Health Care Reform

VA deploys medical units around the country to treat homeless vets

The number of homeless veterans has decreased dramatically over the last 15 years.

VA to Offer Abortions in Limited Cases

In a policy reversal, the department is following the Dobbs decision by allowing VA doctors to terminate pregnancies caused by rape or incest, or that threaten the mother's life.

The Biden Administration and USPS Offer a First Glimpse of a Postal-Only Health Benefits System

The agencies are seeking to answer early questions, though they still have time to sort out details.

After a Long Delay, Congress Approves a Bill to Provide Care to More Vets, Grow VA Workforce and Establish New Facilities

The measure to spend nearly $6 billion on new workforce incentives, while authorizing 31 new facilities, now heads to President Biden for his signature.

VA Is 'Closely Watching' the Fate of Abortion Access as It Weighs Offering the Service

The leader of the largest hospital network in the country says he has the authority to change the department's policy.

A New Office Seeks to Improve the Health and Wellness of DHS Employees and Detainees

The announcement follows several scandals involving the Homeland Security Department's ability to provide care.

Six Big Government Success Stories of the Last Two Decades

Often, it’s not what government has accomplished that’s significant, but what it has prevented from happening.

Congress Closes in on a Nearly $7B Investment in the VA Workforce and New Facilities

Pay raises, student loan repayment and new recruiting tools are part of the sweeping package as lawmakers prepare VA for a surge of new patients.

The VA Proposes Closing a Dozen Hospitals, and Using Pay to Attract Workers to New Locations

Department also recommends closing 172 outpatient clinics, though it would build new nursing homes, hospitals and other health care facilities as well.

Survey: Americans Have Low Trust in the Federal Government, But Believe It Has Potential To Help With Health Care and Technology

“Most believe the government’s role in improving lives will stay the same or increase over the next 10 years,” the results found. 

Biden Signals He Wants to Expand VA's Footprint, Misses Deadline to Nominate Commissioners to Review It

White House is pushing big investment in veterans' medical facilities as commission initially designed to recommend consolidations takes shape.

VA Is at a Crossroads As It Kicks Off BRAC-Style Review of Medical Facilities

A commission could soon recommend closures of VA medical facilities, or call for more of them.