Promising Practices

4 Tips to Protect Your Sleep in the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to get quality sleep, researchers warn.

How to Survive Pandemic Re-entry

Astronauts have given us some useful tips for surviving isolation, but we’ll need more to weather a pandemic.

Try These Tips to Keep Your Cool at Home

Here are a range of expert tips and resources to reduce stress as we adjust to a new normal. For example, how on earth do we parent through a pandemic?

Carefree Amid a Contagion: How to Talk to COVID-19 Skeptics

As isolation becomes normal, its toll begins to emerge in more subtle ways, including on the body itself.

Workers Left out of Government and Business Response to the Coronavirus

If government and business collaborate with workers, a scholar of labor relations writes, current economic problems could get less severe, the recovery smoother and lasting prosperity more likely.

Don’t Halt Social Distancing. Instead, Do It Right.

There are two things the United States must do to beat the coronavirus.

Dogs Can Ease Your Self-Quarantine Stress

Dogs can ease our stress during these times of COVID-19 self-quarantine, an expert explains. As an extra bonus, we can do the same for them.

How to Maintain Physical and Mental Health during Coronavirus

There are plenty of ways to keep your mind and body active and healthy during the outbreak.

5 Ways To Maintain Community While Social Distancing

It's possible to maintain community despite the social distancing necessary to contain the spread of COVID-19, according to a professor of health psychology.

The Pandemic Could Change How Americans View Government

Congress’s push to temporarily expand the social safety net may have the country asking one big question: Why only now?

The Pivot: Leading Your Mission and Your People Through COVID-19

It is a greater risk to the mission to not consider workplace flexibilities that keep employees working.

How to Actually Stop Touching Your Face

Not touching your face is a simple way to protect yourself from COVID-19, but it's not easy. Here's how to break the habit.

Social Distancing Comes with Social Side Effects – Here’s How to Stay Connected

Physically isolating yourself can feel psychologically isolating too. But there are ways to maintain connections in these crazy coronavirus times.

No Matter What Some Public Officials Say, the Message You Need to Hear Is 'Stay Home'

Mixed messaging from all levels of government is putting Americans at risk and will speed the spread of the coronavirus. No matter what politicians say, public health experts agree. Stay home, even if you feel fine.

Experts: Here’s What We Know about the New Coronavirus

Two infectious disease experts have put together a "COVID-19 primer" that includes information on prevention, symptoms, and work toward a vaccine.

Social Distancing: What It Is and Why It’s the Best Tool We Have to Fight the Coronavirus

With no vaccines or treatments, the fight against coronavirus comes down to this behavioral technique. A physician explains how it works.