Guess Which 2016 Candidate Features in an Islamist Terrorist Recruitment Video

Trump’s call to ban all Muslims from entering the United States is sandwiched between warnings that the US is not safe for Muslims.


Well-Being is a Network of Characteristics We Can Build For Ourselves, Argues a Philosopher

The "network theory” of happiness argues that wellbeing is a condition that tends to perpetuate itself.


Algorithms Make Better Hiring Decisions Than Humans

Hiring against a machine’s recommendations only leads to worse hires, according to a NBER study.


Do You Think You Have a Long Commute? Millions Spend Two Hours Traveling to Work Each Day

If you live in horror of your sweaty train/bus/bike ride to work, then spare a thought for the 3 million UK commuters who spend more than two hours a day traveling to…


What Would Happen If American Senators Worked Like the French?

If Senators took a few tips from the French work week, the political process would still run as smoothly (ahem) as ever.


People Should Demand Compliments More Often, Harvard Study Says

Those who are reminded of times they’re at their best are more successful.


A Psychologist Explains Why Emotions Are More Persuasive Than Logic

Deciding which emotion to deploy in any given argument depends on the situation is critical.


Swedish Experiment Shows the Benefits of a Shorter Work Day

Nurses working six-hour days at a Swedish care home are reportedly more energetic and less stressed.


It Takes the Federal Government Two Years to Process a Refugee Application from Syria

More than four million Syrians have left their homes since civil war broke out in 2011.