The Fine Print of Biden’s Directive Rescinding Trump-Era Workforce Orders

Agencies will be required to reverse actions taken during the Trump administration to implement a slew of anti-union policies, including renegotiate collective bargaining agreements.


Biden Signs Executive Order Killing Schedule F, Restoring Collective Bargaining Rights

The president also named Federal Labor Relations Authority Member Ernest DuBester to serve as the agency’s chairman.


Bipartisan Bill Would Block Schedule F, Similar Future Efforts

The Preventing a Patronage System Act would require congressional action before transferring competitive service employees to a new job classification.

Pay & Benefits

Spending Agreement Would Allow 1% Pay Raise, Fails to Ban Schedule F

Provision in the fiscal 2021 omnibus appropriations bill would give feds until the end of next year to repay payroll taxes deferred by the Trump administration from September through December.


GovExec Daily: The Trump Presidency's Effect on Workforce Management

Dr. Donald F. Kettl joins the podcast to look retrospectively at the past four years and how they've shaped the management of the civil service.


GovExec Daily: The Dangers of Schedule F

The Project on Government Oversight's Nick Schwellenbach joins the podcast to talk about the workforce order and its effect on the civil service.


Broad Coalition of Employee, Advocacy Groups Makes Last-Ditch Effort to Convince Congress to Block Schedule F

With just days remaining until the latest government shutdown deadline, more than 60 organizations are pressuring Democratic lawmakers to ensure spending legislation includes a provision preventing the Trump administration from politicizing the civil service.


As White House Steps Up Schedule F Implementation, ‘Lawmakers Don’t Get It’

Recent moves by OPM are stoking fear that the Trump administration is accelerating plans to politicize federal jobs as the window closes on Congress’ ability to block the move.


GovExec Daily: Workforce Management During a Transition

National Academy of Public Administration Fellow Jeffrey Neal joins the show to talk about personnel issues between administrations and at the beginning of a new admisnistration.


GovExec Daily: A Pay Freeze and Schedule F Update

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss the latest in federal workforce news.


Advocacy Group Urges Biden to ‘Clean House’ at Social Security, Lessen Impact of Payroll Tax Deferral

Under a proposal floated by the organization Social Security Works, federal employees would have twice as long next year to pay back the payroll taxes they were forced to defer by the Trump administration.


Dozens of Ex-OMB Officials Condemn Effort to Politicize Most of Agency’s Career Workforce

Former high-ranking career staffers and political appointees sign joint statement urging rejection of proposal to reclassify almost 90 percent of OMB employees.


Viewpoint: Move to Politicize the Career Civil Service is an Insider Threat to the Country

Two former-high-ranking intelligence community officials issue a stark warning about President Trump’s order creating a new category of federal employees.


Good Government Group Urges Feds to Lobby Congress Against Schedule F

In a rare move, the Partnership for Public Service asked the public to contact lawmakers to muster opposition to the Trump administration’s effort to politicize the federal civil service.


How Dozens of Trump’s Political Appointees Will Stay in Government After Biden Takes Over

Documents show that officials appointed by Trump who’d otherwise lose their jobs under Biden have been approved for permanent positions in federal agencies.


House Leadership Demands Accounting of Political Burrowing, Schedule F Activities

Lawmakers again urge congressional appropriators to block the Trump administration from implementing its executive order that threatens to politicize the civil service.


GovExec Daily: Schedule F's Present and Future

Erich Wagner and Tom Shoop joined the podcast to discuss the OMB news in light of the workforce executive order.


Lawmakers Seek Watchdog Briefings on Schedule F Implementation

Democrats asked the Government Accountability Office to keep them informed of how the Trump administration is moving ahead with a plan to politicize potentially hundreds of thousands of federal jobs in the coming weeks.


OMB Reportedly Designates 88% of Its Employees for Schedule F

One former official said the decision will make it harder, not easier, for presidents of both parties to implement their policy agendas in the future.


VA Asks for Broader Definition of Management in What Union Fears Is an Effort to Purge Members

Union officials said they fear the department’s request to the Federal Labor Relations Authority, combined with President Trump’s controversial Schedule F executive order, could amount to a last-minute effort to strip federal workers of collective bargaining rights.