Trump Freezes Hiring for Immigrant Services

Employees who received job offer letters are now left in limbo.

Trump Pushes Significant Federal Hiring and Firing Reforms in 2021 Budget

Changes will help employees at agencies looking to make cuts have "the best shot of being part of our workforce going forward," White House official says.

OPM Issues Guidance for Federal Employees Looking to Work for the Census

Helping with the count gives civil servants a chance to earn extra money and be part of history.

Job Recruiters Are Wary of 3 Things on Social Media

When you're searching for a job, it might be best to avoid certain kinds of posts on your social media accounts. New research investigates what job recruiters avoid.

Warren Pledges Major Overhaul of Federal Hiring and Ethics Laws

The Democratic presidential contender pledges to use executive branch experience to rebuild the civil service.

Report: Feds Are Increasingly Interested in Leaving for Certain Private Sector Jobs

An estimated 50% pay gap in technology jobs could be a driving factor, researchers say.

Trump Administration to Expand Hiring Pilot Programs in 2020

Pilot program with simpler resumes and more input from subject matter experts in assessing candidates will reach at least five additional agencies this year.

OPM Proposes Making It Easier to Rehire Former Feds

Under a new plan from the Office of Personnel Management, federal agencies would be able to rehire former federal workers at a higher pay grade than their previous job, provided they were high performers.

Census Still Has More Steps to Take to Ensure It Doesn't Hire More Child Sex Offenders, IG Says

The agency hired a registered sex offender earlier this year, who was arrested for engaging in a sexual act with a child two months later.

It’s Time to Reform Intelligence Community Hiring Practices

“We have got to figure out how we can compete for talent more efficiently and effectively,” said Erin Reitkopp, human capital program manager at ODNI.

Agencies Need to Plan for Vacancies in Rural Areas

In many regions with aging workforces, increasing salaries won’t be enough to fill federal job vacancies.

Census Fails Key Recruiting and Hiring Tests as It Gears Up for 2020 Count

Despite warnings of delays and cost overruns, agency says it's confident operations will not be interrupted.

OPM Is Planning Major Changes for Temporary and Seasonal Federal Employees

Changes would enable them to stay in government longer and provide new benefits.

Top Federal HR Officials Stress Hiring for Military Spouses, Ex-Prisoners

At their annual meeting, chief human capital officers talk best practices for implementing initiatives intended to boost diversity in hiring.

Lack of Staff and Resources Continue to Strain the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Epstein’s death this summer while in federal custody highlighted these long-term issues.

Homeland Security Says It Will Dramatically Increase Asylum Workforce by Year's End

The Trump administration has struggled to handle a growing backlog of cases and declining workforce morale.

Efforts to Reform Federal Hiring Already Showing Results

Administration officials said that performing pass-fail interviews earlier in the hiring process led to a faster turnaround, better candidates and more hires from public job announcements.