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Myths, Misunderstandings and Managing Your Money

A look back at some important columns you might’ve missed from earlier this year.

We covered a lot of territory in this column in the first half of a very unusual 2020—from managing your Thrift Savings Plan during a pandemic to exposing retirement myths that just won’t die. 

Here’s a look back at some key columns you might’ve missed:

Things You May Not Know About Annual Pay and Benefits Increases (Jan. 30)

The distinctions between COLAs and salary hikes, all spelled out in detail.

How (Not) To Retire During a Pandemic (March 19)

One more thing to put on hold during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic might be your plans for retirement.

How (Not) to Manage Your TSP During a Pandemic (March 26) 

It’s natural to be jittery, but now is not the time to panic, even if you’re close to retirement. 

In Case You’re Wondering What You’d Make in Retirement (April 2)

It’s not that hard to generate an estimate of how much your retirement benefit will be worth.

The Best Date to Start Taking Social Security Benefits (April 9)

An exploration of a surprisingly tricky question about maximizing your Social Security payout.

A Frequently Misunderstood Benefit (April 23)

Clearing up confusion and providing a comprehensive overview of the FERS supplement. 

The Value of an Annuity Supplement (April 30)

A close look at how the FERS supplement is calculated, and how that can change over time.

Retirement Myth Busting and More Retirement Myth Busting (June 11 and 18)

Persistent tall tales, misconceptions and half truths about financial planning and federal benefits.