Promising Practices

Is There a Safe Way to Be Home for the Holidays?

Throughout the pandemic, Americans have been tempted to violate public-health experts’ recommendations. The winter holidays might be the strongest temptation yet.

Reforming Agencies to be Ready for the Future

Former Comptroller General David Walker makes a strong case for transforming federal personnel systems to stress values of accountability, integrity and reliability.

Saying ‘Thank You’ Matters

Few people are in government for the money; it’s critical to recognize those who go above and beyond.

Reading Too Much Political News Is Bad for Your Well-Being

Obsessing over politics could hurt your happiness and your relationships.

Why Friendships Are Falling Apart Over Politics

A recent Pew survey showed just how deep the divide has become, with about 40% of registered voters saying that they didn't have a single close friend supporting a different presidential candidate.

Even if Times Are Tough, Working Parents Are Happier on the Job

"When dads play a bigger role in childcare and doing routine housework, it puts both parents in a better position to succeed at work."

Science Untangles the Elusive Power and Influence of Hope in Our Lives

Hope – tied to action – can be a powerful catalyst for success."

Study: Sleeping in Shifts More Likely To Lead to Neurological Disorders

Breakthroughs in fluid dynamics are revealing new clues about how odd hours affect the removal of toxins in the brain.

Microaggressions Aren’t Just Innocent Blunders – New Research Links Them with Racial Bias

White people are often defensive when they're called out for these subtle snubs and insults. But researchers have found that microaggressions correlate with racial bias.

Retiring Early Can Be Bad for the Brain

A study of a retirement program in China found that people who retired early suffered significant cognitive decline that put them at risk of early onset of dementia.

Millennials ‘Can’t Even’ Get Ahead — They’re Already Too Far Behind

Anne Helen Petersen’s new book "Can’t Even" interrogates the lies millennials were told about having it all.

How We Survive the Winter

The coming months of the pandemic could be catastrophic. The U.S. still has ways to prepare.

Inclusion Starts with Better Management – Here’s What Employees Say about Making Diversity Work

Dozens of companies have made pledges in recent months to make their workforces more inclusive. A scholar asked employees what they think that means.

To Be a Great Innovator, Learn to Embrace and Thrive in Uncertainty

Many great innovators have personality traits in common. Comfort with uncertainty is critical, but passion, curiosity and a number of other learnable skills can prime you for an innovate idea.

Why Female Bosses Get Different Reactions Than Men When They Criticize Employees

Both male and female employees report reacting more negatively to criticism from a woman, which has implications for the success of women in leadership roles such as Citigroup's incoming CEO.

Innovation In Government: What the Transition Teams Should Understand

To get things done in the executive branch, it helps to have a solid plan.

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