GovExec Daily: Despite the Supreme Court, the EPA Can Still Do Its Job

Former Regional Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Southeast Region Heather Toney joins the podcast to discuss the high court's decision and its effects on regulatory agencies.

‘We’re All Going to Be in a Lot of Trouble:’ Officials Warn of Far-Reaching Impacts of Recent Supreme Court Decision

Agencies leaders and employees will have to think twice about how, and when, to carry out their missions, experts say.

GovExec Daily: The Supreme Court Is Limiting the Regulatory State

The Brennan Center's Martha Kinsella joins the podcast to discuss the high court's decision on regulatory power.

The Supreme Court Deals a Major Blow to the EPA, and All Agencies

The court's conservative majority limits agencies' capacity to write new rules on major issues.

GovExec Daily: Will This Court Decision Gut the Regulatory State?

Conor Dirks joins the podcast to discuss the Fifth Circuit's recent decision concerning the Securities and Exchange Commission's ability to adjudicate securities fraud.

HHS Withdraws the ‘Ill-Considered’ Trump-Era SUNSET Rule

The final rule, subject to much pushback, outlined a process for reviewing and eliminating regulations.

An Appeals Court Has Delivered a ‘Major Blow’ to an Independent Agency

The majority opinion deemed the SEC’s in-house adjudications unconstitutional. 

Measuring Administrative Burden

Recipients have to invest time and energy to obtain government services and the burden of compliance can take a toll, especially in marginalized communities.

GovExec Daily: The Problems with the Proposed USDA Regs

Stan Soloway joins the podcast to discuss new labor rules at Agriculture.

The White House’s Regulatory Office is About to Lose Its Interim Director

A career official is stepping up to fill the vacancy; Biden has yet to name a permanent leader for the office.

GovExec Daily: Regulatory Policies and the Biden Administration

Daniel R. Pérez joins the podcast to discuss his analysis of the Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions

Congressional Republicans Attempt to Overturn OSHA Vaccine Rule 

“These resolutions each have a large number of cosponsors, suggesting that they are being used for signaling purposes despite very low odds of enactment,” said one observer. 

Watchdog: Results of Trump’s Deregulatory Executive Orders Could Be ‘Overstated’ 

Biden’s repeal of the directives won’t cause “disruptions or major changes going forward,” GAO finds. 

HUD Cuts ‘Red Tape’ for Hurricane Ida Victims

Department announces a package of 27 administrative and regulatory waivers.

Biden Signs Three Resolutions Undoing ‘Midnight’ Trump Regulations

The regulations are from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Treasury Department and Environmental Protection Agency. 

White House Releases a Regulatory Agenda to Advance Its Priorities

Addressing the climate crisis, promoting racial equity and helping small businesses are high on the administration’s list.