GovExec Daily: The Latest Paid Leave Update

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss the plan's advancement out of committee.

House Panel Advances Bill Providing Feds Paid Family Leave

Republicans question the methodology of a last-minute preliminary study by the Congressional Budget Office, despite the fact that CBO does not do full reports until bills are sent to the House floor.

Paid Family Leave Deserves a Debate, Not Histrionics

It is possible to ask meaningful questions about the need for the program without attacking the federal workforce.

More than 900 Social Security Employees Received Partial Paychecks, And Some Got Too Much

A union representing employees impacted by a payroll processing error has filed a grievance on their behalf demanding backpay and interest for any money that wasn’t paid to workers on time.

SSA Promises ‘Partial Payments’ After Employees Report Zero-Dollar Pay Stubs

Officials at the Social Security Administration said roughly 900 employees were impacted by an unidentified mistake in payroll processing.

Lawmakers Spar Over Paid Family Leave for Feds

Democrats argue that the pandemic revealed the need for more expansive leave policies: Republicans dismissed the plan as an unnecessary “perk” for bureaucrats.

Bipartisan Bill Would Extend Feds’ Paid Parental Leave to Military Troops

Legislation would provide service members with 12 weeks of paid parental leave per year and would extend the benefit to scenarios involving miscarriages and stillbirths.

House Democrats Say Title 5 Protections Would Fix TSA’s Morale, Retention Woes

Advocates say now is the time to grant airport screeners with the same protections enjoyed by the rest of the federal workforce, including their bosses.

GovExec Daily: A New Leave Proposal for Feds

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss a Senate bill that would give federal employees expanded leave for illness and other extenuating circumstances.

Bill to Expand Paid Family Leave Benefits for Feds Introduced in Senate

Measure would grant federal workers up to 12 weeks of paid family leave for illnesses and other situations not covered under 2019 parental leave law.

Lawmakers Push to Fix Controversial Tax Rule Affecting Federal Retirees

A new bill would set up a new formula to calculate how much retirees get in Social Security benefits if they also receive a defined benefit pension, in some cases replacing the controversial Windfall Elimination Provision.

OPM Finalizes Rule Ensuring Feds Can Change Insurance During Shutdowns

During the 35-day government shutdown, some workers were unable to make changes to their health benefits because the employees responsible for processing those changes were furloughed.

Bipartisan Bill Would Allow Federal Firefighters to Trade Shifts

Agencies often bar trades because in many cases the switch would result in one firefighter seeing his or her biweekly pay reduced, and the other becoming eligible for overtime.