GovExec Daily: Using Postcards to Make People Interact with Government More Easily

Dr. Katerina Linos joins the podcast to discuss how to make customer service more effective in government… in a very low-tech way.

The span of government programs sound great in theory, but the execution is such that it’s difficult for regular people to get their benefits. Economic, technological and access are all factors in the difficulty of program benefits to people. While the internet has changed the way people interact with government, perhaps less technological solutions can be part of the ways the public interacts with bureaucracy.

Dr. Katerina Linos is Professor of Law at UC Berkeley and Co-Director of the Miller Institute for Global Challenges and the Law. Her research focuses on international law, comparative law, European Union law, employment law and migration law. She’s a co-author of a piece headlined “To Get People the Help They Need from the Government, Postcards May Be the Answer .” She joined the show to discuss administrative burdens and customer service in government.

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