Play of the Day: The Military Was 'Cocked and Loaded'

The president made upa new phrase to describe potential U.S. strikes against Iran.

The 2020 Democratic field got larger recently, as former Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak announced that he is running for president. Late Night's Seth Meyers joked about Sestak's small national profile, saying "a tree announced that it was falling in the forest."

The United States nearly struck Iran last week in retaliation for Iran shooting down an American drone, but President Donald Trump tweeted that he pulled back orders at the last minute. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah joked about the news, clapping for the president because he "stopped it," but noting that he also "ordered the strike." In his tweet, Trump said that the U.S. was "cocked & loaded to retaliate" against Iran, prompting late-night hosts to jump on his mistake. Meyers joked that "cocked & loaded" sounds like a Tom Green movie starring a rooster, while Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked that Trump could expand on the situation, saying Trump thought the U.S. was at "DEFCOCK five" and that he was ready to bring down "cock and awe."

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