Promising Practices

People Don’t Ask for More Pay when the Company Is ‘Good’

Do job seekers really forego pay to work at companies with social impact, or does that mission prompt self-censoring in negotiation?

Debunking the Dunning-Kruger Effect – the Least Skilled People Know How Much They Don’t Know, but Everyone Thinks They Are Better Than Average

The idea that the least skilled are the most unaware of their incompetency is pervasive in science and pop culture. But a new analysis of the data shows that the Dunning-Kruger effect may not be true.

How to Grow Your Social Network as You Age

As your circle of close friends shrinks, there are ways to rebuild — but not replace — the social network you had when you were younger.

Drivers More Distracted Now Than Before the Pandemic, Study Shows

Data shows that laws to prevent distracted driving have a near-immediate impact, but that the effect wears off quickly.

Public Servants Don't Feel Connected in the Workplace

Andrew Edelson joins the podcast to discuss the results of a new Eagle Hill survey.

For Better Virtual Meetings, Take Turns

Most people work just as efficiently in virtual meetings. But something is missing that could make them better: Taking turns.

Short, Sweet, Simple: Tips For Effective Government Communications

When it comes to communicating vital information to residents, a “clarity before clever” strategy works best, one expert says.

Banning TikTok Could Weaken Personal Cybersecurity

TikTok restrictions could lead to individuals engaging in risky digital behavior to circumvent mobile app bans, potentially exposing their networks and data to bad actors, an expert warns.

Miscommunication Can Actually Be Good For Problem Solving

New research digs into how some miscommunication in groups solving problems can actually benefit the process.

Meet the Next Four People Headed to the Moon – How the Diverse Crew of Artemis II Shows NASA's Plan for the Future of Space Exploration

The Artemis II mission is scheduled for launch in late 2024 and is a critical step towards NASA’s goals of establishing a permanent human presence on and near the Moon.

Managers Repay Loyal Workers With Unpaid Labor

"Companies want loyal workers... But it seems like managers are apt to target them for exploitative practices."

3 Customer Experience Tips for Feds from Feds

Two professional customer experience experts offered advice for other practitioners across the federal ranks this month.

Empathy Can Be Part of a Leader's Toolkit

Nicole Price joins the podcast to discuss using empathy to shape an organization.

5 Tips for Women to Negotiate a Higher Salary

A negotiation expert offers practical tips for getting the salary or promotion you want.

Is ‘Springing Forward’ Bad For Your Health?

An expert explains why it's so hard to adjust to daylight saving time and offers tips for springing forward.

2 Factors Make Shifts To Remote Work Successful

Companies that have strategic and effective HR and IT departments may have more success when shifting employees to remote work.

'Flexibility of Time' Is Key to Remote Work Culture

Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel join the podcast to discuss how to build a team for remote work.