Trump Readies a Vaguely Nixon-Like Package of Spending Clawbacks

Warned by senators against violating budget deal, White House presses ahead with rescissions.

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This FTC Group Wants To Keep You Safe from Blockchain Scams arrowBut keeping up with criminals' tech innovation can be challenging.

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Patent Office Director: No 'Significant' Reorganization Planned arrowThe agency tasked with adjudicating intellectual property claims will ...

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The Foreign Leaders Trump Favors arrowThis week’s state visit cements Emmanuel Macron’s reputation as one of the president’s closest friends. ...

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State Reauthorization Elevates Cyber Office Tillerson Once Shuttered arrowThe House bill closely tracks a standalone bill to restore and ...

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Second Senator Blocks Intelligence Nominee Over Firing of Whistleblower Ombudsman arrowWyden and Grassley await documents on Dan Meyer’s ...

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Trump Officials Defend VA Pick as He Gears Up for Contentious Confirmation arrowVA secretaries typically sail through confirmation, but Ronny ...

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Defense Electronic Health Records Program Seeks Help Organizing Influx of Data arrowThe Defense Health Agency wants to know if a vendor can ...

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Route Fifty

Cage-Free-Egg Laws Spur Cage Match Between States arrowWhen California and Massachusetts enacted laws requiring that eggs produced and sold ...

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U.S. Air Force to Put Sensors on Allies’ Satellites arrowThe move is intended to deter Russia or China from shooting down spacecraft — and ...

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Management Chief: Trump Administration Will Renew Push for Performance Pay Fund arrowIn an interview with NextGov, OMB Deputy Director for ...

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What Trump Has Already Given Up to North Korea arrowPyongyang has long sought a legitimacy-conferring summit with a sitting U.S. president, ...

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