Agencies Paid Federal Employees $3.7 Billion Not to Work During Recent Shutdowns

One department lost 90 employees during the most recent lapse, while another slashed hiring by nearly 40%.

Leaders Warn of 'Disturbing Signals' As Senate Starts on Spending Bills to Avoid Shutdown

Just days after beginning work, appropriators delay scheduled votes on measures to fund agencies past September .

Shutdown Had Deep Financial and Mental Health Impact on IRS Workers, Study Finds

Researchers are examining the impact of the 35-day shutdown on a Utah community with a high concentration of federal employees.

Senator Says He Has Trump and McConnell's Support for Bill to End Shutdowns Permanently

Momentum grows for bipartisan bill to prevent lawmakers from leaving D.C. until they pass spending bills.

Everyone Dreads Shutdowns, So Why Do They Keep Happening?

The Antideficiency Act is supposed to clarify what happens when Congress fails to pass a budget. But it hasn’t worked out that way.

Viewpoint: The Debt Ceiling And Why We Should Kill It

The U.S. hit the debt ceiling in March and is expected to run out of ways to get around the new $22 trillion limit by September. An economist explains why the ceiling is a dysfunctional relic.

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Treasury Asks Congress to Act This Month on Debt Ceiling

Lawmakers had hoped to keep borrowing limit tied to negotiations on budget caps.

Taxpayer Advocate Details Shutdown's Impact in Her Final Report

Retiring Nina Olson cites harm to customer service as well as staff training.

IRS Advisory Panel Pushes Anti-Fraud Tools, Praises Staff Handling of Shutdown

Specialists recommend boosting private-sector partnership to thwart identity theft.

White House Has 'Every Intention' of Avoiding Shutdown Despite Budget Impasse

Administration floats one-year stopgap spending measure to keep agencies funded at fiscal 2019 levels.