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GovExec Daily: The Future of Federal Pay and Benefits

As part of the State of the Federal Workforce event, financial experts Dallen Haws and Abraham Grungold joined the podcast to discuss how feds can get the most out of their benefits.

With inflation affecting all Americans, issues affecting pay and benefits are a key concern at the top of current and retired federal civil servants’ minds. The Social Security Administration recently announced the highest cost of living adjustment in decades, affecting millions of federal retirees and the pay increase for current federal employees remains a point of concern for the 2 million plus public servants in the federal government.

As part of Government Executive Media Group’s State of the Federal Workforce event recently, GovExec Daily spoke to financial planner Dallen Haws and retired fed and financial planner Abraham Grungold about the ways that federal pay and benefits are changing. In this episode, you’ll hear part of a conversation about what federal employees need to know about the TSP, retirement and other pay and benefits issues.

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