GovExec Daily: Tackling the Climate Crisis on Capitol Hill

Samantha Medlock, senior counsel with the Select Committee on Climate Crisis, speaks to GovExec about legislation and the environment.

Climate-Based Trainings and Performance Plans Are Coming for Federal Employees

The Biden administration wants a workforce capable of helping it meet its sustainability goals.

As Colorado River Dries, the U.S. Teeters on the Brink of Larger Water Crisis

The megadrought gripping the western states is only part of the problem. Alternative sources of water are also imperiled, and the nation’s food along with it.

People Doubt Their Actions Affect Climate Change. Is That a Bad Thing?

More Americans are blaming corporations, not individuals, for the climate crisis, a new poll shows.

Key Agencies Are Shedding the Exact Employees They Need to Spend New Infrastructure Dollars

Watchdogs caution agencies could face critical staffing shortages that could impact implementation of Biden's signature infrastructure law.

The Inflation Reduction Act Promises Thousands of New Oil Leases. Drillers Might not Want Them.

The bigger question about Joe Manchin’s fossil fuel provisions is if they’ll succeed on the senator’s own terms.

Senate Approves Democrats' Sweeping Climate and Health Bill

The legislation would unlock billions in new grants for states and local governments. But some lament its lack of help on housing and other issues. It will next go to the House.

GovExec Daily: The Decision That May Upset the Administrative State

Don Kettl joins the podcast to discuss the Supreme Court's decision that could change the regulatory state.

Preventing Wildfires Could Start With Data From Controlled Burns

Sage combines machine learning with data from edge sensors to provide on-the-spot detection, monitoring and analysis of a burning area.

The Biden Administration Unveils a Website to Help Combat Extreme Heat Conditions

Heat.gov includes interactive maps, forecasts and other resources to help officials and the general public cope with high temperatures.

The Forest Service Announces an Emergency Plan to Save Giant Sequoias

In the past two years, nearly 20 percent of the iconic trees have been destroyed by wildfire.

Let Feds Have Their Meat and Veggies Too, Lawmakers Tell Biden

The government should set an example by making sure healthier and more sustainable entrees are available at its facilities, House members say.

Biden Announces New Climate Change Actions but Holds An Emergency Declaration in Reserve

The president has pledged sweeping action on climate change but struggled to deliver it. A legal scholar explains why a national emergency declaration should be a last resort.

USPS Ramps Up Electric Vehicles to Half of Its Initial Contract Order

With a new network and cash windfall, the Postal Service is going more electric—including with off-the-shelf options.

A Key U.S. Energy Efficiency Program Has a Major Flaw — and Pennsylvania Is Trying to Fix It

Homes are rejected for efficiency upgrades because they need repairs. Many owners can't afford them.