GovExec Daily: A Request for Stronger Whistleblower Protections

The Government Accountability Project's Irvin McCullough joins the show to discuss a letter sent to the White House and Congress.

Over 200 Groups Call for Whistleblower Reform for Public Servants

Several federal employee organizations signed onto the letter to President Biden and congressional leaders.

Senator: Pandemic Makes Anti-Fraud Law More Important Than Ever

The Justice Department, Congress and whistleblowers must “remain very vigilant” due to the trillions of dollars spent in pandemic relief, said the senator. 

GovExec Daily: Feds' Anti-Gag Rights During the Transition

Government Accountability Project's Irvin McCullough and Aman Panjwani join the podcast to discuss whistleblower rights at the end of the Trump administration.

Viewpoint: Federal Workers Need to Know Their Anti-Gag Rights

Whistleblower rights supersede speech restrictions, and any gag orders that neglect to spell that out are illegal.

Groups Request Reminder of Federal Employees’ Whistleblower Rights

They are concerned agency heads could be scaring employees away from disclosing wrongdoing.

GovExec Daily: The Dangers of Schedule F

The Project on Government Oversight's Nick Schwellenbach joins the podcast to talk about the workforce order and its effect on the civil service.

Anonymous Voice Of America Employees Protest New Director 

Robert Reilly has a “troubling history of mismanagement at VOA” and is “openly hostile to Muslims and Gays,” wrote the whistleblowers’ senior counsel.

House Considers New Whistleblower Protection Rules 

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s proposal would protect the identities of federal whistleblowers. 

Viewpoint: Whistleblowers are Democracy’s Last Defense

When brave individuals speak up against wrongdoing, they can mitigate the damage and prevent further harm.

DHS Union Asks for Removal of 'Illegal Gag Order' Asking Employees to Report on Colleagues

Department said that asking staff to inform on coworkers is necessary to protect national security and federal personnel.

Appeals Court Overturns Dismissal of EEOC Attorney’s Retaliation Claims

D.C. Circuit Court finds that a lower court improperly dismissed a lawsuit by an EEOC attorney who said the agency interfered with her pay and benefits and denied reasonable accommodation requests over her filing discrimination claims against federal agencies.