Biden Administration Reviewing Whether Trump's Proposed DHS Hiring Sprees Were Ever Really Necessary

Homeland Security officials are developing a new staffing model for border personnel after hiccups under Trump.

IRS Head Laments Growing Duties Amid Shrinking Workforce: 'We Do Get Outgunned'

The gap between what taxpayers owe and what they pay collectively each year has grown to nearly $1 trillion.

GovExec Daily: Modernizing OPM to Benefit the Federal Workforce

National Academy of Public Administration Fellows Janet Hale and Terry Gerton join the podcast to discuss the ways human capital management can be improved.

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Clearancejobs.com's Evan Lesser joins the podcast to discuss his site's annual survey of cleared professionals.

At the Women’s Bureau, a Renewed Focus on Passing Paid Leave and LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

Wendy Chun-Hoon, the new director of the Women’s Bureau at the Department of Labor, speaks with The 19th about what needs to inform policies during a perilous time for women in the workplace.

Social Media Checks Can Bring Bias into Hiring

The way HR professionals check new job candidates' online info and social media posts, known as "cybervetting," can lead to bias in hiring.

GAO: Federal Human Capital Management has Regressed Over Last Two Years

The government watchdog agency faulted a lack of leadership at OPM for the failure to address gaps in critical skills and other federal workforce issues.

House Panel Advances Measure to Boost Hiring, Bonuses at State Department

There is bipartisan support for the first State Department authorization bill in nearly two decades.

Past Marijuana Use Is No Longer a Disqualifier for a Federal Job

As more states legalize marijuana, the federal government’s HR agency said agencies can hire people who have used the drug, provided there is “evidence” the candidate will not use it anymore.

Anticipating Resurgence of Travel, TSA Begins Major Hiring Surge

Biden administration seeks reversal in screener workforce trends from the last year.

To Close Gender Gap, Fight Pay Secrecy

"An emerging body of research finds that pay secrecy policies... disadvantage women in particular."

Federal Bureau of Prisons Launches New Hiring Effort 

Staff recruitment and retention have been long-term challenges, despite a decrease in the inmate population. 

Clicks on a Job Site Reveal Hiring Discrimination

A broad look at recruiters' actions on a job website reveals who experiences hiring discrimination and when, report researchers.

GovExec Daily: Who Left Government Service During the Last Four Years

GovExec contributor Daniel Lim joins the podcast to discuss workforce attrition under Donald Trump.