Lawmakers Accuse VA of Violating Bargaining Rules in Workforce Order Implementation

More than 70 House Democrats said the department must bargain with its union before it can implement President Trump’s controversial workforce executive orders.


Lawmakers Blast DHS for Missing Deadline for Bipartisan Subpoena of Immigration Documents 

The House Homeland Security Committee requested information on the administration's policies related to handling of children and families for the second time.


Trump Becomes the Third President in U.S. History to Be Impeached

The voted capped a two-month investigation, but it was years in the making.


Congress Will Not Block Mandated Union Contracts in Spending Bill

In a blow to labor groups, a provision blocking the implementation of collective bargaining agreements that have not been “mutually agreed to” by all parties does not appear in the final spending legislation.

Pay & Benefits

Defense Policy Bill With Paid Parental Leave for Feds Goes to President Trump's Desk

Senate approves the annual Defense authorization act, which provides all federal workers with up to 12 weeks of annual leave for the birth or adoption of a child.

Pay & Benefits

Bipartisan Spending Deal Includes Average 3.1% Pay Raise for Federal Workers in 2020

Congressional negotiators agreed to use language advocated by Democrats to provide an across-the-board 2.6% pay increase to federal civilian employees, along with an average 0.5% boost in locality pay.


Why Congress Would Keep Working During a Government Shutdown

Even if other parts of the federal government shut down, Congress could – and would have to – keep working. A legal scholar explains why and how that is possible.


How to Conduct a Trial in the Senate

The Constitution does not provide procedural guidelines for how an impeachment trial is to be conducted—so the senators of 1868 had to figure it out as they went.


Experts Praise New Acquisition Workforce Training Requirements

The “significant” provisions will align the public and private sectors, said one.

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New Bill Would ‘Close the Gap’ in Locality Pay for Some Federal Jobs

Legislation in both chambers of Congress would ensure General Schedule and Federal Wage System employees receive comparable locality pay.


House Passes Bill that Mandates TSA to Study Emerging Transportation Security Threats

The legislation calls for a task force to look into emerging cyber, chemical, drone and other threats. 

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All the Federal Workforce Provisions Tucked into the Defense Policy Bill

In addition to providing 12 weeks of paid parental leave, the authorization act offers additional shutdown protections for feds and codifies the federal “ban the box” policy in hiring.


Defense Policy Bill Establishes a Defense Civilian Training Corps

The corps will address “critical skills gaps” in the department’s workforce.


Congress Moves to Block OPM-GSA Merger

A provision in the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act would first require an independent study of the challenges facing the Office of Personnel Management.


Analysis: Impeachment Gets Weird

Democratic Chairman Jerry Nadler virtually lost control of Monday's House Judiciary Committee hearing.


Democratic Senators Urge Social Security to Restore Telework

Lawmakers ask the agency to reconsider its decision to end a 6-year-old pilot program, citing concerns about the burden it places on employees and productivity.


Maryland Senator Says President is the 'Wild Card' in Spending Negotiations 

While Democrats and Republicans negotiate on appropriations, it’s unclear how the president will react.