Inquiries at EPA's Science Integrity Office Spike Under Trump

Employees are increasingly going to integrity officers with concerns over interference into science.

Ex-EPA Chief Logged $124,000 in Improper Travel Costs, Watchdog Finds

Detailed review of Scott Pruitt’s trips makes 14 recommendations, some of which the agency rejects.

As Air Pollution Increases In Some U.S. Cities, The Trump Administration Is Weakening Clean Air Regulations

Air quality in the U.S. has improved greatly since 1990, but a new report finds progress stalling in some cities. Meanwhile, the Trump administration is rolling back air pollution controls.

Governor Trashes Federal 'Career Employees,' Asks Trump to Intervene

Group says Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy is launching "threats to career civil servants."

House Chairmen Probe Power Industry Group’s Influence on EPA

Two agency officials in air quality office formerly worked with what lawmakers call “a secretive front group funded by utility companies.”

An Upheaval at the Ends of the World

Two new reports find that the North and South Poles face an “unprecedented” climate future.