All of the TSP funds grew over the month of April except one.

All of the TSP funds grew over the month of April except one. Cn0ra / iStock / Getty Images Plus

TSP Returns Stayed Mostly Positive for April

All but one of the five individual funds in the retirement savings program grew for the month, and all were in the black so far for the year. 

The funds in the federal employee retirement savings program remained on a mostly-positive streak for the month of April, with all but one showing growth. 

The international stocks in the I Fund increased the most for the month, at 2.87%. They were up 11.74% for the year to date. 

The common stocks in the C Fund had the second highest growth for April, at 1.56%. They were up 9.16% for the year. 

In the middle of the pack, the fixed income bonds of the F Fund grew 0.6% last month and increased 3.76% for the year so far. The government securities (G) fund was up 0.3% for the month and 1.28% for the year. 

The S Fund—invested in small- and mid-sized businesses—was once again the only offering to lose ground in April, ending the month down 2.18%. The fund had still grown for the year, however, increasing 3.54%. 

The TSP’s lifecycle (L) funds, which shift to a less risky mix of investments as participants near retirement, all increased in April. L Income, for those who have already started making withdrawals, was up 0.63% for the month. The L 2025 fund grew 0.79% for April; L 2030, 1.07%; L 2035, 1.13%; L 2040, 1.2%; L 2045, 1.25%; and L 2050, 1.31%. The L 2055, L 2060 and L 2065 funds were each up 1.48% for the month.

L Income increased 3.41% for the year to date; L 2025, 4.54%; L 2030, 6.31%; L 2035, 6.8%; L 2040, 7.27%; L 2045, 7.68%; and L 2050, 8.07%. L 2055, L 2060 and L 2065 were all up 9.27% for 2023.