Pay & Benefits

Governing Board Approves 20 Percent Increase to TSP Budget

Agency expects additional costs associated with the advent of the military's blended retirement system, more IT upgrades.

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Lawmakers Work Across the Aisle to Propose Compensation Boost for 15,000 Feds

Bipartisan legislation would take into account mandatory overtime hours in calculating federal firefighters’ retirement benefits.

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Retirement Planning

Potential Benefits Cuts: Where Things Stand

A roundup of reaction to the Trump administration’s proposal to slash federal retirement benefits.

Marine One flies over areas affected by Hurricane Irma.

TSP Loosens Emergency Withdrawal Rules for Feds Affected By Irma

This is the second time the rules have been relaxed this month.

Pay & Benefits Watch A Secret Service agent stands guard outside the White House.
A service hat representing the U.S. Marine Corps on display at an Agriculture Department Veterans Day ceremony in 2013.

Veterans in Government Made $11,000 Less Than Non-Vets in 2016

Veterans are half as likely to find themselves in professional positions than non-vets in the executive branch.

House Slated to Debate Air Traffic Control Privatization As Deadline Looms

Congress must reauthorize FAA by end of September, and the Senate may not be on board with wholesale changes.

A screenshot from the ad shows a federal employee speaking to children.

Federal Union Expands on Previous PR Efforts with ‘They Work For U.S.’ Ad Campaign

Latest PSA campaign is significantly bigger than NTEU’s previous initiatives.

Hundreds at EPA Reportedly Take Buyouts or Early Retirement

Union official questions how agency will respond to crises with reduced workforce.

President Donald Trump signs the Hurricane Harvey Funding Bill.

Trump Signs Funding Measure to Avert Shutdown

Bill keeps agencies open until early December and provides Hurricane Harvey relief.

President Trump meets with congressional leaders including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (center) and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Wednesday. Trump sided with Democrats' plan for a three-month spending and debt limit extension.

Senate Attaches Shutdown-Avoiding Measure to Harvey Relief Bill

Package would keep agencies open through early December and also temporarily increase the debt limit.