Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Protect All Feds’ Leave Following COVID

Although OPM’s current policy only waives the 30-day annual leave cap for essential employees who are unable to use their leave due to their duties responding to the coronavirus pandemic, Democrats in Congress want to extend the waiver to all federal workers.

Biden Vows to Raise Federal Employees' Pay and Protect Benefits

In a questionnaire published by the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, the former vice president said he would abandon efforts by the Trump administration to force federal workers to contribute more to their defined benefit retirement accounts.

GovExec Daily: The Future of Pay and Benefits Under Trump or Biden

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss how the two major-party candidates would approach the federal workforce if elected.

How to Know if You’re Contributing Enough to the TSP

For some people, $100,000 may be enough; for others, $2 million may not be enough.

Union Asks OPM to Loosen Restrictions on Paid Parental Leave

Some requirements of the new benefit program are overly burdensome, particularly if a baby is born prematurely.

New Federal Rules Could Make It Harder for Parents to Take Paid Leave

New guidelines from the Department of Labor on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act say parents whose children have access to in-person learning are no longer eligible for paid leave.

Survey: Vast Majority of TSP Participants Are Satisfied With the Retirement Savings Program

Although satisfaction levels are slightly down compared with 2017, officials with the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program said that is likely due to market volatility at the time of the survey.

AFGE Pushes for Workforce Protections in Defense Policy Bill Negotiations

The nation’s largest federal employee union urged lawmakers to include collective bargaining protections and fix a soon to be implemented paid parental leave law.

OPM Outlines Process for Restoring Leave After COVID

Regulations allowing some to carry over more than 30 days of annual leave into next year will also apply to future emergencies, Office of Personnel Management said.

OPM Issues Regulations for Feds’ Paid Parental Leave

Beginning Oct. 1, federal workers will be entitled to up to 12 weeks of paid leave in connection with the birth, adoption or foster placement of a child.

Federal Pay is Way Off Track

The General Schedule system is unresponsive to labor market dynamics and agency staffing needs.

OPM Moves to Implement Protections for Feds During Shutdowns

The 2020 Defense policy act included provisions ensuring federal workers would be able to change their insurance coverage due to a significant life event during a lapse in appropriations and protecting them from gaps in supplemental health care plans.

GovExec Daily: The Cancelled Presidential Rank Awards

Erich Wagner and Tom Shoop join the show to discuss how the scuttled awards fit into the greater Trump administration plans for the civil service and human capital.

OPM Cancels Presidential Rank Awards, Citing Efforts to 'Reopen' Economy

The Trump administration in March had suspended nominations for this year’s iteration of the awards, which recognize federal executives’ contributions to public service.

House Defense Policy Bill Fixes Parental Leave Loopholes, Preserves Pentagon Collective Bargaining

The House version of the 2021 Defense authorization measure ensures all federal workers have access to the new benefit providing 12 weeks of paid parental leave, and it also standardizes locality pay between the General Schedule and Federal Wage System pay scales.