GovExec Daily: The TVA Shakeup and the Future of Workforce Management

Stan Soloway joins the show to discuss President Trump's executive order concerning the Tennessee Valley Authority

The Workforce Is About to Change Dramatically

Three predictions for what the future might look like

Watchdog Accuses OPM of Slow-Rolling Hiring Abuse Investigation

IG is looking into alleged misuse of direct hire authority to install political appointees in positions that should be held by career federal workers.

GovExec Daily: How the Government Can Hire and Retain Talent Better

Jason Briefel joins the program to discuss government human capital and its challenges.

Technical Interviews May Pinpoint Anxiety not Skill

"Our study suggests that a lot of well-qualified job candidates are being eliminated because they're not used to working on a whiteboard in front of an audience."

Survey: 80% of Older Adults Have Faced Ageism

Many older adults in a new survey report experiencing some kind of ageism, though it hasn't dimmed their view of getting older.

GovExec Daily: The White House's Federal Hiring Executive Order

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the Trump administration's new reforms.

Lockheed Says It’s Hired 8,300 Since Coronavirus Hit

The company also says it sent $1.1 billion in accelerated payments to keep suppliers afloat amid COVID-19.

HR Holds the Keys to Revitalizing Public Service

The pandemic and emerging budget problems make it imperative to manage government’s people assets more effectively.

Nondiscrimination Against LGBTQ Individuals Isn’t Just The Law – It Helps Organizations Succeed

More inclusive workplaces tend to perform better than those that aren’t.

GovExec Daily: Challenging Government Orthodoxies During a Crisis

Deloitte's William D. Eggers spoke to the podcast about a new report on how to change the way government operates by challenging conventional wisdom.

More than 60% of Recent Federal Employee Hires Left Within Two Years

Government should better track retention data to determine why employees, particularly disabled employees, leave at such a high rate, watchdog finds.

5 Reasons to Switch Jobs During a Pandemic

Most people are reluctant to change jobs during an economic downturn, but that may not be the best approach right now.

It Pays to Work In the Nation’s Capital

Working in or for the federal government, especially in Washington, looks like a good bet during the pandemic.