Customer Service

GovExec Daily: Making Government Customer Service More Positive

Deloitte's RJ Krawiec joins the podcast to discuss the future of customer experience.

GovExec Daily: On the Web, Government Customer Satisfaction is Dropping

CFI's Sheri Petras joins the podcast to discuss her organization's latest report about government customer service.

GovExec Daily: You Need to Understand How to Best Use Data

Data Society's Merav Yuravlivker joins the podcast to discuss how government can better use information for better customer experience and mission delivery.

The White House Is Looking to Focus Service Delivery Around 'Life Events'

The Biden administration is fleshing out a plan to organize government services around the needs of Americans and not around agency org charts.

Biden is Deploying Feds to Rural Areas to Better Connect Communities With Government

The new hires will help local leaders in distressed areas navigate the bureaucracy to access federal staff and resources.

SSA Beta Launches Redesigned Website

The Social Security Administration is collecting feedback on a website redesign before using it to replace the agency's current website later this year. A major goal: making it all less confusing.

White House Takes Aim at Administrative Burdens

The Office of Management and Budget wants agencies to cut down on administrative burdens people have to endure to get government benefits. It's using the 1995 Paperwork Reduction Act to do it.

GovExec Daily: The White House Wants to Improve the Customer Experience

Natalie Alms joins the podcast to discuss the latest update to the President's Management Agenda.

GovExec Daily: Customer Service During a Difficult Tax Season

Courtney Bublé discusses how the IRS is handling staff cuts and a lack of funding with Erin Collins and John Koskinen.

GovExec Daily: How the Internal Revenue Service is Modernizing

Nextgov's Frank Konkel speaks to Annette Jones, assistant to the chief taxpayer Experience Officer at the IRS, about the present and future of the tax agency.

Only a Transformation of Service Delivery Can Rebuild Trust in Government. Here’s How.

The COVID-19 pandemic proved all federal agencies need to become great at service delivery, and an executive order provides the authority. It's time to get moving.

Trust in the Federal Government is Low, But Views of Feds Are Mostly Positive

A recent survey brought many high marks for federal employees and individual agencies.

GovExec Daily: How Government Can Be a Platform

Accela's Tom Nieto joins the podcast to discuss government and technology access.

Social Security Seeks $2.4B in IT Funding and Looks Ahead After 5-Year Modernization Plan

Included in the ask is more than $1.5 billion in IT services, representing a 40% increase over the previous year.

The Biden Administration Can Seize a Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity to Advance Equity. Here’s How.

The administration must reset its relationship with people who lack access to federal services.

IRS Backs Away From Facial Recognition Technology

The move comes after a letter from Senate Finance Committee chair Sen. Ron Wyden urged the tax agency to end a controversial contract with that requires taxpayers to submit biometric data to file tax returns online.

Using Behavioral Science is One Way to Increase Satisfaction With Government Services

The success of the new federal COVID test kit website shows what behavioral science can offer to help make services more accessible.