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Federal Retirement Claims Increase 24 Percent in Fiscal 2018

The aging federal workforce, proposals to reduce retirement benefits and conflicts with Trump administration priorities may all have played a role.

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Trump Administration to Create New Pay Systems for Some Federal Jobs

OPM will also expedite hiring for some occupations.

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Federal Retirees to Receive Biggest COLA Boost in Years

CSRS retirees will get 2.8 percent increase.

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Retirement Planning
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New OPM Chief Takes First Action in Implementing Part of Largely Overturned Workforce EOs

Memo comes just days after White House ousted OPM director in favor of one of its own top officials.

Administration to Review Government ‘Competitiveness’ on Compensation

The White House declined to release details on how officials will formulate its comparison between federal and private sector jobs.

Executives Association Wants to Fill in the Gaps in Federal Training and Development

Group hopes that efforts to boost professional development for agency leaders will eventually be adopted by agencies.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Separating fact from fiction in the federal retirement world.

Rep. Barbara Comstock, R-Va., who is in a tight reelection battle, has been pressing Republicans to raise federal worker pay.

Republicans Claim Deal on Federal Pay Raise, But Democrats Object to Terms

The preliminary agreement for a 1.9 percent pay boost runs counter to President Trump's recommendation for a pay freeze and faces Democratic opposition over other policy provisions.

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