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GovExec Daily: Marijuana May Still Be a Problem for Security Clearances

Federal employment attorney Aaron Herreras Szot joins the podcast to discuss the climate around cannabis use and security concerns.

Recreational marijuana is use is legal in 18 states and three U.S. territories, including the District of Columbia. But it remains illegal under federal law, thus affecting federal employees and security clearance applicants. While the director of national intelligence recently sent a memo to agency heads clarifying some of these conflicts, marijuana use can still be an issue for those looking to apply for a clearance. 

Aaron Herreras Szot is an associate with Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch P.C., She works with clients who are facing a wide range of security clearance matters. She’s also the author of a post on headlined “Marijuana Use Can Still Be a Problem for Security Clearance Applicants.” She joined GovExec Daily to discuss cannabis and how it can affect security clearances.

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