Customer Service

Two Democrats Have Spelled Out Exactly How They Want Agencies to Improve Services

A pair of House lawmakers wants agencies to allow Americans to spend less time on the phone and filling out paperwork when dealing with government.

More Than Half of People are Frustrated by Digital Government Services, Survey Finds

The report found that 46% of respondents would be more likely to use digital technology to access government services if the technology was easier to use.

GovExec Daily: Making Automated Customer Service More Empathetic

Deloitte's Marc Mancher's joins the podcast to discuss improving government customer service under budget restraints.

National Archives Plans Customer Service Research

The National Archives and Records Administration says that a new research agenda will help it understand what people who use the archives need, want and expect–and how the agency can meet those demands.

The White House Wants to Make Food Assistance Programs Easier to Use -- and Tech Plays a Big Part

Modernization and customer experience goals are folded into a new White House National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition and Health that was released Tuesday.

OMB Prioritizes Customer Service in Budget Planning

The inclusion of customer experience and service delivery priorities in budget preparation guidance from OMB will likely get the attention of agencies as they prepare their budget requests for the next fiscal year, experts told FCW.

GovExec Daily: Who Gets To Know When You Die?

FCW's Natalie Alms joins the podcast to discuss how levels of government share death data.

The Inflation Reduction Act Will Require the IRS to Study Free Tax Filing Options

TurboTax maker Intuit has long blocked efforts to create free online tax filing for all, but this sweeping domestic policy bill provides $15 million to investigate how the IRS could implement such a program.

Lawmakers Push IRS on Backlog and Customer Service Problems

The agency says it's aiming to get to a "healthy" backlog level by the end of the year, but in June, the National Taxpayer Advocate said that would be "difficult" for the agency to do.

GovExec Daily: Using The Citizen Experience to Increase Trust in Government

William Eggers joins the podcast to discuss how CX can be part of ways citizen feel about the levels of government.

Digital Identity Challenges Could Be a Roadblock to Improved CX

Government agencies are currently wrestling with how exactly to verify Americans who want to access federal programs and services.

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Works… Sometimes

Readers share their experiences with the Education Department program that was recently overhauled. Challenges still remain, though the October changes did help many.

How the Tech Modernization Fund Is Managing its Commitment to Customer Experience Projects

Having technologists on the team assessing potential projects and active TMF investments has been a key change over the past year, program leaders told FCW.

$100M of Technology Modernization Fund Spending Is Tagged for Customer Experience Projects

The money, coming from the $1 billion investment in TMF made by the American Rescue Plan Act, will help implement the executive order on customer experience.

GovExec Daily: Making Government Customer Service More Positive

Deloitte's RJ Krawiec joins the podcast to discuss the future of customer experience.

GovExec Daily: On the Web, Government Customer Satisfaction is Dropping

CFI's Sheri Petras joins the podcast to discuss her organization's latest report about government customer service.

GovExec Daily: You Need to Understand How to Best Use Data

Data Society's Merav Yuravlivker joins the podcast to discuss how government can better use information for better customer experience and mission delivery.