Republicans block expanded in vitro fertilization coverage for feds in House and Senate

Senate Democrats failed to secure the 60 votes needed to bypass a GOP filibuster, while House Democrats saw a similar provision defanged in appropriations talks.

Republicans look to 'dismantle' DEI efforts at federal agencies

New bill would strike down President Biden's diversity efforts and create strict rules preventing such initiatives.

Coast Guard's handling of misconduct allegations draws increased scrutiny from Congress

Congressional inquiries were spurred by a media report that the Coast Guard kept hidden a multi-year investigation into sexual assault at its service academy.

Senators look to mitigate risks in AI procurement

Sens. Gary Peters and Thom Tilis introduced new legislation that would codify safety measures in government contracts for artificial intelligence products and services.

Lawmakers unveil a new plan to revamp federal wildfire prevention and mitigation

The Modernizing Wildfire Safety and Prevention Act would create a new Middle Fire Leaders Academy to rapidly bolster the ranks of federal wildland firefighters.

Senate plans swift action on IVF bill containing new requirements for FEHBP

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday that he had already begun the process of bringing a legislative package aimed at protecting Americans’ access to assistive reproductive technology to the floor for a vote.

Fauci defends his work on COVID-19, says he has an ‘open mind’ on its origins

The former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases explained to members of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic why guidance shifted so much during the first several months of the pandemic.

Biden issues veto threat as GOP outlines proposed cuts for FY25

House Republicans are teeing up party-line votes on spending bills that include cuts Biden and Democrats will not accept.

Problem Solvers Caucus throws its weight behind an effort to kill the windfall elimination provision

Some lawmakers have spent years garnering support to repeal a controversial tax rule that cuts Social Security benefits for some public servants.


Lawmakers are asking the USPS regulator to block DeJoy's latest price hikes

USPS is pursuing its largest rate increases since Louis DeJoy became postmaster general.

House takes a bipartisan vote to hold agencies accountable for better customer service

The measure would make improvements to an "unaccountable, antiquated and Byzantine" federal bureaucracy.

FDIC chairman resigns following toxic workplace allegations

Martin Gruenberg said in a brief statement that he will remain at the agency until a successor is confirmed by the Senate, following calls from lawmakers for him to resign due to systemic harassment claims at the regulator. 

Legislation weighing contractors' national security risk heads to Senate floor

One bill would bar federal agencies from contracting with entities that consult with the Chinese government.

Kill the zombie Space National Guard idea

COMMENTARY | Guardsmen in space-related jobs belong in the Space Force.

Congress is already clashing on FY25 funding as House proposes big cuts

Republicans are looking to ignore a deal Biden struck with them last year, while Democrats are seeking increases for federal agencies.

TSA and AFGE ink their first contract under expanded collective bargaining rules

After two decades of abridged or no collective bargaining rights, frontline Transportation Security Administration finally enjoy similar rights to their colleagues elsewhere in government.

FDIC's chairman faces bipartisan criticism following a report about the agency’s toxic culture

Many House Financial Services Committee Democrats expressed doubt about FDIC Chairman Gruenberg’s ability to make workplace culture changes across the agency.