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Do you know what your TSP is for?

When you were first hired, your retirement benefit may have been described to you as a three-legged stool: pension, Social Security, and TSP savings. One financial planner advises feds not to shortchange the last leg.

Choke points: Labor historian discusses how public-sector unions took hold

Private-sector union strategies and growth have helped public-sector unions and employees.

These 4 things must be paid before you get your federal pension monies

COMMENTARY | One financial planner says it's best to head into retirement with your eyes open.

Military Survivor Annuity Program finally offers long-promised open season to choose new beneficiaries

Some retired service members say they are either outright denied or given an impossible runaround when they try to update their elections, but Defense agency pushes back on those allegations.

House GOP plan to curb fed pay and benefits would come at a cost, experts say

Morale, recruitment and retention are likely to take a hit, and there are better ways to save money.

Saving for retirement in your TSP with a federal annuity: How much is enough?

Planning for retirement with a federal pension is different from planning for retirement without one.

The GOP wants to bring back pay for performance, but a leading expert says it’ll never work

Past pay-for-performance efforts have done “double duty as a kind of way to diminish the unions, go after the rank and file, and that was clear,” a researcher says.

Even The Best Federal Health Benefits Won’t Protect You From The Wildfire Smoke

Great insurance and benefits only helps you to manage potentially terrible consequences. Better to prevent.

Some Feds Fear They Might Not Get That Pay Raise Now That the Debt Deal is Inked

“The new debt ceiling deal could somehow encourage some in Congress to try for a limitation of 1% or something very low. This would be a huge problem,” says one fed union leader.

Postal Union Expects a ‘Smooth Transition,’ But Notes Possible Bumps In the Road for the New Health Benefit Program

Employees, retirees and family members are expected to shift to the Postal Service Health Benefits Plan by Jan. 1, 2025.

A Labor Economist Predicts Stability in the Fed Pay Trendline, But With a Big Caveat

“There is always a long lag between when higher inflation starts to eat into a fed paycheck and when that paycheck starts to respond to inflation,” one compensation expert says.

Fed Pay and Benefits Could be Hit Hard by Debt Ceiling Wheeling and Dealing

There are a few scenarios that could be bad for federal workers in the debt ceiling negotiations.

'Benefits Envy' May Be Partly to Blame for the Erosion of Fed Compensation

“The sense that public employees have stuff that’s better” than that of private-sector workers persists, says one expert.