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Trump’s Reorganization of Feds: Relocations and Reskilling, But Not Job Cuts

Plan was "not an attempt to cut jobs," White House says, adding it's more focused on additions.

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1.9% Civilian Pay Raise Survives Committee Vote, Advances to Full Senate

Appropriators voted down an amendment to scrap the raise by a large margin.

Senate Approves Major Governmentwide Pay and Hiring Reforms in Defense Bill

Senators will have to fight to preserve workforce reforms such as an increase in allowable buyout amounts to $40K.


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Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., said he was pleased the subcommittee backed a "well-deserved" raise for federal civilians.

Senate Appropriators Ignore Trump's Proposed Pay Freeze, Back 1.9% Raise for Feds

The pay boost, approved by a Senate subcommittee, marks the first pushback in Congress to President Trump’s plan to freeze federal civilian employee pay in 2019.

The Federal Agencies Where the Most Employees Are Eligible to Retire

Agencies are anticipating massive spikes in employees with retirement eligibility in the next five years.

President Trump holds a signing ceremony earlier this month for a bill to overhaul VA health care. During that ceremony he spoke about the difficulty of firing bad employees.

Congress Looks to Boost Accountability for VA’s Senior Execs, Loosen It for Everyone Else

Bipartisan bill in the Senate would unwind Trump’s top legislative achievement on civil service reform.

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Virginia Democratic Sens. Tim Kaine (left) and Mark Warner led efforts to write the letter.

Democratic Senators Demand OPM Reverse Course on Proposed Retirement Cuts

Lawmakers offer to work with the administration on civil service reform if OPM Director Jeff Pon abandons push for “draconian” measures.

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The Postal Service Is Not Subject to Trump's Workforce Executive Orders

OPM confirms analysis conducted on behalf of postal union.

New Collective Bargaining Rules Won't Hurt Telework, OPM Says

A recent executive order is intended to speed up the collective bargaining negotiation process, but won’t impact existing governmentwide policies encouraging telework, officials said.