Millions of Tax Returns Are Currently Delayed Due to IRS Staff Shortages

The tax agency has hired less than 10% of the processing staff it says it needs, IG finds.

GovExec Daily: The OPM Chief Wants to Hire Thousands

Erich Wagner speaks to OPM Director Kiran Ahuja about a “call to service” to encourage people to apply for the more than 8,000 jobs

The Forest Service Rushes to Hire Enough Firefighters Ahead of Wildfire Season

Stakeholders warn shortages again threaten the Biden's administration's approach to combatting the fires.

OPM Director Highlights ‘Call to Service’ to Hire Thousands to Implement Infrastructure Law

The federal government is hiring more than 8,000 people in the coming months, and officials will use that experience to fuel broader hiring process reforms.

GovExec Daily: How Will One City's Salary Transparency Rules Affect Hiring Nationwide?

Attorney Peter J. Glennon joins the podcast to discuss a new law that will go into effect later this year and how it will impact workers outside of New York City.

The State Department Is Tapping an Assessment-Based Hiring Process for Data Scientists

The department hit its applicant cap in one day after posting a job listing seeking 50 data scientists.

Questions to Ask When Hiring Former Federal Workers

A new bid protest ruling describes some trouble spots companies could run into when hiring former government officials.

The ‘Ban the Box’ Prohibition at Federal Agencies Will Soon Be Expanded

OPM has proposed a rule implementing The Fair Chance Act, which expands a preexisting ban on asking federal job applicants about criminal histories before the conditional job offer phase of the hiring process, and sets up a mechanism for applicants to report violations of the rule.

The Biden Administration Is Overhauling the Hiring Process for Foreign Service Applicants

The nearly 100-year-old test will play a less significant role in selecting qualified candidates.

Even As the IRS Hires Thousands, Some Taxpayers Should Expect a Long Wait for Returns

The IRS chief and the agency's top taxpayer advocate warn of shortfalls in the midst of tax season.

Biden is Deploying Feds to Rural Areas to Better Connect Communities With Government

The new hires will help local leaders in distressed areas navigate the bureaucracy to access federal staff and resources.

OPM Unveils a New Toolkit for Agencies to Hire Cyber Talent

A new resource hub from the Office of Personnel Management outlines what benefits agencies might be able to offer to fill cyber positions.

GovExec Daily: Customer Service During a Difficult Tax Season

Courtney Bublé discusses how the IRS is handling staff cuts and a lack of funding with Erin Collins and John Koskinen.

Job Seekers Will Sacrifice Money for Diversity at Work

A significant number of job applicants will sacrifice salary to work somewhere with greater diversity, research finds.

Biden’s Management Agenda Update Adds Metrics to Workforce Goals

The White House’s first update to the president’s management agenda, first released last November, lines up tasks for agencies and attaches individual officials to goals.