IRS says 33% staff increase over two years will help address growing unpaid tax total

The tax agency will need to hire as many as 52,000 employees by 2025 to reach its staffing goals.


House passes bill to limit education requirements for federal cyber roles

The push for skills-based hiring is already underway in the executive branch, where the Office of Personnel Management is reworking qualification standards for some government jobs.


OPM extends flexible hiring of military spouses

Interim regulations will allow federal agencies to hire the spouses of military service members outside of the traditional competitive hiring process through 2028.


OPM advances skills-based hiring initiative with common competencies update for federal jobs

The federal government’s HR agency said it surveyed more than 90,000 federal workers to update its list of common skillsets needed in federal employment.


Bill allowing past cannabis users to become feds advances in House

The bipartisan legislation was amended this week to remove provisions allowing current marijuana users to be eligible for federal employment or a security clearance.

Pay & Benefits

With wildfires looming, Congress must act to prevent an exodus of firefighters

COMMENTARY | Firefighters protect communities and people, asking for little in return: equipment to do our jobs safely, benefits that recognize the inherent dangers of our work, and pay that is sufficient to take care of our families, writes one advocate.


EEOC: ‘Ban the box’ policies are effective at federal agencies, but the government needs to raise awareness

In instances where a federal job applicant had a criminal record, the background check process only ruled them out over past criminal conduct 2% of the time, but many may still see their past as a barrier to joining the federal workforce.


IRS wants to go after more millionaires with unpaid tax bills, if it can find the staff

The agency had planned to bring on 3,833 revenue agents in fiscal 2023, but as of March had recruited just 34.


OPM has a plan to take its tech 'from the Flintstones to the Jetsons'

The personnel agency recently released its first IT strategic plan in nearly a decade.


Despite hiring efforts, 92% of VA facilities report severe nursing shortages

While the department has made strides filling vacancies, VA's health care centers are struggling to find candidates in occupations across their workforces.


The federal government’s primary internship program is getting its first update in a decade

The Office of Personnel Management will propose regulations Wednesday governing the federal government’s Pathways Programs to make it more appealing for potential applicants and easier for agencies to use as a recruitment tool.


Republicans push for hiring freeze at the Education Department

The department has yet to recover from the significant workforce losses is sustained under President Trump.


1/4 of DOD cyber jobs are vacant. Here's the plan to fill them

Civilian cyber workers are the main challenge, as it's harder for DOD to attract and keep them.


Cannabis users could become feds under bipartisan House bill

The legislation also would allow federal job applicants who were previously denied positions or security clearances over marijuana usage dating back to 2008 to have those decisions reviewed under the newly proposed policy.


House Republicans question the SEC’s hiring and pay practices

The chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee wants to know more about the agency’s use of a program designed to bring on skilled hires for short-term rotations.


Agencies would have more flexibility in the hiring process, under new OPM rules

Regulations implementing a provision of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act would give hiring managers more information—and options—as they evaluate job applicants.