Congress Passes Two-Day Stopgap Spending Bill, Narrowly Avoiding a Shutdown

Lawmakers desperately seek to buy more time for final negotiations on spending and coronavirus relief.

With Negotiations Ongoing, Lawmakers Say Yet Another Stopgap Bill ‘Highly Likely’ to Avert Shutdown

Congress is ironing out coronavirus relief funds in conjunction with a government funding package as the Friday deadline looms.

A Guide to Pay and Benefits During a Shutdown

Although lawmakers ultimately expect to reach a deal on federal appropriations, failure to pass a bill before Friday’s deadline could lead to a short lapse in funding. Here's what feds need to know.

House Passes One Week Stopgap Spending Bill

Lawmakers send measure to Senate and hope for full-year omnibus by new Dec. 18 deadline.

With Shutdown Deadline Looming This Week, Lawmakers Look to Buy More Time

Vote on a one-week funding extension is expected this week, ahead of Friday's deadline.

Feds Gain Early Win in Fight for Payout From 2018 Shutdown

At least 32,000 federal employees could be in line for a four-figure payday, though 25,000 are still awaiting damages awarded to them after 2013 shutdown.

Congressional Leaders Are Cautiously Optimistic They Can Avoid More Stopgap Funding This Year

Top negotiators say they have made some progress in setting line-by-line funding for federal agencies, but some barriers remain.

OPM Moves to Implement Protections for Feds During Shutdowns

The 2020 Defense policy act included provisions ensuring federal workers would be able to change their insurance coverage due to a significant life event during a lapse in appropriations and protecting them from gaps in supplemental health care plans.

Federal Judge Dismisses Shutdown Lawsuit

A federal employee union had argued that forcing federal employees to work without pay during a lapse in appropriations constitutes a violation of the Anti-Deficiency Act, but a judge on Monday ruled that with the government open, the case is now moot.

On the Anniversary of Government Reopening, Contractors Renew Push for Back Pay

Although Congress enacted back pay for furloughed federal employees at the end of last year’s 35-day partial government shutdown, Senate Republicans have repeatedly thwarted efforts to similarly compensate low-wage federal contractors.

Senate Sends Shutdown-Averting Spending Bills to Trump

President is expected to sign the $1.4 trillion measures that would boost funding for most agencies and provide a 3.1% pay raise to civilian feds.