Republicans Renew Efforts to End Mass Telework, Call for Hearings

Maximum telework has "outlived its usefulness to protect federal employees," a group of Republicans says.

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A misconception about the prevalence of remote work explains a lot about confirmation bias in America.

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The Future of Work Is Flexible

Even for national security workers, remote work options will be more prevalent in the post-COVID era.

Defense Leaders Can Mitigate Telework Risks

Remote work promises to make the workforce more responsive and efficient, but it also presents significant security challenges, a former ODNI cyber chief says.

New OPM Director Committed to 'Rebuilding' the HR Agency, Federal Workforce

Ahuja says she wants the agency to reassert itself in helping departments governmentwide become model 21st century employers.

Why Managers Fear a Remote-Work Future

Like it or not, the way we work has already evolved.

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OPM Wants to See More Telework, Remote Work and ‘Maxiflex’ Schedules Post-COVID

Guidance published late last week promotes telework and other flexibilities as retention and recruitment tools.

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Millions of people returning to the workplace means millions of dogs left home alone. "This is something that's a big deal for a dog..."

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Katherine McIntire Peters talks to Office of Personnel Management's Rob Shriver about the future of the civil service.

GAO: Coast Guard Can Do More to Monitor Telework Use

Early in the pandemic, the service suffered from inadequate bandwidth and a laptop shortage, although those issues were alleviated by summer 2020.