White House takes a crack at much-needed permitting reform

A new rule is the latest push by the Biden administration to address regulatory obstacles to developing clean energy.

New guidance will help agencies get underserved communities more involved in the regulatory process

The Biden administration is working to ensure that people who are affected have a chance to weigh in as rules are being developed.

What will the federal government do with generative AI?

Federal employees are going to see AI tools show up in cloud-based productivity suites sooner rather than later, but it's not clear yet how the trending tech will impact public-facing digital services.

Alaska and 9 other states threaten to sue EPA over wood-burning stove standards

The agency's 2015 standards are inadequately administered and allow substandard devices to be certified, thus creating more pollution and deceiving consumers, court filing argues.

A Bill to Hamstring Agency Rulemaking Passed the House Despite Veto Threat

The Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act would require all new major regulations by federal agencies to first be approved by both the House and Senate.

The White House Threatens Vetoes Over Regulations Bills

The House is scheduled to vote on these bills this week, but so far has failed to pass the initial procedural measure.

White House Releases New AI National Frameworks, Educator Recommendations

The Biden administration unveiled a docket full of more artificial intelligence regulatory efforts to promote responsible development, adoption and usage of increasingly smart systems.

Top Postal Regulator Calls for Expanded Reach Amid Feud With DeJoy

As USPS management says its regulator is standing in its way, the commission's chairman seeks to grow to keep pace with DeJoy's changes.

House Republicans Have Questions About the White House’s Regulatory Update

A staff-level briefing for the House Oversight and Accountability Committee is in the works. 

Federal Agency Expertise Faces a Challenge at the Supreme Court

The Chevron Deference, established in 1984, says courts should defer to federal agencies’ interpretation of an ambiguous or unclear statute that they administer.

Environmental Groups Sue EPA Over Water Pollution Standards

A coalition of environmental groups claims the EPA has failed for decades to update limits on the discharge of some dangerous chemicals into waterways. Most of the worst polluters are in Texas.

Biden's Regulatory Update is Finally Here

“These new steps will produce a more efficient, effective regulatory review process that will help improve peoples’ lives,” said the White House regulations chief.

Members Of Senate Panel Press Financial Regulators On Massive Bank Failures

Members of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs asked if the Federal Reserve could have done more to prevent the collapse.

The Collapse Of Major U.S. Banks Leads To Bills Calling For More Regulation

The recent collapse of three banks has lawmakers debating whether stricter regulations will prevent other banks from meeting the same fate.

Biden Wants to Expand a Federal Agency’s Power to Go After Failed Bank Execs

The White House says Congress must give its administration more accountability powers.