Federal Employee Protection Agencies Clash Over When to Protect Federal Employees

Special counsel says a judge at the Merit Systems Protection Board is setting a dangerous precedent that would harm federal workers.

Lawmakers Look to Further Strengthen Whistleblower Protections

Bills in the House and Senate would ban federal officials from blocking employees from sharing information with Congress, prohibit retaliatory investigations and protect more workers.

New Federal Workers More Likely to Be Fired After Filing Whistleblower Complaints

Between 17% and 69% of workers in their probationary period who filed whistleblower retaliation complaints were fired in 2018, GAO finds.

‘I Was Met With Indifference’: Whistleblower Testifies on HHS Leaders' Response to His Early Coronavirus Concerns

Former vaccine agency director removed from position after speaking out implores Trump administration to let federal scientists "speak truthfully without fear of retribution."

GovExec Daily: What Whistleblowers are Facing During Coronavirus

The Project on Government Oversight's Nick Schwellenbach joins the podcast to discuss the challenges whistleblowers see during the pandemic and beyond.

Office of Special Counsel to Federal Employees: We’re Here to Protect You

As the office takes steps to protect its own employees, OSC has created a coronavirus task force to handle the rise in whistleblower disclosures and charges of retaliation.

New Bill Would Strengthen Protections for Whistleblowers Who Expose Classified Information

The legislation would make it so that a narrower group of people could be prosecuted for revealing such information.  

VA's Whistleblower Protection Office Again Faces Allegations of Retaliation, Intimidation

New leadership promised changes after previous scathing reports, but employees say little has changed.

Federal Employees' Settlement Agreements Can Expire, Court Rules

Agencies can cut off special accommodations for feds, including whistleblowers, after "a reasonable time."

Whistleblower Advocates Praise Pick to Lead New House Ombudsman Office

The office will train congressional staffers on handling disclosures of potential waste, fraud and abuse.

VA Secretary Looked for Dirt on a House Staffer Who Reported Sexual Assault in a VA Hospital, Complaint Says

VA chief Robert Wilkie called a House policy advisor’s assault allegation “unsubstantiated” even though an independent investigation found it was not.

Interior Whistleblower Reinstated and Promoted as Part of Settlement Agreement

The Office of Special Counsel found that department officials retaliated against an employee after he reported insufficient environmental studies of Alaskan drilling sites.

Justice Roberts Rightly Refused to Out the Ukraine Whistleblower

Naming whistleblowers in private sector investigations is illegal – the same protections should apply to federal employees.

Whistleblower Protection Agency, Judge Clash Over Which Feds to Protect From Reprisal

A narrow interpretation of a new law could discourage federal employees from reporting wrongdoing, agency says.

Agency Officials Are Increasingly Retaliating Against Whistleblowers With Impunity, IG Says

Lawmakers and advocates say Trump's attacks on the whistleblower that kicked off his impeachment will have long-lasting negative effects.