Fed Managers Shouldn't Distance Themselves from Remote Work

Bob Westbrooks joins the podcast to discuss telework lessons learned from his experience at the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee.

Fixing The Fraud Problem is Going to be a Heavy Lift

Natalie Alms joins the podcast to discuss two new GAO reports.

The Debt Limit Fight May Have Long-Term Budget Consequences

Doug Criscitello joins the podcast to discuss the effects of a prolonged fight and how it will affect government operations.

To Mask or Not to Mask? CDC's Mixed Messages During the Pandemic

GovExec Daily staff examines the pandemic response from the most-visible federal health agency.

How Public Sector Unions Are Adjusting to a Post-Trump World

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss the state of organized labor in federal workplaces.

'There's a Lot of Work to be Done' to Even the Gender Playing Field in Business

National Women's Business Council member Jaime Gloshay joins the podcast to discuss what women entrepreneurs and business owners face.

Expect Legal Challenges to the Proposed FTC Noncompete Rule

Employment attorney Michael Fallings joins the podcast to discuss a rule that could affect workers and employers.

The IRS Has More Things to Do and Less Staff to Do Them

Former Commissioner of Internal Revenue John Koskinen joins the podcast to discuss the latest fight for IRS funding.

COVID-19 and How the CDC Can Change Before the Next Pandemic

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss a new report with recommendations.

From Microfilm to Digital Archives: How NARA Modernizes

Nextgov Senior editor Aaron Boyd speaks to NARA Chief Innovation Officer Pamela Wright, about how the agency is modernizing.

It's OK to Feel Optimistic About Governing and Democracy

Lisa Parshall joins the podcast to discuss the ways the Biden Administration

Why Do Americans Fear Government So Much?

Lisa Parshall joins the podcast to discuss the new edition of her book on the administrative state and the differences in administration between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

D.C. Wants to Move Beyond COVID-19 Telework. What's Taking The Federal Government So Long?

GovExec Daily staff discusses the ways that the pandemic has changed agency office plans in Washington, D.C.

New Year, New You: How to Grow in Your Career in 2023

Andrew Feldman joins the podcast to discuss how managers make improvement a goal for 2023.

Retirement, Savings and Learning from Financial Classes

Sidney and Saundra Curry join the podcast to discuss financial wellness programs can serve public servants.

USPS Will Make Mistakes and Learn From Them

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss Louis DeJoy's managerial process… and his legacy.

How Public Sector Women Lead

The Partnership for Public Service's Emily Kalnicky joins the podcast to discuss research on gender and leadership.