republicans called it “a cut.”

Estimated Cost of US Nuclear Modernization Jumps 28 Percent

The Congressional Budget Office’s latest estimate puts the price tag at $634 billion as some lawmakers try to bring it back down.

CIA’s Last Classified Fax Machines Are About to Retire

A secure email system dubbed Gray Magic will replace the legendary analog technology.

GovExec Daily: How Governments Can Promote Equity

Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley joins the show to discuss how local governments can leverage data and information to promote equity.

GovExec Daily: Using Data for Racial Equity

Temilola Afolabi joins the podcast to discuss how the White House can use data in the pursuit of equity.

The FBI Is Breaking into Corporate Computers to Remove Malicious Code – Smart Cyber Defense or Government Overreach?

The courts have given the government the authority to hack into private computers unannounced. The action addresses a clear threat, but it also sets an unsettling precedent.

How Cyber Ops Increase the Risk of Accidental Nuclear War

Five factors exacerbate a U.S.-Chinese security dilemma.

Video Conferencing Can Tank Collective Intelligence

By reducing synchrony among speakers, video conferencing actually may make it harder to communicate effectively than non-visual ways of connecting.

Biden Appointments Signal Major Changes In Digital Operations and Acquisition

Early signs suggest federal agencies may be on the cusp of a significant leap forward.

You’re Gonna Miss Zoom When It’s Gone

For people like me, who have social anxiety, videoconferencing can be easier than in-person interactions.

The Air Force Is Making an App That Basically Does What a General Does

The nascent app aims to generate options, recommendations, and mission orders.

GovExec Daily: What Does the Pentagon Know About UFOs?

Nextgov's Brandi Vincent joins the podcast to discuss her podcast investigation into the Defense Department's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.