Spanberger speaks on Capitol Hill in April 2022.

Spanberger speaks on Capitol Hill in April 2022. Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

A Bill Would Repeal an Expensive Tax Rule For Public Servants

Rep. Abigail Spanberger joins the podcast to discuss her plan to put money in feds' and retirees' pockets.

The Social Security Amendments of 1983 brought forward, among other things, the  windfall elimination provision and government pension offset, two rules that impact public servants and their retirement. In the forty years since, concerns about the rules have come forward and this year, Rep. Abigail Spanberger asked her constituents how they experience the GPO and WEP, with thousands responding to a survey. 

Rep. Spanberger is a Democrat representing Virginia's 7th district in the United States House of Representatives. She recently reintroduced the Social Security Fairness Act to eliminate the WEP and GPO. She joined the podcast to discuss the windfall elimination provision, the government pension offset and the results of her survey of her constituents.

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