Why Are so Many Big Tech Whistleblowers Women? Here Is What the Research Shows

Frances Haugen, Timnit Gebru and Janneke Parrish are at the forefront of a group of high-profile women calling out big tech. Is there a connection between their gender and their role as whistleblowers?

GovExec Daily: MSPB, Discrimination and Whistleblowers

Attorney Dan Meyer joins the podcast to discuss a Merit Systems Protection Board ruling that will affect federal employees.

GovExec Daily: DHS, Retaliation and Culture

The Project on Government Oversight's Adam Zagorin joins the podcast to discuss his report on the Homeland Security Department.

DoD Sent a Soldier’s Remains to a Dump. Now It Must Give His Wife a Civilian Job

The new MSPB is taking a wide interpretation of what constitutes whistleblower retaliation.

GovExec Daily: What MSPB's Restored Quorum Means for Feds

Federal employment attorney Dan Meyer joins the podcast to discuss the board's functions after two confirmations.

Biden Can do More to Protect Inspectors General, Says Former Watchdog Fired by Trump

Guidance issued by the Biden administration was “important,” but an executive order could also help preserve IG independence, said Michael Atkinson.

GovExec Daily: What Happens Without an MSPB Quorum

Employment attorney John P. Mahoney joins the podcast to discuss the vacancies at the Merit Systems Protection Board.

OPM To Publish Rule Implementing Law Protecting Feds from Discrimination, Whistleblower Retaliation

The Elijah E. Cummings Federal Employee Antidiscrimination Act requires agencies to publish instances when they discriminated or retaliated against federal workers and encourages agencies to punish federal employees responsible for such acts.

Senator Seeks Feds' Assistance in Identifying Mistreatment of Career Staff

Committee has received allegations of political interference by Biden officials, Republican lawmaker says.

House Approves Sweeping Reforms to Protect Feds, Boost Agency Oversight

Just one Republican votes in favor of the changes to whistleblower, inspector general, vacancy and other civil service laws.

Lawmakers Call on GAO to Examine FBI Whistleblower Protections

Five years after Congress passed a law reforming the bureau’s whistleblower program, the Justice Department still has not issued regulations to implement those changes.

GovExec Daily: The Importance of Protecting Whistleblowers

The Government Accountability Project’s Dana Gold joins the podcast to discuss new plans to protect feds, contractors and grantees who blow the whistle.

GovExec Daily: Report Finds GSA Failed to Remove Hazardous Materials from Facility For Years

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss an OSC documenting a whistleblower’s allegations.

GSA Failed to Remove Asbestos, Arsenic, Explosives From Missouri Facility for Decades, Report Finds

GSA officials knew about hazardous materials at a former munitions plant turned federal office building but declined to notify employees and other agency tenants or restrict access to impacted areas, substantiating a whistleblower’s allegations.