Pay & Benefits Watch

OPM taps insurance carriers to service new USPS benefits exchange

The federal HR agency conditionally selected 32 carrier applications to provide health coverage to U.S. Postal employees, annuitants and family members starting in 2025. 

Employee groups air their disappointment with Biden’s 2% raise proposal

Multiple groups representing federal employees expressed their displeasure this week at the White House’s proposed pay raise, noting that it falls both behind the cost of inflation and military compensation.

Will your future income rocket your Medicare premiums?

As a federal employee with FEHB, should you also take Medicare Part B at age 65? Here are a few things to consider before making the decision.

OPM wants to entice more AI talent with new benefits guidance

The HR agency unveiled new pay and benefits flexibilities to help snag in-demand workers with expertise in artificial intelligence technology. 

The Postal Service Health Benefits program, prescription coverage and Open Season 2025

The federal health care enrollment period is months away, but you can start preparing now.

10 years on, OPM keeps its pay freeze in place for senior officials

With budget negotiations ongoing, OPM officials said that the pay rates for the vice president and other senior political officials will remain frozen until at least the expiration of the latest continuing resolution.

TSP and Required Minimum Distributions

Rules around these mandatory withdrawals changed under the Secure 2.0 Act.

Secret Service overtime pay locked in through 2028

The House passed legislation Monday to extend overtime pay authority for agents providing protective services through the next presidential election cycle after it was slated to lapse last month. 

Is the 5.2% pay raise enough for feds? Union says no

While the president authorized the largest pay raise for federal employees in more than 40 years last month, the National Federation of Federal Employees said inflation and the outpacing private sector pay means workers need more. 

Election years and the TSP

COMMENTARY | Investing during election years is an exercise in not letting your emotions drive your decisions, says one financial advisor.

A new rule allows the VA to adjust disability compensation to prevent overpayments

The rule, set to go into effect on Jan. 11, would allow the department to suspend or pause disability compensation for Defense Department servicemembers also receiving active service pay. 

When do Roth conversions make sense for your retirement funds?

Paying federal taxes now may be better for you in the long run, explains one financial advisor.

That’s a wrap? Congress kicks it without passing fed pay bill, so White House’s 5.2% pay boost on deck

COMMENTARY | The lack of appropriations legislation before the Christmas recess means that federal employees could get their largest pay raise in decades.

Keeping an eye on Schedule F and other proposals to reform federal workforce and pay protections

COMMENTARY | Former President Trump's plan to convert large swaths of federal employees into "at-will" workers may be on ice for now, but he and other GOP contenders have proposed to revive the proposal or institute a more drastic one.

Public-sector workers report taking fewer and fewer vacation days

Not being able to unplug from work leads to burnout and poor performance, one expert reminds us.