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Olivia Goldhill


It Turns Out Men, Not Women, Suffer More From Imposter Syndrome

A recently-published study flips the gender dynamic of imposter syndrome on its head.


There’s No Good Way to Kill a Bad Idea

If you’ve ever found yourself unable to halt someone else's idiotic plans once they were already in motion, you’re not alone.


How to Beat a Bully in a Debate

There are certain habits to steer clear of when dealing with someone like Donald Trump in a debate.


The Art of Changing Someone's Mind

A philosopher’s 350-year-old trick is now backed up by psychologists.


The Biggest Productivity Myth is that Rigid Rules are for Everyone

We all have different brains, so embrace your own unique productivity style.


What is Known About the Orlando Gunman

Omar Mateen had reportedly been investigated by the FBI, and pledged allegiance to ISIL in a 911 call before he committed the worst shooting in US history.


Researchers Say You Can Enjoy the Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep… Even if You’ve Barely Rested

If you’re constantly blaming your grumpiness on a bad night’s rest, it could be pessimism causing so many problems.


A Huge New Study Links Being a Workaholic to a Bunch of Psychiatric Disorders

“Taking work to the extreme may be a sign of deeper psychological or emotional issues.”


Neurotic? Then Nothing is More Stressful Than Peace and Quiet, Research Shows

Researchers discover that neurotic people find anxiety-inducing environments more restorative than traditionally calm ones.


A Study Suggests Mindfulness Is Not Quite As Miraculous As We’ve Been Led To Believe

"When negative results are reported, they are often “spun” so that they appear to be equivocal or even positive finding.”


150 Years Ago, a Renowned Philosopher Called Busyness the Sign of an Unhappy Person

“Of all ridiculous things the most ridiculous seems to me, to be busy," Kierkegaard wrote.


After 35 Years, the Man Who Shot Ronald Reagan Is Close to Being Free

John Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity, and so cannot be legally punished.


Scientists Believe Coffee Can Help Protect From Liver Disease

Researchers find risk of cirrhosis is 22 percent lower after one cup of coffee per day and 43 percent lower after two cups.


Is Imposter Syndrome a Sign of Greatness?

If imposter syndrome is so common among high-achievers, perhaps we should view this anxiety-inducing insecurity as an asset.


Psychologists Have Built a Mathematical Model for Selfishness

Ever wonder why some people have a tendency to be nice—even in situations where it costs them—while others are constantly out for themselves?