The General Schedule is 'Stuck in the Mid-20th Century'

The National Academy of Public Administration's Doris Hausser and Kimberly Walton join the podcast to discuss changes to the GS system.

Ditch Salary History When Setting Job Applicants’ Pay, OPM Proposes

Aimed at reducing gender- and ethnicity-based pay gaps, the initiative would also apply tighter guard rails in cases when an applicant has a competing and higher-paying job offer.

Federal Retirees Could Be a Great Talent Source, If Only It Were Easier to Bring Them Back  

There are lots of job ready federal retirees out there prepared and willing to return to work for Uncle Sam, but we need to eliminate the biases and disincentives that make it too hard for them to do so. 

Hiring For Skills Vs. Hiring For Education

John W. Mitchell joins the podcast to discuss how to build an organization to attract top talent.

A Lot of Managers Don't Like Working With Gen Z

ResumeBuilder.com's Stacie Haller joins the podcast to discuss a new survey about managing across generations.

DHS Cyber Talent Management System Boasts Just 80 Hires After Nearly Two Years

Integrating the new hiring acquisition system across the Department of Homeland Security has “been a real project,” said the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

ATF Director Reminds Staff To Follow the Rules When Recruiting Family and Friends

The Justice Department watchdog raised concerns last December about avoiding ethical issues when hiring special agents.

Workforce Priorities in the Intelligence Community

Chris Riotta talks to experts on human capital initiatives at NSA, ODNI and more.

IRS to Hire 30,000 Employees Over the Next Two Years

Biden administration lays out the full spending plan for its new $80 billion cash infusion.

Fixing Veterans' Preference Can Fix Federal Hiring

Angela Bailey and Jeffrey Neal join the podcast to discuss personnel modernization.

The Federal Government Can Expand Opportunities for Veterans and Simplify Hiring, Too

A less complex hiring process that puts merit front and center would eliminate the need for most of the 102 or more hiring authorities currently in place.

Hiring With Temporary Cash Infusions Won't Force Future Layoffs, Agency Leaders Say

As agencies look to grow their workforces, House Republicans warn they will not be able to support the increased staffing levels in the future.

Flight Delays Will Spike This Summer Due to FAA Staffing Shortages, the Agency Warns

Union leader says the FAA is taking some positive steps to address the crisis, but a solution is years away.

VA Is Hiring at a Record Rate. Employees Say It's Still Not Enough.

Nearly every VA employee thinks its facility is understaffed, according to a new survey, despite the department's unprecedented hiring spree.

Building a Government Leadership Talent Pipeline

The Partnership for Public Service's Michelle Amante joins the podcast to discuss recruiting and retaining the next generation of federal leaders.

FAA is Facing a Looming Staffing Crisis as Post-Pandemic Needs Grow

Lawmakers suggest expanding the workforce pool to fill shortages, noting the aviation industry is overwhelmingly staffed by white men.