OPM updates list of skills needed for federal HR jobs

Officials hope that the changes will better equip agencies to tackle skills gaps and help finally address the more than two-decade-long struggle to remove human capital management from the government’s High Risk List.

Young people think federal jobs are beneficial, but don't want them

There's a youth hiring problem in the federal government, but solutions are elusive, according to the Partnership for Public Service.

Congress reaches a bipartisan breakthrough on air traffic controller staffing

After months of false starts, an FAA reauthorization is within reach and promises to address critical workforce shortfalls.

USPS is getting better at hiring, but half of non-career postings still have no applicants

Postal management rejects inspector general findings and says it has encountered few workforce challenges.

OPM guidance details when agencies can ask about applicants' criminal history

Though the federal government had already implemented a form of “ban the box” administratively, the Fair Chance to Compete for Jobs Act necessitated an update of the policy.

Can Biden’s new jobs program to fight climate change attract women and people of color?

The American Climate Corps program aims to recruit a diverse workforce. But it will face challenges including low pay, the need for child care, and historic discrimination against women in the trades.

State, Defense departments announce deal to expand military spouse access to remote work jobs

The move to allow federal employees to telework while overseas with their service member spouses is part of a larger effort to boost recruitment of military spouses.

Skills-based hiring for contractors advances in the House

The Allowing Contractors to Choose Employees for Select Skills Act would remove degree requirements from federal contract work in some instances.

OPM finalizes reforms to federal internship programs

Biden administration officials hope improvements to the federal government’s Pathways Program will make it more appealing for potential applicants and easier to use as an agency recruitment tool.

O’Malley urges lawmakers to support hiring money for Social Security

President Biden’s fiscal 2025 budget proposal would boost the beleaguered agency’s funding by 9% over fiscal 2023 levels, which the new commissioner said is key to improving customer service.

Expanding flexible work options in the federal government is no longer optional

COMMENTARY | To retain and attract top talent, government and public-sector employers must take the lead in adopting and adapting to flexible work arrangements.

Championing an expanded role for HR in the federal government

COMMENTARY | Human resources executives have the lead role in creating a great workplace and building the workforce agencies need, writes one observer.

Applications for revenue-generating IRS jobs are ‘far below’ agency goals

The tax agency is facing major hurdles with its big ambitions for hiring to slash uncollected taxes.

Federal managers play a key but forgotten role in job satisfaction

COMMENTARY | A recent GAO report examining employee engagement at TSA underscores the need for a people-centric approach in attracting and retaining talented workers.

Lawmakers debate the role of an overworked and under-resourced FEMA

Despite some hiring success, FEMA is taking on more tasks while operating at 65% capacity.