Play of the Day: The President Asks Sweden For a A$AP Rocky-Related Favor

Donald Trump asked for help with the rapper's case in the Scandinavian nation.

President Donald Trump crashed a wedding held at his New Jersey golf club over the weekend, taking photos with the happy couple. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon joked about the news, saying Trump cut in "right after he heard 'you may kiss the bride.'"

Trump tweeted over the weekend that he spoke to the Swedish Prime Minster Stefan Löfven and asked for leniency in a case involving American rapper A$AP Rocky. According to reports, Trump intervened because of conversations with Kanye West. Jimmy Kimmel joked that Trump loves Sweden because it has his favorite massages, his favorite bikini team and his favorite fish. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah joked that the disparate parts of this news story -- Sweden, West, Trump, etc. -- make the story sound like "a headline written by a newspaper on LSD," while Kimmel compared the West/Trump connection to if "Nicole and Lionel Richie had a line to George Bush to tell him how to get out of Iraq."

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