Staring at An Image of Yourself on Zoom Has Serious Consequences for Mental Health – Especially for Women

Mirrors, selfies and knowing other people are looking at you all cause people to think of themselves as objects. Video calls are all three in one and are likely increasing the harms of self-objectification.

Are You Tired of Your Job or Is It Actually Burnout?

What are the signs of burnout at work and what can you do about it? An expert explains what to look for in yourself and others.

Small Towns Drew Most New Pandemic Residents

Major cities lost people to more remote, lesser-known areas.

GovExec Daily: Are Feds Getting Closer to Returning to Offices?

Federal employment attorney John P. Mahoney joins the podcast to discuss how public servants will come back to tradition work sites.

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Erich Wagner joins the podcast to talk about the Securing a Strong Retirement Act.

Inglis Says He Won't 'Dictate' Cyber Workforce Policy

National Cyber Director Chris Inglis said that part of his job in the cybersecurity workforce arena will be ensuring that the roles of different agencies are coordinated.

GovExec Daily: The Remote Work Disconnect

Dr. Brianna Caza joins the podcast to discuss how organizations can foster connection during hybrid work.

Losing Sleep Over the Pandemic? Work Flexibility May Be a Boon for Night Owls’ Health

Many sleep scientists maintain that people who prefer to stay up late could improve their mental and physical health by synchronizing their natural sleep cycles with workday demands. The flexible work schedules that came with COVID's work-from-home trend, according to one new study, backs up this idea.

Lawmakers Want to Know When Most Feds Will Be Working in Person Again

They’d also like to scrutinize the federal government’s real estate footprint. 

GOP Lawmakers Are Blaming a Union for the EEOC's Omicron Reentry Delay

Both the agency and its union said they’re committed to serving the public and ensuring the return to offices is done safely and according to federal labor law.

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Laura Putnam joins the podcast to discuss how leaders can bring in a hybrid environment and return to offices.

GovExec Daily: Government Trends for 2022

Deloitte's William D. Eggers joins the podcast to discuss a new report.

Data and the Cyber Workforce

The co-chairs of a congressionally mandated report on the cybersecurity workforce say that a new office or bureau should be charged with compiling more granular data on the state of cyber employment.

The $1.5 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill Features Enhanced Federal Workforce Reporting Requirements

In its legislation to keep the government open until Sept. 30, Congress has instructed federal agencies to report back on human capital issues and the future of work.

GovExec Daily: Feds, COVID-19 and the 'Transition to Hybrid Environment'

Tanya Ballard Brown talks to OPM's Rob Shriver about civil servants' reentry to offices, two years into the COVID-19 pandemic.

The White House Has Details on Its Plan to Bring More Feds Back in April

Agencies across government will take on new responsibilities and offer more in-person services under Biden's new COVID-19 preparedness plan.