Promising Practices

Women Are Reentering the Workforce, but Black Women Face Continued Hurdles

Women may be reentering the workforce, but the numbers are uneven, with more Black women leaving.

COVID-19 Distress Upped Vax Rates, but not Distancing

People more distressed during the COVID-19 pandemic were less likely to follow distancing guidelines, but more likely to get vaccinated.

The Perks of Positivity May Depend on Race and Culture

"There may be nuance in terms of what positive psychological factors protect people, depending on their race and their culture...""

Many People Lost Sense of Time During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic altered many people's sense of time, leading to trouble keeping track of days and feeling that hours either rushed by or slowed down.

Human Nature Can Steer People Away from New Things – and that Can Blind Them to Novel Threats

Those who seek to cause harm are as capable of generating creative ideas as anyone else. Two psychologists and counterterrorism scholars suggest how not to overlook a new danger.

Language Patterns Reveal People’s Hidden Feelings About Others

New research digs into how patterns in the language people use to describe their feelings can reveal what they really think about other groups of people.

Just 1 Hour of Lost Sleep Saps Our Generosity

New research links lack of sleep to reduced generosity, suggesting a link between lost rest and broad social problems.

People Doubt Their Actions Affect Climate Change. Is That a Bad Thing?

More Americans are blaming corporations, not individuals, for the climate crisis, a new poll shows.

Politicians Seek to Control Classroom Discussions about Slavery in the U.S.

Lawmakers are seeking to downplay the role that slavery played in the development of the United States, but history tells a different story.

It’s Time to Treat the Federal Workforce Better

Reducing employee burnout will help agencies retain the employees they need to advance their mission.

Virtual Meetings Stymie Creative Teamwork

Virtual meetings have made remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic possible, but for creative collaboration, it's hard to beat gathering face-to-face.

Some People Do Better on Cognitive Tasks while Walking

While past research has found that people perform worse on cognitive tasks while walking, a new study shows that might not be true for everyone.

1 Cup of Coffee a Day May Reduce Kidney Injury Risk

Drinking at least one cup of coffee a day may reduce the risk of acute kidney injury, according to a new study.

Most of the COVID-19 Workforce Were Women of Color. What Happens Now as Those Jobs End?

Women of color took on the majority of new jobs created during the pandemic to do contact tracing, and to test and vaccinate Americans, experts said. But as sites ramp down, the future of that workforce is now uncertain.

How to Make Performance Reviews Less Terrible – Especially Given the Challenges of Supervising Remote Workers

Performance reviews were always a challenge, but even more so in the age of hybrid work, when some employees are in the office more often than others.

Narcissism Affects whether People Follow COVID Mitigation Efforts

New research investigates how narcissism makes people more or less likely to follow COVID mitigation strategies like masking up or getting vaxxed.

It’s Impossible to Determine Your Personal COVID-19 Risks and Frustrating to Try – but You Can Still Take Action

People want a simple answer. Is this action safe? But despite Anthony Fauci bouncing responsibility for COVID-19 risk assessment to individuals, your risk can’t be boiled down to one probability.