How Agency Heads Are Shifting Power Away From Federal Employees and Toward States

Federal officials have had too much discretion to institute their personal policy preferences, administration officials say.

What Feds Should Know About Two Recent Supreme Court Rulings

The Court’s decisions on the non-delegation and deference doctrines has implications for agencies.

Trump Orders Agencies to Slash Federal Advisory Panels

Scientific community worries the cuts will eliminate its impact on federal decision-making.

Ex-Regulatory Chief Disturbed by Trump Team’s Failure to Cooperate With Watchdogs

Former officials bless coming bipartisan transparency and retroactive regulatory review bills.

Governor Trashes Federal 'Career Employees,' Asks Trump to Intervene

Group says Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy is launching "threats to career civil servants."

White House Tightens Central Review of New Agency Rulemaking

Acting budget director increases reporting to OIRA under Congressional Review Act.

Consumer Rights Are Worthless Without Enforcement

There are basically two ways to enforce a consumer right: privately with a lawsuit or publicly via regulators.

Report: Shutdown Delayed 737 Max Software Fix

The update was to be finished in January, but was delayed "five weeks" because of the 35-day lapse in appropriations.

The Many Ways to Gauge Results of Trump’s Deregulatory Push

Critics and boosters gravitate toward different rulemaking metrics.

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Trump Nominates Regulations Czar to Replace Kavanaugh on U.S. Court of Appeals

The president’s nominee has a view of executive authority that’s as expansive as Brett Kavanaugh’s.