Nondiscrimination Against LGBTQ Individuals Isn’t Just The Law – It Helps Organizations Succeed

More inclusive workplaces tend to perform better than those that aren’t.

GovExec Daily: Challenging Government Orthodoxies During a Crisis

Deloitte's William D. Eggers spoke to the podcast about a new report on how to change the way government operates by challenging conventional wisdom.

More than 60% of Recent Federal Employee Hires Left Within Two Years

Government should better track retention data to determine why employees, particularly disabled employees, leave at such a high rate, watchdog finds.

5 Reasons to Switch Jobs During a Pandemic

Most people are reluctant to change jobs during an economic downturn, but that may not be the best approach right now.

It Pays to Work In the Nation’s Capital

Working in or for the federal government, especially in Washington, looks like a good bet during the pandemic.

Defense Companies Scramble to Make Virtual Internships Work

Despite the economic crisis, the industry has too much to do, and not enough people to do it.

Senators Make Bipartisan Push to Expedite Hiring for Workers to Oversee Pandemic Response

Measure would ensure special investigator has proper resources in light of Trump's recent IG firing spree, senator says.

GovExec Daily: Recruiting and Retaining During a Pandemic

MSSmedia's Barbara Gretsch discusses how organizations like the New York National Guard can recruit during the coronavirus crisis.

Temporary Land Management Employees May Soon Have Pathway to Permanent Employment

The Office of Personnel Management on Friday published proposed regulations that would allow temporary employees at six agencies to apply for permanent posts through merit promotion procedures.

Gen Z Doesn’t Want to Work for the Government

Here are three things agencies can do to appeal more to these young, tech-savvy workers.

Public Service Health Care Workers Are Critical—Let’s Treat Them as Such

The pandemic has highlighted significant problems with the personnel systems that support these vital government workers.

The Civil Service System is Another Pandemic Casualty

The need for a new work management paradigm has never been more obvious.

House Republicans Propose Federal Hiring, Pay Initiatives to Combat COVID-19

The Republican Study Committee said Congress should streamline the hiring process for federal workers, as well as change the pay system to allow higher compensation for “high skilled” workers.

With New Cash Injection, Small Business Administration Faces Fresh Slate of Challenges

'They need to do a better job,' small business leader says as SBA receives hundreds of billions in new funding.