IRS Funding Surge Punted From Bipartisan Infrastructure Package

Democrats still plan to fund major hiring boost for the tax agency in another measure.

State Dept. Promises 'Surge' Staffing to Confront Unprecedented Passport Backlog and Wait Times

Passport specialist workforce has yet to catch up to pre-pandemic levels, which were already well short of full staffing.

Democrats Look to Redirect Homeland Security Hiring After Trump Era

Lawmakers advance funding measure that would slash the number of law enforcement officers at the department.

GovExec Daily: Getting Gen Z Into Federal Service

GovExec contributor Kaitlyn Rentala joins the show to discuss how the government can recruit and retain young workers.

As IRS Prepares for Onslaught of Hiring, Taxpayer Advocate Warns It Is Ill-Prepared

Challenges IRS has faced in the 2021 tax season could get worse without staffing surge and corresponding improvements to hiring processes, watchdog says.

Gen Z Could Lead a Renaissance in Public Service—If Only They Could Get In

A service-minded 21-year-old says her peers want to work in government, but the barriers to entry are too high. She has some suggestions for how to fix that.

FEMA Seeks More Staff as It Rests Beleaguered Employees Ahead of Busy Season

Federally run vaccination sites are closing and employees are returning from the border as hurricane and wildfire seasons loom.

White House Pledges ‘Multi-Year Strategy’ for Boosting Federal Workforce

Hiring and pay raises are priorities, and key lawmakers say the 2022 increase is on track.

Agencies to Boost Hiring, Tighten Internal Screening to Root Out Domestic Terrorism

Biden administration launches new strategy to tackle domestic extremism, including by looking in house.

Biden Employs Aggressive Strategy to Sideline Top Career Officials at Consumer Protection Bureau

Current and former employees say the administration is flouting civil service protections—and its own promises.

GovExec Daily: Staffing at the IRS and the Biden Budget

Eric Katz joins the show to discuss IRS chiefCharles Rettig’s recent appearance before the Senate Finance Committee .

OPM Finalizes Rule Easing Rehiring of Ex-Feds

Under new rules, federal agencies will be able to rehire former federal workers at a higher pay grade than when they left government.

Biden Ends Trend of Benefit-Cutting Budgets, But New Federal Workforce Initiatives Are Still Being Developed

Most of the workforce provisions outlined in the president’s first budget submission are vague references to policies that will be part of the forthcoming president's management agenda.

House Easily Passes Measure to Boost Hiring, Bonuses at State Department

Lawmakers say the "momentous" authorization bill, the first in 20 years, would "prevent the politicization and targeting and impunity" that have hurt morale at the department in recent years.