Play of the Day: Britain's New Prime Minister Seems Familiar

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have some things in common.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is set to testify on the Hill this week, with some bars in D.C. opening early for those interesting in drinking and watching the testimony. Late Night's Seth Meyers joked about the news, saying that patrons will be like the report: heavily blacked out.

The United Kingdom has a new leader and it is pro-Brexit ex-mayor of London Boris Johnson. His hair and manner have reminded some in the U.S. of President Donald Trump, prompting The Daily Show's Trevor Noah to joke that Johnson is for those who thought "I like Donald Trump and his policies, but I wish he could read," while The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon joked that he looks like "Trump after he did the Ice Bucket Challenge." Jimmy Kimmel joked about the similarities, comparing their hair and even showing similar photos of Trump and Johnson in compromising situations with their nations' flags.

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