Retirement Benefits

The G Fund Has Seen Better Days

It’s important to know what the investment can do for you—and what it can’t.

Your Tax Bill Is On Sale, But Probably Not for Long

Federal employees shouldn’t overlook the potential advantages of investing in a Roth TSP or Roth IRA.

Lawmakers Seek to Increase Retiree COLA for Next Year to 3%

Legislation would set the annual increase in Social Security and federal retiree annuities at 3%, rather than the 1.3% increase currently slated for 2021, and would permanently increase adjustments in future years.

The 8 Most Important Birthdays for Feds

Think now about these milestones—it could make a world of difference as you approach your next stage of life.

Retiree COLA Set at 1.3% Next Year, Prompting Calls for Change

Organization calls on Congress to shift the metric upon which annual cost of living adjustments for Social Security and federal retirement benefits are based from the general price of goods to one that takes into account spending by the elderly.

GovExec Daily: What are the Best Dates for Feds to Retire?

Tammy Flanagan joins the podcast to discuss her annual column on the best times for public servants to retire.

Why You Should Strive for Average — With the TSP at Least

When it comes to your retirement investments, “average” can be extraordinary.

Simple Nudge Gets More People to Start Retirement Nest Egg

Motivating people to save for retirement isn't easy, but when it comes to planning, "the simpler, the better," a new study confirms.

It’s Time to Consider Privatizing the Thrift Savings Plan

Index fund investing has become a commoditized business, and the private sector can perform the service just as well or better than the government.

Read This Before You Tap Your TSP to Pay Off Your House

You have a mortgage, but you also have enough money to pay it off. Should you?

TSP Announces CARES Act Loans Now Available

Federal workers and retirees who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic may now take advantage of favorable loan terms on their retirement accounts.

TSP Portfolios Continue Gains, But Fail to Make Up Earlier Losses

Although all of the funds in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program posted modest increases in May, it was not enough to make up for the economic crash at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

How to Motivate Young Workers to Save For Retirement

Whether you’re a parent or a boss, it’s in everyone’s interest to ensure younger generations are ready for life after work.