Promising Practices

We Have the Tools and Technology to Work Less and Live Better

Keynes was almost right about the 15-hour working week of the future: we could live as well even on half those hours.

A Checklist and Process to Create Daily Success at Work

It’s one way to avoid losing yourself in your organization’s maelstrom.

How to Make the Most of Your FEVS Data

It’s critical that managers selectively focus on key questions in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

How Employees Pollute Their Own Office Space

Data show that people and ventilation systems greatly affect the chemistry of indoor air—possibly more than anything else in an office space.

How to Prep Yourself for Flu Season

As the flu season gets started, what can you do to protect yourself and stay healthy?

Your Pay and Work Schedule Affect Your Health

There are several factors about our jobs that can have major effects on our health, from how much we make to when we work.

How We Can Avoid Escalating Arguments

When we get escalate arguments, it's not usually based on strategy. Here's how slowing down can help us avoid making conflicts worse.

Creating a Critical Mass of Talent and Resources

There are people at all levels of government experienced in using behavioral science to improve program effectiveness. Officials need to seek them out.

To Cope with Stress, Change How You Think about It

Is stress always bad for us? This video explains how to cope with stress in ways that can help you use it to your benefit and avoid its downsides.

Featured eBooks

Why Your Agency Should Have an Evaluation Policy Now

It’s necessary to comply with the Evidence Act, but it also provides a critical foundation for making the most out of the new law.

Nudge in the City: Using Science to Improve Public Services

Cutting-edge technology is nice, but sometimes just changing the size of a mailing envelope can determine whether a program is successful.

8 Ideas to Help You Regain Control at Work

It’s great to be busy, but excessive busyness comes from a flawed approach to your situation.

What Multiple Sclerosis Has Taught Me About Life and Managing Myself

The things that have worked for me will work for you, whatever is going on in your life.

Buzzword Alert: Incentivization is the New Innovation

Simple shifts in strategy and thinking can help leaders improve employee engagement.

After Federal Officials Sent Letters to Over-Prescribing Docs, Prescriptions Fell and Patient Safety Rose

A small office at GSA is helping agencies apply behavioral science to reap big improvements in program effectiveness.

People Don’t Always Behave Rationally—Agencies are Learning to Plan for That

Officials are increasingly leveraging the power of behavioral science to enhance program performance.