GovExec Daily: Making Government COVID-19 Data Easier to Use

USAFacts Poppy MacDonald and Aamir Rashid tell the podcast that they would like to see a time when their site is unnecessary because government has made its data more accessible.

The local, state and federal levels of government produce a lot of data, but it isn’t always accessible to analyze or digest in an easy way. During the current COVID-19 crisis, being able to synthesize the data on the pandemic is key to keeping people safe from it.

USAfacts pulls data from state, local and federal governments to make data more presentable to the public. Poppy MacDonald is president of USAfacts and Aamir Rashid is a Product Lead and Software Engineer for the site.They joined the podcast  to talk about data can help government serve citizens better and how USAfacts is working with government.  

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