Locality Pay

A Recently Reconstituted Advisory Panel Is Finally Making Locality Pay Recommendations

According to the Federal Salary Council, federal employees made 22.47% less on average than their private sector counterparts last year.

As Lawmakers Talk Big Pay Raises, Managers Bemoan Pay Compression

According to the Congressional Research Service, the cap on General Schedule pay is now impacting pay raises in 30 different locality pay areas across the country.

More Than 60 Democratic Lawmakers Want a 5.1% Raise for Feds

The lawmakers asked the leadership of the House Appropriations Committee to override President Biden’s plan to offer an average 4.6% raise for federal employees in 2023.

The Federal Pay Advisory Panel Can Finally Weigh In on Locality Pay and Other Issues Again

Biden nominates members to the Federal Salary Council, allowing it to move forward with compensation-related recommendations.

Ahuja Appoints Former OPM Director to Oversee the Federal Blue Collar Job Panel

Janice Lachance will chair an advisory committee governing the Federal Wage System, a pay scale that has long been criticized by employee groups for its outdated map of locality pay areas.

Biden Issues Executive Order Finalizing Average 2.7% Pay Raise for Feds

Although the raise isn’t as much as many federal employee groups had hoped for, it restores civilian-military pay parity.

Pay Agent Adds One New County to Locality Pay Area, Encourages ‘Fresh’ Look at Other Issues

Although the president’s pay agent declined to waive the requirement that there be at least 2,500 General Schedule employees in a region to be eligible for a locality pay area, it noted that Carroll County, Illinois, has recently met the requirement anyway.

Compromise Defense Policy Bill Repeals Pentagon’s Two-Year Probationary Period, Grants Feds Bereavement Leave

Left out of the final bill was a provision that would align the General Schedule and Federal Wage System locality pay maps.

GAO: Key Locality Pay Decisions Stalled by Lack of Biden Appointees

Although the Federal Salary Council could clear up years of disagreements that cropped up during the Trump administration, President Biden has thus far failed to appoint any members to the advisory body.

Provisions Easing Firefighter Shift Trades and Equalizing Locality Pay Make It Into Major Defense Bill

The odds of two key priorities of federal employee unions becoming law shot up as they were attached to the fiscal 2022 National Defense Authorization Act.