GovExec Daily: OPM's Role in This Stage of the Pandemic

Katherine McIntire Peters talks to Office of Personnel Management's Rob Shriver about the future of the civil service.

GAO: Coast Guard Can Do More to Monitor Telework Use

Early in the pandemic, the service suffered from inadequate bandwidth and a laptop shortage, although those issues were alleviated by summer 2020.

GPO To Offer Full-Time Telework After COVID

Around one-third of the agency’s 1,500 employees will be able to work entirely remotely, and officials said some will be able to move out of the Washington, D.C., area.

GovExec Daily: Federal In-Person Office Policies and the 'Honor System'

Federal employment attorney Stephanie Rapp-Tully joins the show to discuss vaccination proof and agency's – and feds' – risks.

House Spending Bill Pushes Social Security to Reverse Trump-era Workforce Changes

Language accompanying the bill orders a report by the end of 2021 on telework, and urges the agency to reverse actions that undercut the independence of administrative law judges.

GovExec Daily: How Effective Are Feds During 'Maximum Telework?'

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss Rep. Jody Hice's request for information on the pandemic's effect on mission delivery.

Appeals Court Overrules FLRA on Telework Negotiability

A federal circuit court judge said a Federal Labor Relations Authority ruling improperly ignored provisions preserving management rights to deny telework requests.

Top Republican Calls for IG Investigations Into Feds’ Telework Productivity During Pandemic

An oversight subcommittee ranking member, Jody Hice, blasted the White House for seeking a permanent increase in federal remote work without first seeking more data about the impact on agency missions.

Kill the 5-Day Workweek

Reducing hours without reducing pay would reignite an essential but long-forgotten moral project: making American life less about work.

Winners and Losers of the Work-From-Home Revolution

High-income workers at highly profitable companies will benefit greatly. Downtown landlords won’t.

Biden Administration to Lift Capacity Caps at Federal Worksites

Agencies may set their own limits on how many federal employees can return to the office beginning next month, and in the meantime, the federal government will maintain its maximum telework posture.

The Psychological Benefits of Commuting to Work

Many people who have been working from home are experiencing a void they can’t quite name.

Biden Ends Trend of Benefit-Cutting Budgets, But New Federal Workforce Initiatives Are Still Being Developed

Most of the workforce provisions outlined in the president’s first budget submission are vague references to policies that will be part of the forthcoming president's management agenda.

What Introverts and Extroverts Can Learn From Each Other

Going against your instincts can help make you happier.

What Bosses Really Think of Remote Workers

People who work from home get fewer raises and promotions. But there might be a way to avoid the remote-work penalty.

Employees Are Feeling Burned Over Broken Work-From-Home Promises and Corporate Culture ‘BS’ as Employers Try to Bring Them Back to the Office

A divide is growing between workers and management over the return to the office and other issues.