USDA Launches Outreach Project for a Key Nutrition Program

The WIC program struggles with participation and retention rates, but a new push is afoot to identify eligible recipients.

Tell Us About Your Experience With The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

We’re looking for readers who want to share their experiences with the Education Department's debt relief.

Employee Group Calls for Federal Abortion Leave After Roe v. Wade is Overturned

The Department of Justice Gender Equity Network asked the administration to authorize paid leave in cases where federal employees need to travel across state lines to receive abortion services.

A Few Feds Might Be Eligible for a Bigger Tax Refund from Trump’s Social Security Tax Deferral

The IRS sent out a notice that some might need to file an amended return, but most federal employees don’t need to worry about it.

VA Will Provide Presumptive Disability Coverage to Vets with Respiratory Cancers

Veterans who have developed any number of nine rare cancers associated with burn pits will no longer have to prove that their conditions were caused during their service overseas.

Paid Family Leave Is Good for Moms and Baby Brains

Nearly 80% of US workers don't receive paid family leave, leaving them having to choose between earning a paycheck or bonding with their newborns.

It's Now Easier for Federal Firefighters to File for Workers Comp

For an array of chronic illnesses that have been linked with firefighting as a profession, federal firefighters will no longer have to prove precisely what incident caused their ailment.

Feds Can Now Donate to Ukraine Relief Efforts Directly From Their Paychecks

Between now and June 30, federal workers can pledge to donate to thousands of charities working on relief efforts in Ukraine as part of a special round of the Combined Federal Campaign.

OPM Targets Data and Benefits Education to Improve Equity in the Federal Workforce

The federal government HR agency’s report was one of more than 90 equity action plans released by the Biden administration this week.

What Federal Employees Should Know About the New Paid Parental Bereavement Leave Benefit

Thanks to the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, federal workers can take up to two weeks off following the death of a child.

Lawmakers Urge the Labor Dept. to Expedite Workers Compensation Claims from Federal Firefighters

A bipartisan group of senators said federal wildland firefighters struggle to get medical treatments for work-related injuries paid for by the government.