Pay & Benefits

5 Not-So-Fun Facts About Federal Retirement

A word to the wise about survivor benefits, taxes, insurance and more.

Federal Pay is Way Off Track

The General Schedule system is unresponsive to labor market dynamics and agency staffing needs.

Trump Threatens Veto of Defense Policy Bill Over Base Names, Other Issues

The White House issued a formal veto threat of the House version of the National Defense Authorization Act just hours before lawmakers voted on the must-pass legislation.

OPM Moves to Implement Protections for Feds During Shutdowns

The 2020 Defense policy act included provisions ensuring federal workers would be able to change their insurance coverage due to a significant life event during a lapse in appropriations and protecting them from gaps in supplemental health care plans.

Burning Benefits Questions

A summertime Q&A featuring hot issues involving federal retirement benefits.

Looking to Cut Costs, New USPS Leader Takes Aim at Overtime and Late Trips

Postal Service acknowledges some mail delays are likely, but says ultimately the system will be more efficient.

OPM Cancels Presidential Rank Awards, Citing Efforts to 'Reopen' Economy

The Trump administration in March had suspended nominations for this year’s iteration of the awards, which recognize federal executives’ contributions to public service.

House Lawmakers Call for Pay Parity Between Military and Civilian Federal Workers

Although the House version of a defense policy bill includes a 3% pay increase for members of the military in 2021, an appropriations bill under consideration effectively endorses only a 1% raise for civilians.

Myths, Misunderstandings and Managing Your Money

A look back at some important columns you might’ve missed from earlier this year.

DHS Staffing Shakeups Continue Amid Early Retirement and Reassignment Offers

Some employees will also face mandatory deployments outside their normal duty stations.

House Appropriations Bill Keeps Trump’s 1% Raise for Feds, Blocks other White House Priorities

The legislation would prevent the Trump administration from moving forward with its proposed GSA-OPM merger as well as implementation of new union contracts.