White House finalizes rule requiring states to target vehicle pollution

The controversial requirement will almost certainly meet resistance from Republicans both in states and Congress, who question the legal basis for the new rules.

Still concerned about the Dakota Access pipeline? The feds are asking for comment, 7 years later.

The controversial pipeline near Standing Rock united the climate movement. Now regulators want the public to weigh in on the project’s environmental impact.

GSA plans $2 billion in cleaner construction projects

The agency is utilizing funding from the Inflation Reduction Act to support 150 construction projects using “low-embodied carbon” materials.

House proposes slashing $4B from the EPA

The GOP funding cuts, passed along party lines, would significantly impact state and local efforts to improve drinking water and reduce water pollution. Additional cuts would severely hamper environmental justice projects.

GAO: Army Corps’ cleanup of Manhattan Project-era sites suffers from management, cost uncertainties

Although the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ cost estimate of contaminated sites associated with the early decades of nuclear weapons manufacturing sat at $2.6 billion at the end of fiscal 2022, that number could easily grow substantially over time.

Are the White House's zero-emission goals for federal buildings unrealistic? Yes, say some Biden administration officials

Funding concerns and renewable energy supply could hamper Biden's ambitious goals for federal agencies, though the White House maintains it is on track to meet them.

This little-known federal regulator could crack down on fraudulent carbon offsets

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is "uniquely situated" to stop carbon market manipulation.

Federal agencies plan to spend $770M ramping up their electric vehicle usage this year

The Biden administration has ambitious goals to electrify the federal fleet, but many obstacles remain.

Federal Agencies Could Save $6B by Electrifying Their Fleets, Report Finds

President Biden has ordered agencies to take swift action to stop buying polluting vehicles.

EPA Sued Over Failure To Set, Update Pollution Limits

The lawsuit, filed last week, centers on the Clean Water Act.

Environmental Groups Sue EPA Over Water Pollution Standards

A coalition of environmental groups claims the EPA has failed for decades to update limits on the discharge of some dangerous chemicals into waterways. Most of the worst polluters are in Texas.

The EPA Faces Questions About Its Approval of a Plastic-Based Fuel With an Astronomical Cancer Risk

A senator questioned the EPA chief and a group sued the agency after ProPublica and the Guardian revealed that the EPA gave a Chevron refinery approval to make a fuel that could leave people nearby with a 1-in-4 lifetime risk of cancer.

Hiring With Temporary Cash Infusions Won't Force Future Layoffs, Agency Leaders Say

As agencies look to grow their workforces, House Republicans warn they will not be able to support the increased staffing levels in the future.

Biden Administration Opens a $250M Fund for Agencies to Make Their Buildings More Efficient

Agencies will be able to tap into infrastructure law funds as they try to meet Biden's ambitious government sustainability plan.

Pentagon To Halt Use Of Firefighting Foam That Contains PFAS As Cleanup Costs Mount

The Department of Defense will stop purchasing PFAS-containing firefighting foam later this year and phase it out entirely in 2024.

EPA Proposes First-Ever Limits on PFAs in Drinking Water

The standards would force states to begin the arduous process of cleaning out 'forever chemicals' from their water supplies.