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IRS Doesn't Fire Its Tax-Delinquent Employees as the Law Requires

Agency managers follow through on the requirement in only 7% of cases.

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Most Feds Will Get Retroactive Raise this Pay Period

The federal government’s largest payroll processor says it has implemented the 1.9 percent pay increase for civilian federal employees, retroactive to January.

Senators Join In Renewed Efforts to Give Feds Paid Family Leave

Latest bill is a companion to bipartisan legislation pending in the House.


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Can You Count on Social Security?

Lawmakers need to take action to ensure the system’s viability.

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New Agreement Creates Alternative Path for Feds to Resolve Discrimination Cases

EEOC hopes mediation will help reduce its long growing backlog of federal workforce cases.

Retirement Planning

Trying to Retire During the Shutdown

A story of delays and complications.

Pay & Benefits Watch Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, introduced the TSA employee rights bill.

House Budget Plan Preserves Feds’ Retirement Programs

If approved, the resolution would set up a fight with the Senate over whether to implement the Trump administration’s plans to cut federal employee pensions.

Federal Retirement Claims Continue to Surge in March, But Backlog Is Down

The annual spike in claims bled into a third month this year, after the 35-day partial government shutdown delayed the filing and processing of new retirement requests.

Labor-Management Impasse Panel Guts Telework, Holiday Leave for Some Feds

The decision in a contract dispute at the Health and Human Services Department is a setback for a federal union.

Retirement Planning

De-Stressing the Retirement Process

Take a deep breath and understand the key steps.

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