GovExec Daily: The Administrative State Under the Trump Presidency

Dr. Lisa Parshall and Dr. Jim Twombly join the podcast to discuss their book on the outgoing president's effects on the federal government.

Environmental Groups Allege Texas Rubber-Stamped Industrial Plants' Pollution — and that the EPA Looked the Other Way

The groups are suing the EPA, saying it failed to address concerns that air permits issued to big industrial facilities didn’t meet federal standards.

Democratic Lawmakers Seek to Increase Oversight of ‘Midnight’ Regulations

Bill would require the Government Accountability Office to submit various reports to Congress.

GovExec Daily: Midnight Regulations During the Transition

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss the outgoing administration's last-minute rulemaking.

New HHS Policy Requires All Information to Be Released for Upcoming Rules

Experts criticize and question its purpose as the Trump administration winds down.

GovExec Daily: How Biden Can Rebuild Government

Philip K. Howard joins the podcast to discuss how the incoming administration can reconfigure bureaucracy for better government.

Trump Races to Weaken Environmental and Worker Protections, and Implement Other Last-Minute Policies, Before Jan. 20

The Trump administration is rushing to approve dozens of eleventh-hour policy changes. Among them: The Justice Department is fast-tracking a rule that could reintroduce firing squads and electrocutions to federal executions.

HHS Seeks Feedback on Pandemic Regulatory Actions

The Trump administration is making a final push for deregulation during lame duck period. 

Regulatory Affairs Veteran Shares Insights on Trump’s Cutbacks and What Lies Ahead for Biden

"Judge the person relative to what you want them to do," said Jim Tozzi, on selecting a new Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs administrator. 

What Will Regulatory Policy Look Like Under President Biden?

Experts predict the incoming Biden administration will work immediately to undo four years of deregulation under Trump.

Global Media Agency CEO Revokes Regulation Clarifying ‘Firewall’ Protecting Journalistic Integrity

The move is at most symbolic and a "weird Hail Mary" days ahead of the presidential election, said a whistleblower attorney. 

GovExec Daily: Taming the Bureaucracy

Author Mark Schwartz joins the podcast to discuss how to make government work better for everyone.

GovExec Daily: The Latest Deregulation Memo

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss the August OMB memo on agencies soften rules for pursuing regulatory violators.

White House Presses Agencies to Soften Rules for Pursuing Regulatory Violators

“The government should bear the burden of proving an alleged violation of law; the subject of enforcement should not bear the burden of proving compliance,” memo says.

FDA Is Departing from Long-Standing Procedures to Deal with Public Health Crises, and This May Foreshadow Problems for COVID-19 Vaccines

The rushed emergency approval for a treatment that might help COVID-19 patients has raised questions: Is the FDA abandoning its own guidelines?

Many U.S. Workplaces Required to Report Injuries Flouted New Labor Department Rule

A federal magistrate judge’s ruling has freed OSHA records from large employers across the country. Access to this data will help the public identify America’s most dangerous companies