Promising Practices

Meditation and Mindfulness Offer An Abundance of Health Benefits and May Be as Effective as Medication for Treating Certain Conditions

Mindfulness, one of the most common forms of meditation, is a skill that must be cultivated and practiced. With some training and discipline, it can help anyone live more fully in the moment.

Sitting All Day Is Terrible for Your Health – Now, a New Study Finds a Relatively Easy Way to Counteract It

Short, frequent walks throughout the day are key to helping prevent the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Congress Investigates Presidents, the Military, Baseball and Whatever It Wants – a Brief Modern History of Oversight

The House GOP has announced a slew of investigations, including a review of the conduct of the Department of Justice and its investigations of Donald Trump.

Remote Work Has Made Developing Relationships with Colleagues Harder – Here’s What Workers and Bosses Need Now

Hybrid and remote-heavy work setups have fundamentally changed how people interact at ‘the office.’ What do workers and managers want out of the workplace now?

How to Wake up Alert and Refreshed

"There are some very basic and achievable things you can start doing today, and tonight, to change how you awake each morning..."

Diversity of U.S. Workplaces Is Growing in Terms of Race, Ethnicity and Age – Forcing More Employers to Be Flexible

Employers need good strategies to hire and retain more workers of color and older workers. The mandatory diversity training and requisite skills tests many of them now rely on don’t measure up.

Working in Isolation Can Pose Mental Health Challenges – Here’s What Anyone Can Learn from How Gig Workers Have Adapted

Gig workers navigate the challenges of solo work by seeking out relationships and cultivating skills to cope with emotional turbulence.

Americans Are Taking More Control Over Their Work Lives – Because They Have To

‘Career portfolioing’ is a trend where people assemble different sources of income, such as side gigs, to give them a measure of independence from employers who provide little job security.

Has Remote Learning Buried the Snow Day? Depends On Where You Live

Despite technological advances, many US schools are still likely to cancel school in the event of a big snowstorm.

Getting Outside Could Improve Your Sleep

Getting outdoors, even in gloomy weather, may benefit your sleep, according to new research with college students.

Shorter Days Affect the Mood of Millions of Americans – a Nutritional Neuroscientist Offers Tips on How to Avoid the Winter Blues

Research shows that young adults and women are particularly susceptible to seasonal affective disorder.

More Likes Up the Chance People Believe Fake News

New research digs into how the social part of social media can affect what people think about fake news stories.

Making a Successful Shift to Digital-first Government

As they transition to providing more services online, there are ways governments can get creative working around talent shortages and entrenched bureaucracies.

Not Super Creative? Try This Approach

Looking at emotional situations in a different way can boost creativity among people who tend to think more conventionally, a study finds.

The High Toll of Work on Mental Health and Its Hit to Productivity

New survey findings show that more than a third of workers say their jobs are a drag on their mental health, with government employees topping a list of those reporting ill effects.

American Workers Feel Alienated, Helpless And Overwhelmed – Here’s One Way To Alleviate Their Malaise

What if the best parts of two competing visions for a solution were brought together?