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Are You Ready to Retire? A Self-Assessment

Use this online tool to find out where you stand in the planning process.

An ever-increasing number of government employees are eligible to retire, and with Congress considering changes to federal retirement benefits, many are contemplating their next move. But even if you’re not in this group, it pays to be prepared for your long-term future.

In fact, regardless of where you are in your career, it’s in your interest to be well-informed and to develop a long-term plan for your financial future.

With that in mind, three years ago, we developed a Retirement Readiness Assessment to help federal employees determine where they stand. It contains a series of questions covering everything from Thrift Savings Plan accounts to health insurance decisions. This week, we’re re-launching the assessment.

Based on your responses to the questions, you’ll get a report on your status:  Retirement Ready, On Your Way, Beyond the Beginning, or Just Getting Started. You’ll also get a few tips on next steps in the planning process.

Are you ready? Click here to take the Retirement Readiness Assessment

Photo: Flickr user Andrew_Writer