Commerce advisory committee urges government to boost startup access to talent and funding

Congress should fully fund the Economic Development Administration’s regional technology and innovation hubs program to help the U.S. tech sector maintain its global leadership, according to the committee.


OPM to tweak draft dodging rules, delegate investigations to agencies

The federal HR agency said its new plan for investigating when a federal job applicant failed to register for the draft will give applicants a better—and faster—chance to explain themselves.


Senate FAA bill drops ‘maximum hiring’ provision aimed at addressing staffing crisis

The bill would take several steps to tackle workforce issues that could cripple the national aviation system, but employee groups are warning they are insufficient.


Senate rejects border-related federal hiring surge after Republicans turn on deal

The $118 billion personnel, border security, immigration reform and foreign aid measure collapsed just days after it came together.

Updated Workforce

Hiring and pay reforms accompany staffing surges in bipartisan border deal

After months of negotiations, Senate group unveils measure to ramp up border security, provide foreign aid and largely meet President Biden's request for thousands of new federal employees.


The jobs boom is hitting the federal sector, too

Federal agencies added 11,000 jobs in January and hit a 20-year high for non-census years.


OPM offers guidance for agencies implementing salary history ban

Federal agencies will have until October to excise the solicitation and use of job candidates’ past compensation when setting pay for new hires.


Interior Department taps first-ever chief digital experience officer from OMB

Andy Lewandowski, who has been a digital experience advisor to the federal CIO for over two years, is starting a new gig at the Department of Interior.

Pay & Benefits

OPM: Federal salaries won't be tied to private sector pay histories

Agencies can’t use non-federal salaries to help set pay for new or returning federal employees, under a new rule from the Office of Personnel Management. 


Want to modernize the federal workforce? Here's how

A new nonprofit study examines how the federal government could update the civil service to both capture new talent and capitalize on its available talent. 


Staffing growth at VA is not leading to lower wait times in some areas

The department does not expect to add a net total of health care workers this year, but hopes to boost access in key specialties.


How to transform agency workforces with skills-based hiring

COMMENTARY | This fundamental shift requires government recruiters and hiring managers to think outside the box and adjust how they source, screen and train talent.


Uncle Sam wants you to help train government HR to hire tech talent

Several agencies are hosting a challenge with prize money meant to spur innovation in how the government hires techies.


White House looks to eliminate college degree requirements for cyber jobs with federal contractors

National Cyber Director Harry Coker also said Thursday that the federal government will be conducting a series of hiring sprints this year to fill seats.

Pay & Benefits

Union decries end to retention pay at embattled Illinois prison

Labor leaders at Federal Correctional Institute Thomson said the Bureau of Prisons’ termination of a short-lived initiative to retain employees at the rural facility with a 25% boost to pay will cause hundreds to leave the agency.


5 places where the White House prioritized 2023 hiring 

To meet the increasing demand for government services and operational needs, the Biden administration targeted hiring surges at several agencies in 2023.


Seven agencies join forces in hopes of quickly implementing Biden's Climate Corps initiative

Many details of the program still must be sorted, though the Biden administration is promising 20,000 participants will be enrolled by the summer and receive a suite of benefits.