Promising Practices

Buzzword Alert: Incentivization is the New Innovation

Simple shifts in strategy and thinking can help leaders improve employee engagement.

After Federal Officials Sent Letters to Over-Prescribing Docs, Prescriptions Fell and Patient Safety Rose

A small office at GSA is helping agencies apply behavioral science to reap big improvements in program effectiveness.

People Don’t Always Behave Rationally—Agencies are Learning to Plan for That

Officials are increasingly leveraging the power of behavioral science to enhance program performance.

Your Brain Doesn’t Recharge If You Use Your Phone On Break

Participants who took phone breaks experienced the highest levels of mental depletion.

One Communication Superpower We Should All Strive to Cultivate

It would be convenient if the Vulcan mind-meld were a real thing, but it’s not.

The Opportunity Agencies Should Seize

Federal agencies are now required to produce learning agendas. Here’s how to make them useful.

Decoding the Language of Behavioral Science for Government Officials

Before the techniques can be used to improve program outcomes, it’s helpful if we can agree on what the terminology actually means.

Work Ruined Email

But, it’s not too late to fix it.

When It’s Time for You to Go

The decision to leave public service isn’t easy. Two former federal executives offer five lessons before making the leap.

Featured eBooks

How to Improve the Performance Appraisal Process

The federal practice of issuing uninformative mid-year reviews followed six months later by year-end appraisals is both painful and ineffective.

Four Leadership Takeaways from Ash Carter

The former Defense secretary has important advice for both political and career executives.

Breakthrough Technologies Offer Enormous Opportunity for Federal Leaders—If They Seize It

What Silicon Valley calls “exponential technologies” could transform agency operations and boost national security.

Two Questions Every Leader Should Ask Repeatedly

We're mostly oblivious to how our actions are received, and that's a problem.

How Behavioral Science Could Improve Federal Programs

The private sector has been using psychological insight for years to promote certain outcomes.

4 Ways To Move Beyond Gridlock In Touchy Debates

"We need to listen to other viewpoints and try to understand the other side. If we cannot talk and listen to one another, then there is no hope for change."