Biden Signs Shutdown-Averting Stopgap Spending Bill

Lawmakers have punted the shutdown threat for nine weeks, but a potential debt default looms.

Biden Administration Appears to Take a Furlough Approach Similar to Trump's as Shutdown Nears

The White House has yet to say if it will employ the same drastic tactics to keep some agencies fully operational during a funding lapse.

Shutdown in Sight as Senate Rejects Stopgap Spending Measure

Republicans block short-term funding bill that would have also paused the debt ceiling.

House Passes Shutdown and Default-Averting Package That Now Faces Uphill Battle in Senate

The measure's passage appears unlikely to do much to avoid a shutdown at the end of the month.

Democrats Announce Plan to Avert a Shutdown and Suspend the Debt Ceiling in a Single Bill

The stage is set for a showdown, with Republicans opposed to raising or suspending the debt limit.

Republicans Throw Roadblocks Into Government Spending, Debt Ceiling Plans

Lawmakers have a long way to go to stave off a shutdown or fiscal calamity this fall.

OPM Finalizes Rule Ensuring Feds Can Change Insurance During Shutdowns

During the 35-day government shutdown, some workers were unable to make changes to their health benefits because the employees responsible for processing those changes were furloughed.

Trump Blasts COVID Relief Package, Demands Revisions Risking a Shutdown

President asks Congress to dramatically increase the size of stimulus checks.

Congress Passes Two-Day Stopgap Spending Bill, Narrowly Avoiding a Shutdown

Lawmakers desperately seek to buy more time for final negotiations on spending and coronavirus relief.

With Negotiations Ongoing, Lawmakers Say Yet Another Stopgap Bill ‘Highly Likely’ to Avert Shutdown

Congress is ironing out coronavirus relief funds in conjunction with a government funding package as the Friday deadline looms.

A Guide to Pay and Benefits During a Shutdown

Although lawmakers ultimately expect to reach a deal on federal appropriations, failure to pass a bill before Friday’s deadline could lead to a short lapse in funding. Here's what feds need to know.

House Passes One Week Stopgap Spending Bill

Lawmakers send measure to Senate and hope for full-year omnibus by new Dec. 18 deadline.

With Shutdown Deadline Looming This Week, Lawmakers Look to Buy More Time

Vote on a one-week funding extension is expected this week, ahead of Friday's deadline.