EPA Proposes First-Ever Limits on PFAs in Drinking Water

The standards would force states to begin the arduous process of cleaning out 'forever chemicals' from their water supplies.


Why the White House’s Environmental Justice Tool Is Still Disappointing Advocates

New changes “ended up making the program less focused on people of color than it originally was,” one advocate said.


In Preview of Debt Limit Fight, House Republicans Target Climate Funds

A House Environment subcommittee voted to claw back $27 billion from President Biden’s climate law, signaling what the GOP may demand in future budget negotiations.


She Grew up under Water Boil Advisories in Jackson. Now She’s Bringing Environmental Justice to the EPA.

In her community outreach role for the EPA, Rosemary Enobakhare is working to prioritize communities in need while “shining a light” on issues affecting them most.


USDA to Use Outdoors Recreation to Boost Economy Around National Forests, Grasslands

The USDA is working on a broader push to help communities reap economic rewards from the growing recreation sector.


Burning Man Sues BLM Over Geothermal Project

The nonprofit behind the festival says that the agency failed to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act when it ruled in October that the exploration project would have “no significant impact,” meaning it doesn’t require a more rigorous environmental review.


USPS Plans to Electrify 75% of its Fleet

After improving its financial outlook and receiving a funding jolt from Congress, the Postal Service will only buy EVs starting in 2026.


Why the U.S. Is Losing the Fight to Ban Toxic Chemicals

From a powerful chemical industry that helped write the toxic substances law to an underfunded EPA lacking in resolve, the flaws in the American chemical regulatory apparatus run deep.


Air Pollution Harms the Brain and Mental Health, Too – a Large-Scale Analysis Documents Effects on Brain Regions Associated with Emotions

In a systematic review of existing studies, researchers found that air pollution such as fine particulate matter can interfere with regions of the brain responsible for emotional regulation.


Hawaiian Families Struggle With Health a Year After a Fuel Leak From an Underground Storage Facility for the Military

A clinic is being established at a local military treatment facility to document symptoms and care for patients.


Arizona's Governor and the Federal Government Are Battling Over Shipping Containers at the Border

Using old shipping containers isn’t a permanent or effective solution to secure the southern border, as state and Yuma officials know. Now, the political stunt is embroiled in a legal battle with the federal government.


Biden to Federal Contractors: Make Plans to Cut Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Companies supplying the largest buyer of goods on the planet could soon have to get in line with the Paris Agreement.


Feds to Colorado River States: Reduce Water Usage, or We Will Do It for You

The Interior Department outlined a path for unilateral cuts last week, upping the pressure on western states.


GovExec Daily: Partnering to Protect Coastal Areas

Megan Rocha and Michael Esgro join the podcast to discuss the launch of Tribal Marine Stewards Network.


EPA Calls Out Environmental Racism in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley

In a “remarkable” letter, the EPA accused Louisiana regulators of neglecting Black residents’ concerns about toxic air pollution and urged the state to move kids out of a school where monitors found extreme levels of a cancer-causing chemical.