Political Appointees

Biden Taps Federal Management Guru to Lead IRS

Nominee previously led the tax agency and has ideas on implementing its unprecedented cash infusion.

Republicans Call for the Resignation of a Key DHS Official They Claim Is 'Unengaged'

The component chief is facing allegations of failing to engage with his agency and falling asleep during meetings.

Two Outgoing Lawmakers Are Jockeying for Slots on the USPS Board

Before exiting Congress, two Democrats are soliciting support for nominations from President Biden.

Lawmakers Are Calling for Permanent Leadership at Social Security

Nearly two years into his tenure, President Biden has yet to name his choice to lead the agency, despite low morale, mounting attrition and lack of progress in labor-management relations.

To Prevent Another 'Sharpiegate,' House to Vote on Elevating Protections for Career Scientists at NOAA

An infamous incident under President Trump prompts lawmakers to look to better shield experts at NOAA from political interference.

The Energy Secretary Received a Warning Following a Hatch Act Violation; Republicans Want More Information

A department spokesperson said this was “a single unintended and unknowing infraction and this complaint is now closed.”

Biden Will Appoint the First Native American to Be Treasurer of the United States

Chief Marilynn Malerba will oversee the newly established Office of Tribal and Native Affairs.

Biden’s Board Appointees Promise to Finally Provide Feds ‘Extra Insurance’ Against Mistreatment

After five years, a restored Merit Systems Protection Board is setting new precedents with sweeping impacts for the civil service.

Black Women Have Faced Intense Scrutiny during Confirmations. Ketanji Brown Jackson Was the Latest.

In a polarized era, many point to what they see as a potent partisan strategy: the weaponization of Black womanhood.

Biden's USPS Nominees Pledge to Reexamine Key DeJoy Initiatives

Nominees' confirmation would give Biden appointees a majority of the Senate-confirmed seats on the Postal Service board.

See Just How Much White Men Have Dominated the Federal Judiciary

As Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's hearings start, The 19th takes a look at the diversity of the federal judiciary since its start in 1789.

Shalanda Young, a Working Mom, Is the First Woman of Color to Take Charge of America’s Budget

Young, the new director of the Office of Management and Budget, is one of more than 300 political appointees to be confirmed thus far.