Waste, Fraud & Abuse

Two Years of COVID-19 Oversight: A Look Back

The CARES Act of 2020 created three pandemic-related oversight entities, and our series will examine their successes and failures as well as their challenges and goals moving forward.

The Inspectors General COVID Committee Has an ‘Enormous Responsibility'

“We've really changed the way we as federal IGs do business,” says Michael Horowitz, Justice Department inspector general and chair of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee.

There's No Final Number Yet for Pandemic Fraud, Oversight Leaders Tell Congress

Total fraud levels in pandemic relief programs are upwards of $100 billion, but getting a clear estimate is made difficult by data gaps and ongoing fraud recovery efforts, officials said at a Senate hearing.

Rooting out Fraud in Government Programs

Machine-learning helps spot fraud, waste and abuse because it can not only automatically check massive amounts of data for signs of sketchy activity but also improve over time.

We All Should Be Rooting for the Infrastructure Implementation Task Force

Identifying the people and places left behind in the current economy is critical.

Agencies Must Address Billions Lost Through Erroneous Payments

Total improper payments have steadily increased since 2013 by $100 billion, from $106 billion to $206 billion.

GovExec Daily: The Importance of Protecting Whistleblowers

The Government Accountability Project’s Dana Gold joins the podcast to discuss new plans to protect feds, contractors and grantees who blow the whistle.

$1.2T Infrastructure Plan Offers Lucrative Target for Fraud

Research shows there are ways to fight fraud, but the bill contains very little language aimed at doing so.

GovExec Daily: Report Finds GSA Failed to Remove Hazardous Materials from Facility For Years

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss an OSC documenting a whistleblower’s allegations.

GSA Failed to Remove Asbestos, Arsenic, Explosives From Missouri Facility for Decades, Report Finds

GSA officials knew about hazardous materials at a former munitions plant turned federal office building but declined to notify employees and other agency tenants or restrict access to impacted areas, substantiating a whistleblower’s allegations.

To Combat Fraud, Colleges and Universities Must Report Student Veteran Outcome Data

Veterans continually bear the brunt of deceptive advertising and fraud from schools seeking to exploit them for their hard-earned GI Bill benefits.

What I Learned Helping Lead Oversight of $5 Trillion in Pandemic Relief

Large scale identity theft-based fraud in unemployment assistance stunned many, even those who fight fraud for a living.

Watchdog Suggests 112 New Actions to Enhance Government Savings and Efficiency 

Taxpayer services, prison staffing and infectious disease modeling are some of the areas the Government Accountability Office listed as ripe for reforms. 

Senator: Pandemic Makes Anti-Fraud Law More Important Than Ever

The Justice Department, Congress and whistleblowers must “remain very vigilant” due to the trillions of dollars spent in pandemic relief, said the senator.