Play of the Day: The President Went to the British Isles And Got a Gift Hat

Piers Morgan gave Donald Trump a Churchillian chapeau.

President Donald Trump spent last week in Europe, visiting the United Kingdom, Ireland and France. During his quick trip through Ireland, Trump stayed at his Doonbeg golf club, prompting Late Show's Stephen Colbert to joke that the club's name was originally was more evocative of its owner, while Conan O'Brien joked that Trump wanted traditional Irish cuisine while there: a Shamrock Shake.

Trump also spent three days in the United Kingdom on his trip and was interviewed by Piers Morgan, who gave him a hat in the style of Winston Churchill. Colbert joked that Trump is bad at faking receiving gifts and did a Trump voice asking Morgan for a gift receipt. Last Week Tonight's John Oliver mocked Morgan saying that Trump looks "fantastic," saying that anyone wearing that style of hat looks bad… including Churchill, while Colbert joked that Trump wearing the hat looks like "the secret portrait in Pharrell's attic."

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