Pay & Benefits Watch

Federal Advisory Group Finds Feds Are Paid 26.71% Less than Private Sector Counterparts

In their annual report, members of the Federal Salary Council recommend updates to datasets used in determining a region’s eligibility to become a locality pay area.

Labor Department Lowers the Bar for Some Feds to Prove Workplace COVID-19 Exposure

Federal workers in jobs like law enforcement and health care who contract the novel coronavirus will automatically qualify for workers compensation benefits, the department said.

OPM Dismisses Union Concerns About Paid Parental Leave Implementation

Agency Director Dale Cabaniss argued that legislative proposals listed as part of OPM's fiscal 2021 budget justification merely sought "clarification" from Congress, and were not intended to set limitations on the new benefit.

House Passes Bill Granting TSA Employees Full Workers Rights

The Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act would bring the Transportation Security Administration workforce under Title 5 of the U.S. Code, granting them access to the General Schedule pay system and a slew of other rights and protections.