Rushing Retirement Could Cost You

You wouldn’t make a major career move without some serious planning—treat retirement with the same care.

January is often a time of reckoning. It’s when many of us resolve to get more exercise, save more money and finally get around to doing all those things we’ve put off for too long. It’s also when a lot of federal employees put in their retirement paperwork. If you’re on the fence, there are things you need to consider before submitting your paperwork.

To help you work through those things, download Tammy Flanagan's new eBook, “Take Charge of Your Retirement: Planning for Life After Government.” It provides a good overview of many of the things that will affect the kind of life you have after your federal career.

Perhaps most importantly, there’s a list of things to do before you leave government to ensure you get the most out of your retirement benefits. You’ll also find helpful information about taxes, insurance and other things that will affect your quality of life, as well as information about estimating your income.

Retirement is an opportunity for new beginnings. But make sure you begin it with care.

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