Promising Practices

Loving Your Job Is a Capitalist Trap

Doing work that is fulfilling has become ubiquitous career advice, but no one should depend on a single social institution to define their sense of self.

Diversity in Government Digital Services a Win-Win

Investing in minority- and women-owned small companies is a smart choice for both agencies and the customers they serve.

Why Ageism Should Be an Urgent Issue For Everyone

“COVID hit us over the head with a two-by-four," says the executive director of the Maine Council on Aging.

5 Ways to Turn Your Anxiety into Something Useful

The author of a new book has some tips on how you can transform your anxiety into a "superpower." One tip is as simple as looking at your phone les

Competition Drives the Gender Pay Gap? Maybe Not

New research investigates the theory that women aren't as competitive as men, and that this contributes to the gender wage gap.

Sleep ‘Sweet Spot’ May Mean Less Cognitive Decline

A new study in older adults shows people who slept too much or too little experienced greater cognitive decline than those who slept a moderate amount.

Is It Time to Ditch Daylight Saving Time?

Daylight saving time comes with a host of negative consequences. Should the United States scrap DST? An expert weighs in.

The Pandemic Is Still Making Us Feel Terrible

Turns out, it’s hard to adjust to a new normal when that new normal keeps changing.

Are You Really Smart, or Is It Just Google?

We may be losing the ability to perceive our own intelligence because we can quickly google the answer to just about any question.

What Do Federal Workers Really Want?

New research sheds light on how to support and retain top talent.

Workers Feel Most Valued when Their Managers Trust Them

A new study found that having a trusting manager made employees feel more positively about their work.

The Future of Work Is Hybrid – Here’s An Expert’s Recommendations for Success

Even when the pandemic ends, the vast majority of U.S. companies are expected to let many employees continue to work at least part time from home.

Three Pandemic Lessons for the Next Crisis

What we've learned from dealing with COVID-19 could improve the federal response in the future.

How Government Is Failing Public Servants

A new book argues that federal and state governments need to articulate a vision for training their workers for problem solving in the 21st century.

How to Break a Phone Addiction

You can forge a happier relationship with your devices by using them more mindfully.

Racist Housing Policy from 80 Years Ago Still Affects Maternal Health

"This is further evidence of the influence of a legacy of structural racism on the disproportional burden of adverse pregnancy outcomes for Black women..."