Promising Practices

How Putting Purpose into Your New Year’s Resolutions Can Bring Meaning and Results

New Year's resolutions are often no more than good ideas that last a few weeks. Research suggests, however, that putting purpose behind your resolutions can make a big difference. Here's how.

Is It Weird to Wear Leggings at Work?

Women put up with a lot at the office. At least grant us elastic waistbands.

Three Theories for Why You Have No Time

Better technology means higher expectations, and higher expectations create more work.

How to Deal with Holiday Loneliness and Isolation

The holiday season "can bring up past difficult holidays, amplify challenges related to loneliness and disconnection, and just bring people down."

How to Avoid Sleep Disruptions During the Holiday Season

Travel, activity, and lots of time with friends and family can take a toll on your sleep during the holiday season. Here are some tips to get your shut-eye.

Data Evangelists Spread the Word on Boosting Government Performance

A recent gathering of state and local officials had the feel of an old time revival.

How You Can Get Better at Picking Creative Ideas

"We're probably all killing a lot of our best ideas early in the creative process without knowing it."

‘Blue’ Space: Access to Water Features Can Boost City Dwellers’ Mental Health

Research into public health benefits of integrating nature into cities has focused on green spaces. New studies suggest water features are just as useful and can piggyback on other infrastructure goals.

Why When You Eat Might Be as Important as What You Eat

An NIH-funded study showed that participants who limited daily food intake to a 10-hour period lost on average 3 percent of their weight and about 3 percent of their abdominal fat.

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Feds Should Prepare Financially for Another Government Shutdown

Here are some ideas to help managers make sure employees are covered during a worst-case scenario.

Mindfulness Could Lower Your Blood Pressure

Mindfulness can help lower high blood pressure by boosting attention control, emotion regulation, and self-awareness of both healthy and unhealthy habits.

Why Workers Spend All Day at the Office

Why Americans work more than anyone else.

The False Promise of Morning Routines

Why everyone’s mornings seem more productive than yours.

You’re More Likely to Mess Things Up Without Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation messes with our 'placekeeping' ability, which makes us make more mistakes on tasks that have more than a few simple steps.

Laboratories of Democracy in Action: Investing in What Works

The mere availability of information is not enough to get policy makers to actually use it.