White House: Proposed Hiring Rule Was Meant to Help, Not Hurt Ex-Offenders Seeking Federal Jobs

Administration seeks to clarify intent of proposed requirement that applicants disclose participation in pretrial diversion programs, amid outcry.

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Route Fifty

Why a County Eliminated Degree Requirements for 82 Types of Jobs arrowThe change will affect the hiring criteria for jobs ranging from budget ...

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Route Fifty

A State Considers How to Help Local Governments Pay for Expensive Murder Trials arrowA bill in the Ohio legislature would allow counties to ...

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FAA Greenlights Drone Company to Deliver Food in One Virginia Town arrowThe Federal Aviation Administration gave its first OK to drone company ...

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Military Services Fall Short in Responding to Domestic Violence on Bases arrowWatchdog finds inconsistencies in reporting and documentation.

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Pay & Benefits Watch

Lawmakers, DHS Look to Improve Border Patrol Compensation arrowA weekly roundup of pay and benefits news.

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State Department Watchdog to Report Soon on Reorganization, Alleged Political Harassment arrowLinick’s work plan promises results this year on ...

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Excellence in Government

GAO is Wrong: Job Classification Cannot Be Fixed arrowIt is the most antiquated and bureaucratic of all federal HR practices.

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Lockheed, Frustrated with US Air Force, Eyes Foreign F-35 Sales arrowThe service’s proposed purchase of Boeing F-15s has the company ...

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SEC Pulls On-Ramp For $2.5 Billion IT Contract arrowThe agency is reworking the on-ramp solicitation for its massive enterprise IT vehicle, ...

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What the Supreme Court Said About the 2020 Census Citizenship Question arrowIn oral arguments, conservative justices asked about data science, ...

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In Acquisition, Standing Still Is the Biggest Risk image description Urgent mission needs demand innovative procurement tools; fortunately, agencies have options. Read more


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