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GovExec Daily: The Lawyer, the Whistleblowers and $550M in Social Security Fraud

Damian Paletta, Brian Lazarte and James Lee Hernandez from "The Big Conn" join the podcast to discuss the story of the slow pace of government investigations, the people affected and the man at the center of a huge fraud case at SSA.

For years, Kentucky attorney Eric C. Conn defrauded the Social Security Administration out of hundreds of millions of dollars by paying a judge to fast-track approval of SSI cases without even looking at evidence. The story is documented in the Apple TV+ series The Big Conn, which shines the spotlight on the WSJ reporter who first brought the story to the nation, the whistleblowers who flagged the story for their agency and the thousands of people whose benefits were ripped away when Conn’s scheme was found out. 

The four-part series is available on Apple TV+. Journalist Damian Paletta, who broke the Conn story, and executive producers Brian Lazarte and James Lee Hernandez joined the podcast to discuss Conn, the series and the role of government in the story of this massive case of fraud.

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