Overcrowded U.S. National Parks Need a Reservation System

It's hard to preserve national parks "unimpaired," as US law directs, when they're overrun with tourists who stray off paths, strew trash and harass wildlife. A parks scholar calls for crowd control.

GovExec Daily: Climate and a National Green Bank

Kathleen Sifer and Phil Kangas join the podcast to discuss one avenue for the federal government to advance environmental policy.

California Lacks Federal Firefighters as Dangerous Season Looms

A third of Forest Service fire engines in California likely can’t run every day.

Climate Change Will Force Coast Guard to Respond to ‘More Intense’ Storms, Biden Says

One recent hurricane season cost the service nearly a billion dollars to respond to aid requests and repair the damage to its own facilities. The future is sure to bring worse.

Agencies Could Play a Critical Role in Modernizing Transportation, Cutting Carbon Emissions

President Biden’s mandate for “lean and zero-emissions vehicles” in government fleets creates an important opportunity.

EPA Begins Rolling Back Trump-era Union Policies

The Environmental Protection Agency and the American Federation of Government Employees will revert in part to their previous 2007 contract, and the parties will begin negotiations on an entirely new contract later this year.

New Bill Would Create a Conservation Job Corps Run By Interior and USDA

It would also create a multi-agency council to oversee the $55.8 billion program.

Bipartisan Bill Would Establish Multi-Agency Effort for Carbon Removal 

A committee would develop a strategic plan for research and development on carbon dioxide removal in the air, lands and oceans.

Book Review: Voices From a Slow-Moving Nuclear Calamity

In “The Hanford Plaintiffs,” Trisha T. Pritikin gives voice to the downwinders of the notorious Hanford nuclear plant.

EPA Scientists Found a Toxic Chemical Damages Fetal Hearts. the Trump White House Rewrote Their Assessment.

An internal scientific evaluation of TCE obtained by Reveal shows detailed interference by the Executive Office of the President.

Watchdog: EPA Needs to Improve Management of Environmental Program Along the U.S.-Mexico Border 

Documentation of progress was “frequently unreliable” and program information was “neither transparent nor accessible,” said the report.

How Trump Boxed the EPA Out of a Major Climate Regulation Rollback

The Trump administration’s attempt to kill one of America’s strongest climate policies has been a complete debacle.

EPA Calls Reporting on Proposed Rulemaking Update ‘Completely Misleading’

New York Times story lacks an “understanding of the rulemaking process,” said EPA.

Labor Authority Investigator Finds EPA Violated Law with Unilateral Contract

FLRA board cannot adjudicate the case because its general counsel nominee awaits Senate confirmation.

Watchdog: EPA ‘Effectively Managed’ Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds

Inspector general finds EPA handled $11 million in FEMA funds appropriately, corrected issues found in previous investigations.

Repealing the Clean Water Rule will Swamp the Trump Administration in Wetland Litigation

Importantly, EPA does not dispute any findings of the peer-reviewed scientific studies that the Obama administration cited to support its approach.

Before Trump Eyed Greenland: Here’s What Happened Last Time The U.S. Bought a Large Chunk Of The Arctic

In 1867, the U.S. bought Alaska from Tsar Alexander II for a tidy sum of $7.2 million. Trump probably wouldn't be able to get that kind of bargain for Greenland.