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GovExec Daily: What do Feds Really Want at their Workplaces?

Accenture's Britaini Carroll joins the podcast to discuss research on how to support and retain top talent.

The pandemic caused a major shift, especially to the federal workforce. With return-to-offices on the way, federal employees are ready for a reset. The major change presented by the pandemic and the shift to remote work has caused an increase in stress, a lack of sense of community, and increased anxiety.  What exactly do federal employees want and how should federal executives reset their relationships with their employees? 

Britaini Carroll is the Principal Director of Workforce Transformation with Accenture Federal Services. She is the author of a post that breaks down new research shedding light on how to support and retain top talent in the federal government. She joined the show to discuss her post and what feds are seeking at this stage of the pandemic.

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