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GovExec Daily: Getting the Best People into the Civil Service

Dr. Lisa Parshall and Dr. Jim Twombly join the podcast again to talk about how to make public service jobs more attractive to more people, including paying feds more.

In a paper presented in November, Dr. Lisa Parshall and Dr. Jim Twombly wrote that president Donald Trump's efforts to dismantle the administrative state and professional government expertise included disrupting agency staffing. The two professors wrote in their paper, about the Trump strategy around not filling vacancies and allowing workforce attrition, “if no one is there to implement policy, it will likely not be implemented or will be implemented poorly.” 

In the second part of our two-part discussion, Dr. Parshall and Dr. Twombly spoke to GovExec Daily about how government can make public service more attractive and finish our discussion about their book, Directing the Whirlwind: The Trump Presidency and the Deconstruction of the Administrative State.

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