Social Security Continues to Drag Its Feet on Paid Sick Leave, Telework Advancements

Labor leaders say agency officials have proposed setting preconditions on employees’ use of recently enacted partial paid sick leave, potentially in violation of the law.

Take Care of Your Mental Health — Your Job May Depend On It

Many are turning to alcohol and drugs to cope with stress. You should rethink that strategy, especially if you have a security clearance.

Never Go Back to the Office

The coronavirus killed corporate culture. Get used to working from home.

Veterans Benefits Administration May Be Having Its Best Year Ever

Despite having to make operational changes, the agency has exceeded performance targets set before the pandemic.

Don't Expect a Single Return-to-the-Office Day for Feds, White House Says

Recalling employees back to offices will vary across agencies and regions based on mission needs, official says.

GovExec Daily: Teleworking Securely During the Pandemic

Heather Kuldell and Brandi Vincent join the podcast to discuss how public servants can safely work from home during the COVID-19 crisis.

Bipartisan Senate Group Urges Hazard Pay for Feds

Nineteen senators encourage authorization of a 25% pay increase for frontline federal workers during the coronavirus pandemic, along with more guidance enhancing telework, leave and other protections for employees.

Work From Home Is Here to Stay

What might emerge is a future in which results-oriented introverts prevail while those who thrive on face-to-face interactions and office politics fumble.

What Feds Can Do if Called Back to an Unsafe Workplace

As some in the Trump administration push toward “reopening the government,” a federal employment lawyer said worried workers might find solace in existing leave policies and the whistleblower protection statute.

What Feds Teleworking During the Pandemic Need to Know About Complying With the Hatch Act

Special counsel releases guidance on what counts as “on duty” while working from home, and what not to do during video conferences.

NASA’s Jane Datta On the People Part of the Space Mission

In a time of pandemic, serving as the space agency’s chief human capital officer presents unprecedented challenges.

Senate Democrats Demand Answers from OPM on COVID-19 Response

Democrats on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee said that for the last six weeks, the federal government’s HR agency has stonewalled requests for briefings related to its work responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

IRS Recalls 10,000 Employees to the Office, But Won't Provide Masks or Gloves

Move comes as tax filing deadline approaches and thousands have been home with pay but not working.

When Americans Go Back to Work, Things Won’t Be the Same

Americans will have to change how they do business to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. Here's what it could look like.

USDA Resists Providing Extra Flexibilities During the Pandemic for Forest Service Employees with Children

U.S. Forest Service workers said they are burning through personal leave juggling telework and child care, but that their agency has declined to provide additional time off as others have done.