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Quiz: How Ready Are You To Retire?

Find out your score on our retirement readiness assessment.

More and more federal employees are taking a hard look at just how ready they are to retire.

If you’re among this group (or even if you’re not -- yet), we’ve developed a tool that can help you figure out  where you stand. The Retirement Readiness Assessment debuted last year, so some of you already may have completed it. If so, this is your chance to take it again and see where you stand now. If not, maybe now is the time to get a clearer picture of your prospects.

Based on your responses to the questions in the assessment, you’ll get a report on your status: Just Getting Started, Beyond the Beginning, On Your Way, or Retirement Ready. You’ll also get a few tips on next steps in the planning process.

Are you ready to take the assessment? Let’s get started.

Take the Retirement Readiness Assessment

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