Supreme Court Reaffirms States Cannot Discriminate Against Federal Retirees

Retiree advocates had cautioned the ruling could have far reaching consequences for former feds.

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White House Orders Agencies to Defend the Skies From Cyberattacks arrowIn its National Strategy for Aviation Security, the Trump ...

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Excellence in Government

How the Government Could Successfully Leverage Its Buying Power arrowThe UK offers some insight for achieving this decades-long quest.

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Ethics Office Rejects Commerce Secretary’s Amended Financial Disclosure arrowRoss denies conflict of interest.

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Federal Officials Want Public Input on Election Tech Requirements arrowThe most recent Voluntary Voting System Guidelines include a call for ...

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Pay & Benefits Watch

Lawmakers Introduce Slew of Bills to Boost Federal Retirement Benefits arrowA weekly round-up of pay and benefits news.

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OPM Wants Agencies to Show Their Work on Management Agenda Tech and Data Goals arrowAnnual human capital reviews are coming and agencies have ...

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Shutdown Thwarted Public Input on Agency Rules arrowLawmakers, citing public health and environmental impact, want OMB to extend the ...

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Excellence in Government

You Don’t Need Leadership Training to Lead arrowAn interview with retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal on the nature of leadership.

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Route Fifty

Supreme Court Restrains States' Power to Seize Property arrowEighth Amendment protections from excessive fines are enforceable against the ...

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Analytics-Driven Security in Government – Breaking Down What You Need to Know image description Implementing a risk-based approach and adhering to compliance mandates from NIST are critical steps toward developing resilience in cybersecurity operations, based on sound cyber hygiene. Download this guide for key insights and best practices in analytics-driven security and compliance in government.

Election Security Tested image description We’ve learned a lot about election security in the two years following the 2016 presidential election, and most of it is not confidence-instilling. U.S. voting systems, like any other electronic systems, have vulnerabilities. The midterms brought only false alarms, but securing elections is a marathon, not a sprint. In this ebook, we look at the issues that need continued attention.

Accelerated AI: Best Practices for Implementing AI in Government Agencies image description Today’s advancements in artificial intelligence are well known. AI has begun to seep into our everyday activities from how we commute to how we shop to how we watch television. But for government, the evolution of AI and the potential it provides hasn’t yet come to fruition.

Government Data Detectives: How agency data shops are fighting fraud image description As federal agencies turned to data analytics, they've been able to break up high-dollar fraud rings in the mail, health care and even prisons. This special report examines how successful scam-busting shops tap tools and talent to save taxpayers' money.

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