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The General Schedule is 'Stuck in the Mid-20th Century'

The National Academy of Public Administration's Doris Hausser and Kimberly Walton join the podcast to discuss changes to the GS system.

The General Schedule was enacted into law in 1949 and remains to this day.  Of course, much has changed in government since 1949 and the changes to the General Schedule have not kept up with the time. Our guests today write that the GS system has been described to them by feds as trying to work while wearing cement shoes. 

Doris Hausser and Kimberly Walton are former federal human capital senior executives. They are both Fellows of the National Academy of Public Administration, where they serve on the Standing Panel on the Public Service. They’re also co-authors on the latest in a series of posts on GovExec addressing the challenges that face government modernization headlined “The General Schedule System Needs An Upgrade, Now.” They joined the podcast to discuss their post and the General Schedule.

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