Retirement Benefits

Some Federal Employee Retirement Funds Made Up a Little Ground in March

Three of the TSP’s five basic funds ended the month up and all of the lifecycle funds were in the black.

Why a Health Savings Account is a Secret Weapon in Saving for Retirement

Many federal employees can save money by switching to a high deductible health insurance plan with an HSA when they have the chance.  

Democrats, Employee Groups Rally Around Social Security Reform Bill

Legislation with nearly 200 sponsors would change how annual cost of living adjustments are calculated, temporarily eliminate the controversial Windfall Elimination Provision, and restrict the agency’s ability to close field offices.

OPM to Offer Same-Sex Spouses Another Chance at Survivor Benefits

A new notice this week announced that the federal government’s HR agency is waiving the requirement that a widow or widower be married to a federal worker for nine months to be eligible for survivor benefits in some cases.

Lawmakers Introduce Another Bill to Repeal Controversial Tax Rule Affecting Federal Retirees

Bipartisan legislation would replace a provision that reduces Social Security benefits for federal, state and local agency employees who spent time in the private sector with a new formula that accounts for their time outside of government, and provide rebates for current retirees.

GovExec Daily: The Best Dates to Retire in 2022

Retirement planning expert Tammy Flanagan joins the podcast to discuss the best timing for leaving federal service.

Federal Retirees to See Largest Cost-of-Living Adjustment in Decades in 2022

While CSRS retirees will receive a 5.9% boost to their defined benefit annuity payments next year, enrollees in FERS will only see a 4.9% increase, renewing calls to change the law.

Tax-Wise Savings and Distribution Strategies for Feds

With the national debt roaring towards $29 trillion dollars, it would be prudent to plan for higher future tax rates.

Former Temporary Workers Could Make Catch-Up Pension Contributions Under New Bill

Currently, Federal Employees Retirement System employees who began their careers as temporary workers must work longer than anticipated to receive full retirement benefits.

Most TSP Funds Continue Upward Trend in May

Only one portfolio in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program lost value last month.

States That Won’t Tax Your Federal Retirement Income

States levy three main types of taxes: income tax, sales tax, and property tax. You should understand all three and the impact they will have on your savings.

Lawmakers Push to Fix Controversial Tax Rule Affecting Federal Retirees

A new bill would set up a new formula to calculate how much retirees get in Social Security benefits if they also receive a defined benefit pension, in some cases replacing the controversial Windfall Elimination Provision.